Nathaniel Goss Sr. and his Land History in Huntington Twp., Luzerne County, Pennsylvania

Nathaniel Goss Sr. also had a Land History regarding the Claimants for Huntington Twp.

Land History of Nathanniel Goss – Claimant listings

What follows is a complete transcription of the above document:  Huntington Twp., Nathaniel Goss Claims

            • Lot No. 33 first division
            • Part of No. 34 first division
            • No. 12 third division
            • No. 53 third division
Huntington list Claim for lot No. 33 first Division & 53 third Division
Drawn by Claimant & set down to him in conveyance of the following deed
*Deed 17 June 1779 Con. L100 Philip Gofs to Claimant for these and all other [Divisions] belonging to said right
**Deed 31 July 1796 Con. 50 Dlrs. Nathaniel Gofs Elnathan Jennings for lot No. 53
***Deed 29 Oct. 1799 Con. 60 l. Elnathan Jennings to Claimant for same
Claim for lot No. 34 first Division & No. 12 third Division

NB part of No. 34 Sold to E. Jennings

Huntington List
++Deed 1 June 1777 Con. L22.10.0 Lemuel Kingsbury to Nathaniel Gofs for this & the after Divisions
####See Certificate filed Noted Nathaniel Gofs to lay out one hundred acres in the undivided Land with parallel lines in lieu of lot No. 12 which was Drew to Gofs but by Mistake not laid out.

The following deed has been shared before on this blog regarding Philip Goss IV’s estate. Here it is again Philip Goss to Nathaniel Goss 17 June 1779:

*Jacket – Philip Gofs deed to Nathaniel Gofs Received _____1779 unreadable John Franklin, Clerk

Stamped 17 Cert. Twps. Luzerne

Know All Men by these Prefents that I Philip Gofs of Westmoreland in the County of Westmoreland the State of Connecticut in _____for with in consideration of __________by Nathaniel Gofs of said Westmoreland to my self satisfaction do give grant bargain sell and forever quite claim unto him the said Nathaniel Gofs his heirs and afsigns forever the one half of a whole Proprietors right in the Susquehannah Purchase which Right Originally belonged to Samuel Good…of Harford in the said State one Right of D half Proprietor Right of Land being laid out in said Westmoreland and in that Part called Huntington the first Division Lot being No. 33 Bounded ____ on Undivided lands Northerly on Lands now belonging to sd Nathaniel Gofs and west on a highway Southerly on land belonging to John Franklin of Canaan Said Lot No. 33 being being Drawn by said Nathaniel Gofs as may be seen by the Proprietors Records. This with all the Divisions and after Divisions in sd Huntington as well as all the Division and after Divisions in said Purchase which shall belong to the said half Share Right.

To have and to hold the above Granted and Quit Claimed premises with the appurtenances thereunto belonging unto him the said Nathaniel Gofs his heirs and assigns as to his and them ___________of the said Philip Gofs for myself my heirs executors administrators and assigns do warrant and defend against the lawful claim and demands of any person or persons claiming from or under me or my heirs forever. By these presents I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 17 Day of June AD 1779. Signed Philip Goss

In the presence of John Franklin, John Jenkins Jr.

Westmoreland County: June 17 AD 17o79 Personally appears Mr. Philip Gofs signer of the above instrument and acknowledge the same to be his free act and deed. Before me John Franklin Justice of the Peace.

Source:  Connecticut Patents 1785-1810 FHL#986849  No Index or information on this film. Luzerne Co. the 17th Cert Twps. – Huntington in Westmoreland Co., Litchfield Colony of Connecticut etc.

Luzerne Co. Deeds Vol. Vol. 4 page 597, Nathaniel Gofs to Elnathan Jennings & Hannah Jennings

**Know all men by these presents that I Nathaniel Gofs of Huntington in the County of Luzerne and State of Pennsylvania for & in consideration of the sum of Fifty pounds Lawful money of the State and Land paid by Elnathan Jennings of s’d Huntington of the said County aforesaid to my full Satisfaction do Give and Bargain Sell and forever quit claim unto them the said Elnathan Jennings and Hannah Jennings their heirs and assigns forever the Fifty third Lot in the third Division Drawn by the Thirty third lot in the first division the said Lot of land containing of one hundred acres bounded as follows southerly on land belonging to John Chapin and Moses Lawrence westerly on undivided Land and Northerly on undivided land Easterly on the Fifty second Lot third Division. To Have and to Hold above Granted and Quit claimed premises with the appurtenances thereunto belonging unto them the said Elnathan Jennings and Hannah Jennings their heirs & assigns to his and their only proper use and Behoof and also I the said Nathaniel Gofs Do for my self my heirs Executors administrators and assigns do warrant and defend Against all Lawful Claims under Connecticut or the Susquehannah Company demands of any person or persons Claiming from or under me or my heirs forever by these presents I have hereunto Set my hand and Seal this third day of July in the year one thousand seven hundred and ninety six. Witness present Nathan Beach, Eli Seward — Signed Nathaniel Gofs (Seal)

Luzerne County SS On the thirtieth of July 1796 came before me Nathan Beach one of the Justices of the Peace in the said County Nathaniel Gofs the grantor within named and acknowledged the within Instrument to be his Free act and Deed desiring the same maybe recorded as & ____Witness my hand & Seal the day and date above written recorded May 31, 1797 (Seal) Nathan Beach.

