Nathaniel Goss Sr. and the 1790’s in Luzerne Co., PA

Nathaniel Goss began the 1790’s in Luzerne Co., Pennsylvania by appearing in the first United States Federal Census.  Can you imagine their thoughts about this census?

Things were getting better in the Wyoming Valley, but it was still pretty crazy in the area with John Franklin and Timothy Pickering squabbling about the land.

Blog Post: Timothy Pickering appointed Luzerne County Administrator and the Confirming Act of March 28, 1787, published July 9, 2018

Pennsylvania 1790 U.S. Federal Census, Nathaniel Goss, Luzerne Co., Pennsylvania,

  • Free White Persons Male under 16: 2
  • Free White Person Male 16 and over: 1
  • Free White Persons Female: 4
  • Number of Hsehold Members 7

Bradsby in his “History of Luzerne County” (pg. 934) “says of the family of Nathaniel GOSS: “There were 3 sons and 2 daughters.” At present we cannot absolutely be certain about the children of Nathaniel GOSS and his wife who was Hannah Scott daughter of Obadiah Scott one of the earlier settlers of Huntington Twp. He located on the Watertown road just below Huntington Mills,” (Pennsylvania Archives, 2nd Series, Vol. 18, pg. 481) “Commissioner to Obidiah Scott in Huntington.”)

Nathaniel Goss sold land to Eli Seward in 1794. This deed was featured in the post on this blog titled Enos Seward and Sarah Goss, their children: Eli Seward and his wife Eleanor Earl, published 3 November 2018. Take a look at the witnesses to this deed, all family.

Deed: Nathaniel Goss to Eli Seaward ))) Know all men by these presents that I Nathaniel Gofs of Huntington n the County of Luzerne State of Pennsylvania for & in consideration of the sum of Twenty two pound Ten shillings lawful money of this state to me in hand paid by Eli Seaward of Huntington the County aforesaid before the ensealing here of to my full satisfaction Do give grant bargain sell & forever Quit Claim unto him the sd Eli Seaward heirs and assigns forever one piece or parcel of Land lying in Huntington in the County aforesaid as the same as butted and bounded that is to say Beginning at the Northwest corner of lot 36 in the 2’d division then east twenty two degrees north one hundred and fifty seven rods then south 22 Degrees east forty seven rods and one half then west 22 south one hundred and eighty seven rods then to the first mentioned bounds to contain fifty acres of land with a log house standing on the same. To have and to hold the above granted & Quit Claimed premises and the appurtenances thereunto belonging unto him the said Eli Seaward his heirs and assigns to his and their own proper use and behoof and also I the sd Nathaniel Goss do for myself my heirs  Executors administrators and assigns Do warrant and defend against the lawful claim & demands of any other person or persons claiming from or under me or my heirs forever by these presents I have here unto set my hand & seal this fifth day of November Anno Domini 1794. In presence of Philip Goss, John Goss)) —  Nathaniel Goss (seal)

Luzerne county ss: Personally before me Matthias Hollenback one of the Associate Judges of the Court of Common Please came Philip Goss one of the above witnesses and being duly sworn says that he see Nathaniel Goss sign seal & as his free act and deed deliver the above instrument of and this Deponants name to the same is of his own proper hand writing and that he saw John Goss Also sign as the other witness to the same In Witness where of I have hereto set my hand & seal this 6th day of Nov. A.D. 1794 (Seal) Matthias Hollenback, Recorded Aug 13th, 1797.

Source: Register of Deeds, Luzerne Co., PA Book 5, pg. 39.

Tax Lists and more

Nathaniel also appears in the 1796 Luzerne County Tax list along with many others:

John Scott, John Scott Jur, pg. 379

James Scott, Elnathan Jenings, Enos Seward, Amos Seaward, Page 380

Obadiah Scott Jur, pg. 381

Gad Seaward, Enos Seaward Jr., Obadiah Scott, Nathaniel Goss, Jesse Scott, pg. 382 Timothy Seward, – Oct. 29, 1796.

Source: Susquehannah Co. Papers Vol. X: 1789-1800 pg. 374-383 Sept 13, 1796 Inhabitants and actual settlers in the County of Luzerne pg. 376.

Another version of the list:

There is also a list of the 1796 Taxables in the Annals of Luzerne County on page 548 which is at Internet Archive online for viewing. There are other townships of Luzerne that are listed separately.  I have concentrated on Huntington Twp. only —

Page 548 of the Annals of Luzerne Co., PA 1796 Taxables

Source: Annals of Luzerne County, pg. 548 Appendix, M. List of Taxables Huntington Twps: 1796.

