Nathaniel Goss Sr. and his father Philip Goss IV migrate to Huntington Twp. about 1776

Nathaniel Goss and, his father Philip Goss, made the move from Plymouth Twp. to  Huntington Twp. probably about 1776 per the information given below.  I ponder if there was a meeting of the father with his sons and daughters to discuss the move, wouldn’t that me an amazing story.

The actual move from Plymouth to Huntington Twp. was not that big a migration but it probably took some planning and preparation.  They still had to go to Huntington Twp. and clear the land, build homes and more.

Westmoreland Co. to become Luzerne Co. in 1786

“Huntington: The township committee authorized the survey of the six-mile township on March 12, 1772. Instead of selecting the location south of Hanover as originally intended, the committee decided to locate the township “at or near Fishing Creek, so called” on the opposite side of the River along the main path to the West Branch. After appointing a committee of five to find a suitable location for the township. Obadiah Gore, Jr. surveyed the perimeter, a road through the town and the fifty-three lots. He returned the survey for final approval in 1775 and the Company recorded it November 14, 1782 in Account Book C pages 75-77. The location was described as the east branch of Fishing Creek, now Huntington Creek. First lots were drawn in 1776.  

Huntington Twp in relationship to the other townships in the Wyoming Valley – over to the left and above Salem….

Huntington followed the usual layout of three divisions of fifty-three lots each. Each lot was approximately 100 acres regardless of division. In 1790 certified Huntington merged with Salem Township. But in 1793 reclaimed its original configuration so that certified Huntington lies entirely within Huntington Township. Compromise Act commissioners certified 190 claims for 90 claimants.

Source: Connecticut’s Pennsylvania Colony: Vol. III Claimants, Appendix: The Seventeen Certified Townships, pages 1-16 to 1-17.

What follows are from the histories of the area of Luzerne County and each author/editors version.

In 1775 the Township of Huntington was laid out under the auspices of the Connecticut-Susquehanna Company, and its location was within the bounds of what, by vote of the inhabitants of Westmoreland, was entitled, “Plymouth District.”

Nathaniel GOSS came in 1775* and located on the farm now known as the Howard Hotel property at Huntington Mills, —– The track of 334 acres on which he settled was granted to Henry Marks by a letter patent, dated April 4, 1775.”

Source: History of Luzerne Co. by Bradsby 1895, pg. 585. *I think this is a little early and that the lots had not been distributed till 1776. See Donna’s description above for a more accurate version of the history.

Nathaniel Goss….built a gristmill on the stream that empties into Huntington Creek on the North side of the old Goss Farm, now owned by A. Howard. It would grind about three bushels of corn per day. It was first run by hand and subsequently by water power. 

Source:  History of Luzerne, Lackawanna and Wyoming Counties, PA with Illustrations and Biographical Sketches of Huntington Township C. New York: W.W. Munsell & Co. page 587. As you can see each history as their own version of how Huntington Twp. came about.  I tried to find out more about the gristmills in Huntington and did find articles in the Wyoming Historical and Geological Magazine but they don’t mention the ones in Huntington Twp.

In 1775 the township of Huntington was laid out under the auspices of The Susquehanna Company (see map facing page 468); and its location was within the bounds of what, by vote of the inhabitants of Westmoreland, was entitled “Plymouth District.” (See page 794). During 1775 and 1776 there were very few inhabitants in Huntington, but some time during the latter year the number was increased by the removal thither of Philip Goss, Sr., and his family, who settled near what is now known as Huntington Mills…Nathaniel Goss, some time after settling in Huntington, built a grist-mill on a small stream which flowed into Huntington Creek…

Source: The History of Wilkes-Barre Vol. II, pg. 999 excerpts from this page. 

THE GOSS FAMILY – Philip Goss Sen was one of the first claimants. His sons Philip Jr, Solomon, David, Comfort and Nathaniel were with him in Huntington before the Indian and Tory invasion of 1778. Philip and Comfort were enrolled among the first settlers 200 actual who came to man their rights. The date of the roll is June 2, 1769. (Nathaniel was also listed but is omitted here)

Source: Townhill Cemetery File Manuscript, Luzerne County Historical Society, Wilkes-Barre, page 41-42, unknown author. 

The Hero of Wyoming – Col. John Franklin, His Leadership – “Early in the spring of 1776 he removed his family to Huntington (J. Franklin), accompanied by his sister, Susanna, who married Stephen Harrison. Several other families also moved into Huntington, during that year, among whom were Gad Marshall, Thomas Williams, Uriah Williams, Zachariah Squires, Jesse Scott, John Scott, Nathaniel Goss, Philip Goss and several other families. But as Col. Franklin’s record was lost, many of the names cannot be ascertained.

The Goss Family issue of Friday July 22, 1949 — Philip Goss Sr., was one of the first claimants of land in Huntington. His sons, Philip Junior, Solomon, David, Comfort and Nathaniel were with their father in the place before the Indian and Tory invasion of 1778.

The names of Philip Goss and Comfort Goss are enrolled among the first two hundred actual settlers, who braved the hardships and dangers of the advanced force who came to “man their rights,” as they were then spoken of. The roll bears the date of June 2d, A.D. 1769….The name of Goss has been permanent in Huntington since the first advent of the Connecticut settlers….

Sarah Goss, daughter of Philip, was the wife of Enos Seward, and when the inhabitants of Huntington deemed it safe to return to their homes, after the prospect of quietude and safety in possessing them seemed probable, they gladly returned, bringing with them more of their children and friends. —

Source:  History of the Huntington Valley – Mrs. M. L. T. Hartman, A Series of articles in the Mt. Echo Newspaper, Mar. 11, 1949-Sept 30, 1949, Reprinted by Emily Wheeler Lewin, granddaughter of Mrs. Margaret Trescott Hartman who wrote the originals in 1886, pages 11, 32.