Luzerne Co. Deeds Vol. 6 pg. 508, Nathaniel Gofs to Elnathan & H. Jennings. The dates below don’t seem to match the above History but these are the two deeds found in the Luzerne County Deed records.

***Know All Men that by these Presents that I Nathaniel Gofs of Huntington Township Luzerne Co., and Pennsylvania State In and for the consideration of fifty pounds received to my full satisfaction of Elnathan and Hannah Jennings of the aforesaid Town, County and State Do by these Presents sell, convey and confirm and quit all my right title claim and interest of the following parcel of land (viz) Beginning at a White Oak here on the North line of Lot No. thirty four of the first Division of Lots in Huntington. Thence west twenty two degrees ____sixty rods to the North west corner of the said Lots thence south twenty-two degrees East one hundred rods to the South west corner of ____Lot No. thirty third thence east twenty five degrees North eighty seven rods to a place and ____thence Northerly one hundred and twelve rods _____hill and place of beginning Thence on the north line of the aforesaid lot No. thirty four East twenty two degrees North Sixty four rods thence five rods to Huntington great Creek. Thence on said Creek eight rods Thence West twenty degrees south five rods Thence north seventy degrees West to the pace of beginning. To Have and to Hold the above granted premises to them the said Jennings their heirs and assigns forever to their and their own proper use and likewise I am well seized of the premises and have a good right to sell and convey the same and furthermore I bind myself my heirs and assigns to warrant and forever defend the above and to them said Elnathan and Hannah against any claim deriving from or under the Connecticut title or Susquehanna Company. In witness hereof I have set my hand and Seal this fourth day of September one thousand seven hundred and ninety seven.  Signed sealed and delivered in presence of Gideon Post, Jesse Scott – – Signed Nathaniel Gofs (Seal)

Luzerne Co. SS – Came before me Nathan Beach one of the Justices of the Peace for said County Gideon Post one of the subscribing Witness and was sworn according to Law ___that he was present and saw the within named Nathaniel Gofs sign the within Deed as his free Act and Deed and also saw Jesse Scott sign the same as witness and signed it himself as such. Witness my hand and Seal this first ________ AD 1797. Recorded April 1, 1800 (exam’d)  Nathan Beach

++The deed referred to above done in 1 June 1777 Lemuel Kingsbury, I don’t have this deed and it does not appear in the Luzerne Co. Deed Records at FamilySearch either under Goss or Kingsbury.  So that means it is in Westmoreland or Susquehannah Records which we cannot access online.

This is mentioned in the Claimant Book by Donna B. Munger, notice the lots are patented to his son Nathaniel Goss Jr.  I will share more about this in future posts.

Claimant: Nathaniel Goss
Date Acquired 6/1/1777
Drawer Lemuel Kingsbury
Twp. Huntington
Div. 1st
Lot 34 pt. incl. pt lots 33, 34
Acres 162A 32p* drawn on right of Philip Goss
No Chain of title
Patentee N. Goss Jr.
Source: CTL:41: MEHung:194
Patent Book P60:142
Survey Book 4:66; 3:165

Claimant: Nathaniel Goss
Date Acquired not given
Drawer: Nathaniel Goss*drawn on right of Philip Goss
Twp. Huntington
Div. 1st
Lot 33 pt
Acres 162A 32p* inc. pts lots 33, 34
No chain of title given
Patentee N. Goss Jr.
Source: CTL:41;MEHun:194
Patent Book P60:142
Survey Book 4:66; 3:165

###Claimant: Nathaniel Goss
Acquired date: 6/1/1777
Drawer: Lemuel Kingsbury
Twp. Huntington
Div 3rd
Lot 12 pt
Chain of Title: Voted Nathaniel Goss to lay out 100A in the undivided land with 11 lines in lieu of lot 12 drawn to Goss but by mistake not laid out.
Patentee: Nathan Goss
Source: CTL:44;MEHun:194
Patent Book: P60:18
Survey Book: 4:194, 22

Warrantees of the land:

Goss, Nathaniel, 101,115 acres, Date of Survey Aug. 19, 1805
Goss, Nathaniel, Jr., 162,32 acres, Aug. 19, 1801

Source:  Pennsylvania Archive Books, Third (3rd) Series: Vol. XXIV Warrantees of the Land, County of Luzerne 1787-1896, starts on page 179, Goss on page 224. also has an index of the Land Warrants as follows. This does not give Lot no. so it makes it a little hard to figure out who is who.

      • Nathan Goss on 4 April 1799 receiving a warrant for 101.115 acres of land in Huntington Twp. 3rd Div. of Luzerne Co. Cert. Twps.  
      • Land Warrant for 100 acres in Huntington Twp., 3rd Div. of Luzerne Co. Cert. Twps.
      • Nathaniel Goss is listed for 162.32 acres for Huntington Twp in the 1st Div of Luzerne Co., Cert. Twps.

Please keep these deeds and warrants in mind for they are very important, and the ones for Elnathan and Hannah Jennings will be revisited when I share about this couple. Hannah is a daughter of Nathaniel and Hannah (Scott) Goss and maybe the mysterious Polly?

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