Still another version of the 1796 Taxables from History of Luzerne County:

Elijah Austin, Ralph Austin, James Benscoter, Elam Boname, Henry Baker, Anthony Benscoter, Andrew Blancher, Isaac Benscoter, Daniel Culver, Aaron Culver, Reuben Culver, Reuben Blish, Darius Callender, John Chapin, James Earles, John Evans, John Fayd, Silas Ferry, Abiel Fellows, Ovil Follows, Samuel Franklin, Daniel Fuller, Benjamin Fuller, George Fink, Amos Franklin, Nathaniel Goss, Elijah Goodwin, Doctor Gaylord, Philip Goss, Timothy Hopkins, Stephen Harrison, William Harrison, Caleb Hoyt, Samuel Hover, Emanuel Hover, Nathan Jennings, Joseph Kingsbury, Samuel King, Moses Lawrence, Elias Long, John Long, Rufus Lawrence, Jr., Rufus Lawrence, Sr., Joseph Moss, Nathan Monroe, John Miller, Solon Trescott, Gideon Post, Joseph Potter, John Potter, Jerry Preston, Loyd Marshall, Elijah Wood, Sr., Elijah Wood, Jr., Abel Sutliff, Miles Sutliff, Thomas Stephens, Jonathan Stevens, Amos Seward, Barney Sutliff, Eli Seward, Enos Seward, Jr., Enos Seward, Sr., Gad Seward, Obadiah Scott, Jesse Scott, Obadiah Scott, Jr., Abraham Smith, Thomas Tubbs, Thomas Taylor, Nathan Tubbs, Earl Tubbs, Nathan Tubbs, Jr., Job Tripp, Jabez Williams, Uriah Williams, Thomas Williams, Tarball Whitney, Daniel Warner, John Wandall and David Woodward. 

Source: History of Luzerne Co., PA by Bradsby, also online for viewing.

The US Direct Tax 1798

In 1798 there was a Pennsylvania US Direct Tax Lists in which Nathaniel Goss appears along with other family in Huntington Twp. This is made up of three pages.

Occupant Gofs Nathaniel, Owner Gofs Nathaniel, one house, $20, 350 acres, 120 perches, $602. Above him is Philip Gofs, 1 house, $50, 520 acres, $710. Below them is Elijah Goodwin, then Gofs, John, 400 acres 120 perches, $301.

On another page titled:

List of Tax upon dwelling house Situate in Huntington:  Gofs, Nathaniel, 1, Valuation $180, .36 cents. Listed with Nathaniel are Abiel Fellows, Stephen Harrison, Stephen Kingsbury, Rufus Lawrence and Obadiah Scott. 

A third page titled List of Tax upon Lands, Lots, Buildings etc.

    • Gofs Philip Valuation 750 $1.35
    • Gofs Nathaniel 602 $1.85
    • Gofs John 305 $.57

The Compromise Act of 1799

The Compromise Act of 1799 was passed on 4 April 1799 – An Act for offering compensation to the Pennsylvania Claimants of certain lands within the Seventeen Townships in the county of Luzerne, and for other purposes therein mentioned.”

The first set of Commissioners could not agree on how to proceed and were replaced in the Spring of 1801 with a new group lead by Thomas Cooper a lawyer and doctor. They arrived in Wilkes-Barre in June 1801 and set about their work. Cooper set about obtaining Susquehannah Company documents and the Westmoreland Records to assist him in helping with settling claims.  If no record existed they allowed dispositions from the claimants, something I missed when if was at the Pennsylvania Archives in 2008.  There were also a series of addendums added to the Act of 1799 as Cooper realized the need.

For a really in depth discussion, I suggest Donna Bingham Munger’s Connecticut’s Pennsylvania Colony, Claimant Vol. III, Heritage Press 2007 the Chapter titled Historical Setting: The Claimants, it is very good.

I also refer you to a PAGE at the top of this blog titled:  Land & more in Pennsylvania – Connecticut’s Colony (Susquehannah Company) – An Overview!.  Scroll down the page to”Finally in 1799 the Act….” and read what it tells you about this act and what the settlers had to do to prove their claims.

Nathaniel Goss and his brothers and sisters were in the middle of all this and trying to prove their claims to their land. At least there was hope on the horizon for the Connecticut Settlers.

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