Nathaniel Goss signs over a Proprietor right to Enos Seward – June 1795

Back on September 30, 2018, I published a post titled: Enos and Sarah (Goss) Seaward’s Land in Luzerne Co., Pennsylvania.  Nathaniel Goss was very involved in seeing that his sister Sarah was settled in the Huntington Valley.

Nathaniel Goss was also involved in land that belonged to his father Philip Goss IV.  Let us revisit some information that I shared regarding this Proprietor involvement. I did not really understand this information till I saw the article from the newspaper that I present below:

Proprietor’s Right

page 2-43 – Philip Goss – Description: 300A* $40, 11/21/1796. Under him is Long, John, amount and account book H284, deed date: 8/26/1799. Notes: out of right of David Bull of Hartford; Long may survey 300A where he now lives, i.e. Huntington Twp.

Goss, Nathaniel, 1/2 proprietor’s rgt inc. Lot 31, 300A 20£, 6/5/1795;
Seaward, Enos, Huntington Twp., F122, 11/21/1796.

The H284 and F122 refer to Liber F and Liber H – Records of Deeds at the Conn. Historical Society in Hartfort, CT. – see table on pg. 1-29 of the Vol. I, Proprietor books for the original deeds and paper citations.

Source: Connecticut’s Pennsylvania Colony 1754-1810 Volume I – The Proprietors, by Donna Bingham Munger, Heritage Books,  2007.

***Deed: #122 Enos Seward from Nath Gofs Liber F Reel #2 David Library of the American Revolution, Susquahanna Records (Westmoreland).

Know all Men by these Presents that I Nathaniel Gofs of Huntington in the County of Luzerne and State of Pennsylvania in America for an in consideration of the sum of twenty pounds lawful money of this State in hand paid by Enos Seward of Huntington in said County to my full satisfaction. Do give grant Bargain sell and forever quite claim unto him the said Enos Seaward his heirs and assigns forever the one half of a whole Proprietor right in Susquehannah purchase which Right I bought of my Honoured Father Philip Gofs Deceas excepting what is laid out in the town of Huntington which is three Hundred acres which I Convey, Not all the rest of the half Right I convey unto him the s’d Enos Seaward to have and to hold unto the above premises and quit claimed Premises with the appurtenances there unto Belonging unto him the said Enos Seaward his Heirs and assigns to him and their own proper  use and Behoof – And also I the said Nathaniel Gofs for myself my Heirs Executors Administrators and assigns Do Warrant and Defend against the lawful claiming from or under Me or my Heirs forever by these presents I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 5th day of June A.D. 1795. In the presence of us Phillip Gofs, Solon Trescott.                     Signed Nathaniel Gofs (Seal).

SS Luzerne County ss on the 26th day of Nov. 1795 Came before me Nathan Beach one of the Justices for said County Nathaniel Gofs the Grantor within the named and acknowledged the within writing to be his free act and deed this Desiring the same may be recorder as such witness my hand and seal the day and Date first above written, Nathan Beach.

This is pretty amazing that Nathaniel Goss would give this right to Enos Seward his brother-in-law. I think we have two brothers looking out for their sister. You can see that Philip Gofs, brother, was a witness. The father had died sometime in 1779. With other brothers, Solomon in Ohio and Ebenezer in Connecticut, it makes sense.

Well something rather extraordinary happened in Wilkes-Barre on Monday, 12 March 1928 when an article appeared in the Wilkes-Barre Record page 4. I have transcribed as written that article:

A glimpse of the article that appeared in the paper

Deed Dated 1795 Recorded Here – Document Conveys One-Half of a Proprietor’s Right in Susquehanna Purchase — Prof. Thomas F. Santee, a retired school principal of this city, brought to the office of the recorder of deeds last week a deed to be entered of record dated June, 1795 which he found among some old family papers and as a matter of safety in keeping the title straight he wanted it entered on the proper docket of the county.  The deed in consideration of twenty pounds conveys from Nathaniel Goss to Enos Seward of Huntington Township, Luzerne County, one half of a whole Proprietors right in Susquehanna purchase which the grantor received from, his father, Philip Goss, excepting what is laid out in the town of Huntington, which is 300 acres. The description of the land reads: “Part of the within half laid out North of the Town of Huntington where the west line of a Patch laid out by Michael Sly and now owned by a Mr. Long intersects the North line of Huntington. Thence running North 400 rods to a corner, thence 124 rods to another point, and then on the other two sides enough to make a plot of 310 acres, the lines above described are meant to run parallel with the lines of Huntington. The said lot above described is known as Lot No. 31 laid out by Benjamin Harvey in a Town called Haverill, the town being not yet granted” The above lot laid out for Enos Seward is certified by John Franklin, one of the commissioners and the said right entered by him. The deed and the survey of the lot is marked, recorded in Liber F, page 122-3 of the record of the Susquehanna Company, Nov. 21, 1796 by Test Billa Franklin, assistant clerk. The acknowledgement of the deed is made before Nathan Beach, a justice of the peace of the county, and the seal is made by cutting the paper and leaving the two edges lapped over. The witnesses noted are Philip Goss and Solon Trescott.  The book of record “Liber F of the Susquehannah Company” is now in possession of the local Historical Society and has been referred to in many instances by attorneys making searches of title where the origin was in the Connecticut Company. 

Thomas Santee is a descendant of Enos and Sarah Seward. His parents were Elijah M. Santee and Mary “Polly” Seward a daughter of Levi and Thankful Goss.  Thomas was born in 1851 and died in 1933. Mr. Santee also donated the Account Book of Enos Seward to the Luzerne County Historical Society. I have written about this Account book in a past post about Enos Seward.

Well, the above article explains a little more of what is happening in the Proprietor History that I have presented above.  In order to get a full understanding a look at the books of the Susquahannah Company would be in order and that means a trip. It states that the Luzerne Co. Historical Society has copies but I think that the Connecticut Historical Society in Hartford, CT might have them as well.  Also, I am not sure that John Franklin was a Commissioner for the Land issues, he was head of the Susquehannah Company at some point. A slight difference I believe. Very interesting.

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