Nathaniel and Hannah Goss – their burial and the Scott (Waterton) Cemetery

I visited the Scott Cemetery in Huntington Twp., Luzerne County, Pennsylvania back in 2008 several times.  The cemetery is very easy to find, see my description below.  It is set on a large piece of land southwest of Huntington Mills.

Scott/Waterton Cemetery near Huntington Mills

The Scott Cemetery or Waterton Cemetery

Note:  The cemetery is located on Waterton road so that is why is has the double name.

The information below is from my Pennsylvania Wanderings blog: A Tour of Huntington and Fairmount Township, Luzerne Co., Part II, pub: September 18, 2008.

Google Map of the Scott Cemetery in relationship to Huntington Mills, click open and find the town.

Written in 2008 – After Wapwallopen we went back up Hiway 239 through Shickshinny to go in search of the Scott Cemetery near Waterton. We took Hiway 239 up through Shickshinny till we came to Sunshine Road and then we went left. There is a gas station there. This road meanders along, gently weaves up and down and goes in and out of shade and sunshine. It seems like you are going a long way before it connects with the Waterton Road. Turn right and go about ¼ to ½ mile and you will come to the cemetery. There is a sign by the highway “SCOTT CEMETERY” and a lovely white house across with a big red barn.

Approaching the graves

The cemetery has a grassy area and most of the tombstones are on the other side of the little knoll facing. The beautiful maintained property across from the cemetery has an old house that stands smartly. The man who lives in it told me the floor has rough hewn timbers in it. He thinks the house it really old. It is beautiful. Could this be the “Old Scott House?” Difficult to say the owner didn’t really know. There are other houses along this road that might be the “old Scot house” as stated again in the history books. I told him the history books were published about 1880. So if the house was standing then his house could be very old. He has done many improvements.

I have a map showing where the graves were located. I found this map either at the Luzerne County Historical Society (LCHS) or at the Northeast Pennsylvania Genealogical Society (NEPGS) societies that I have mentioned. See below. The Northeast Genealogical Society has moved a 2nd time and is now in Wilkes-Barre.  That would be a nice feature if you visit. I am leaning toward NEPGS. Someone had mapped out the Scott Cemetery graves with numbers and rows that match the publication of the NEPGS. It is a big map and difficult to copy. I was able to find the tombstones I was looking for.

An overview of the older part of the cemetery in the back – Scott Cemetery

Looking toward the older graves

You can drive into the cemetery by going to the north side of the road and driving into the cemetery, then the road turns south as you see in this photo. Be careful, it might be boggy in a rain and you don’t want to get stuck.

I was looking for Mary Goss (1721 to 1821) and her son Nathaniel Goss (1749 to 1812). Mary was 100 years old when she died. She outlived her son Nathaniel by 9 years. She is my 5th great grandmother and wife of Philip Goss IV (1724 to 1779). It was a great day. I had traveled a long way to view this grave site. I did not want to leave! Nathaniel is brother to my 4th great grandfather Solomon Goss (1754 to 1825). Solomon took his family and left the area of Huntington and Plymouth and went to Ohio where he settled eventually in Washington County, Ohio. Solomon and Olive’s graves are lost, so having these preserved is wonderful.

Approaching the Goss Tombstone

It starts at the top with Hannah Goss wife of Nathaniel, then Nathaniel Goss, then Mary Goss.

Nathaniel Goss’ inscription

You cannot share this tombstone without sharing the information for Mary Goss, Mother of Nathaniel Goss and the other children I have featured on this blog. I will revisit her again in a future post.

Mary Goss’s inscription

The  published cemetery listing reads:  Hannah Goss 69 y 9/27/1824, Nathaniel Goss 61 y 9/27/1812, Mary (Mother) Goss 100y 4/1/1821.  I do not have a complete list of this cemetery from the publication, which I regret.

Map of Scott Cemetery Graves, NEGS, click to open

Scott Waterton Cemetery list, page 7. Northeast PA Gen Society

There are more Goss and other family in this cemetery.  It is too complicated to name them all here, so I will post about them in future posts and if I have tombstone photos I will present them. The map of the graves above is much bigger and focuses on the older section of the cemetery. I only took this one area of the map. Hmm…Well it was my first trip of this nature and I know so much more now. Sign, live and learn!

If you notice on this one page, you will see a lot of unknown graves and there are more throughout the whole published cemetery section, which is unfortunate.

Here is an overview Google satellite picture of the Scott Cemetery in Huntington Twp. You can see the road that goes through the cemetery. The older area is to the right of the 3 trees.

Note:  When you click on this you might have trouble making it bigger so go to Google Maps directly and find Huntington Mills and go south on the Waterton Road till you find the cemetery and then you can play with the enlarging etc. There are several knoll like areas but a little difficult to see because of the shadow of the trees in the back.

I did share this cemetery in the Pennsylvania Wanderings Blog and also my BJM Cemetery Discoveries that I have at Blogger.  In the 2nd blog, I was more specific and share more tombstones that I had taken photos of at this cemetery.  You can find these blog links on the right side of this blog.  I recommend that you go and find those posts and make copies for I will probably remove them from the web in the next year and turn the  PA & BJM Blog into PDFs.

Me and the Goss Stone, a most important day for me.

Hannah Scott Goss, wife of Nathaniel is featured above on this tombstone, she was a daughter of Obadiah Scott born 1737 and died 1827 in Luzerne Co., Pennsylvania.

A meeting was held by Obadiah Scott, Solomon Squires and John Franklin, to lay out a lot where it shall be most convenient in and for the town of Huntington to be an appropriate for the use as a burying place. This was April 1, 1778. This is the Scott Cemetery. Scott’s body lies in an unmarked grave on one of the twin knolls, at the lower end of the Cemetery. Actual page from the Connecticut Historical Society special Scott family file.

Now if you open up the satellite picture above of the Scott Cemetery and look at the area on the right of the 3 trees you will see what looks like brown elevations, one of those might be what is described above. Unfortunately the document did not have a name for the author. More on this when I post about the Scott family and try to untangle all the Obadiahs, HA!

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