Note:  You can see that each historical source has its own take on the events of the beginning of Huntington Twp., which at that time was in the governmental care of Westmoreland Twp., Litchfield Co., Connecticut. It would not be under Pennsylvania till the Decree of Trenton and then in 1786 Luzerne County was established.  I would believe Donna Bingham Munger’s version for she thoroughly researched the townships for her three books about the land.

Selling the land in Plymouth Twp.

There is a deed of Philip Goss, the father, to a Sam’l Gooding dated 1775 in Westmoreland records. It mentions lots 5 ….and meadow land, lot 28 in the 3rd division and 37 in Plymouth Twp. This is probably Philip selling his land so that he could move to Huntington Twp.

1775P Goss to S Gooding Plymouth Twp.

My attempt at transcribing the above deed: Samuel Goodings Deed from Philip Gofs – 1775

Know all men By these Presents that I Phillip Gofs of Westmoreland in the County of Litchfield & Colony of Connecticut in New England for ye consideration of one half of one whole right that I ye P. Gofs had of Samuel Gooding of Hartford in the County of Hartford & Colony of one P in ye Susquehannah Purchased I ye Grantor do sell & Convey unto ye Grantee the Land & Rec______Hereafter Named and it is one half of one whole right of land in the District of Plymouth in Westmoreland sd Right ____No. 5 mid_______& Lot & ____Lott No. 28 in the third Division Lott No. 37 together with ye one half of ye unsettled Lands Belonging to sd right in sd Plymouth District. To Have & to hold ye above granted & bargained _________unto ye Grantee his heirs & afsigns ____further g ye Geo_____  Do covenant & ________for myself Heirs & assigns forever To warrant and Defend the same from any __________claim or challenge by or under me & that g ye Grantor have good right to sell ye same in manner & form as above & that if some is aoo _______.  In witness whereof  I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 3rd day of January A.D. 1775.  Signed by Philip Goss …with seal

Witnesses Thomas Health, Elisha Richards

Litchfield County SS: Westmoreland 4th January 1775 Personally appeared before me Phillip Goss signer & sealer to ye foregoing instrument & acknowledged same to be free act & deed. Before me Zebulon Butler Justice of Peace. Received ye above deed to record January 15th A.D. 1775 Ezekiel Peirce Clerk.

Source: Roll One – Target Says: Deed Book 1772-1778 – Westmoreland Town Record (Ledger A) pp. 1-170 c. 1769-1794 but no in chrono order.  Also Town Book pp. 607-1033 (1770-1778, 1787 not in chrono order, Luzerne Co. Historical Society films. 

Westmoreland Tax Lists

In my post titled “Westmoreland County Taxables 1776 to 1780,” published on January 21, 2018, I shared information that showed that the Goss family and others appeared in the tax lists of the area.

I will repeat some of that information here with an emphasis on Nathaniel Goss’ role:

1776  Plymouth District – August of 1776, pages 877-878 of source #1 above.

  • William Davidson – Wilkes-Barre
  • Philip Goss
  • Philip Goss, Jr.
  • Solomon Goss,
  • Nath’al Goss
  • Obadiah Scott

1777 Plymouth District pages 946-947, Sept. 1777?

  • David Goss
  • Nathaniel Goss
  • Philip Goss
  • Philip Goss, Jr.
  • Solomon Goss
  • Obadiah Scott
  • Memoranda on Last page of Original list
    • Resolved of Rec’d Philip Goss 1L, 5, 6 (2nd source listed above)

1778 Plymouth District pages 951-952 could be Jan. 8, 1778 or later in the year it is hard to determine.

  • Philip Goss
  • Philip Goss, Jr.
  • Solomon Goss
  • Nathaniel Goss
  • David Goss
  • Obadiah Scott
  • John Scott – Pittston

1780 – Does not show any Goss or associated family members but then there are only 91 names listed which means a lot of individuals were not accounted for. It is my understanding that it took awhile for the settlers to return after the Wyoming Massacre in 1778.  They still had to secure the area and stop the Indians and Tories from causing trouble.

You will find these lists as follows in the History of Wilkes-Barre Vol. II.

1776, August 1 Plymouth District #16 Taxes 1776  Harvey pages 877-78
1777, August 1 Plymouth District #17 Taxes 1777  Harvey 946-47
1778, August 1 Plymouth District #18  Taxes 1778 Harvey 951-52

Huntington Twp. Meetings:

In another post on this blog, I wrote about the Meetings of the Proprietors of Huntington Twp. 1777 to 1778 and published that on January 28, 2018.

For more detail follow this link:

In these pages about the meetings in Huntington, Goss and Scott individuals were featured like Obediah/Obadiah Scott, Philip Goss Jr. and Nathaniel Goss.

The meeting held May 6, 1778 featured a vote involving Nathaniel Goss

Huntington 391

6.7 Voted that a Tax of six dollars be immediately paid by each proprietor to defray Charges. Voted that John Franklin junr be Collector for Taxes. Voted that Philip Gofs junior be Treasurer for the Proprietors of Huntington.

7.7 Voted that this meeting be adjourned until the 4th Day of March A.D. 1778 at 10 O’clock in the morning to be holden at the Dwelling house of John Franklin junior in Huntington.

Opened at time and place.

At an adjourned meeting holden a the house of John Franklin junr’ in Huntington in Westmoreland on the 4th day of March A.D. 1778.

Voted that Nathaniel Gofs be one of the Committee to lay out the highways mentioned in a former Note.  (This implies earlier meetings?)

Source: Paul H. Goss, his personal research notes, letters and other items donated after his death, held in two boxes at the New England Historic and Genealogical Society in Boston, MA in the Special Collections.

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