Nathaniel Goss and Hannah Scott’s Children: an overview

Nathaniel Goss and Hannah (Scott) Goss managed to raise a family through all the troubles of the Yankee-Pennamite Wars over the land in the Wyoming Valley and the disruption of the Revolutionary war.

I have their marriage taking place 10 November 1774 in Plymouth Twp. in Westmoreland Co., Litchfield Co., Connecticut, Susquehannah Company Deed Book.

Cover page for History of Huntington Valley available at FamilySearch website

Nathaniel married Hannah, a daughter of Obadiah Scott, and was succeeded in his possessions by his son Nathaniel on the farm now occupied by the family of the late Amos Howard. Nathan, the second’s wife was Thankful Forbes. They raised a large family of sons and daughters, of whom Nathaniel 3d. David and Mary A. wife of a Mr. Gearhart yet live in the vicinity. David Goss, an unmarried son of Philip Goss, Sr. was murdered by Indians on the east side of the river; below Shickshinny. Solomon Goss and Comfort Goss, two of those who came with their father as pioneers, left Huntington and settled elsewhere. Philip Goss Jr. occupied the farm held in part by John Metcalf, where his son Philip lived many years, succeeded also by his son named also Philip, the third, who married Olive Wandell and raised a large family, some of whom live in the vicinity. —

The Goss Family also contributed soldiers for the preservation of the Union, and proved that patriotism was an inherent element in the descendants of men who had so nobly braved the perils and vicissitudes of pioneer life. Daniel F. the only surviving child of Nathaniel, who lived near the spot occupied by his great-grandfather in 1778, fell at Gettysburg while bravely fighting the rebel foe. On the same sanguinary field fell also the only son of Hannah Goss Wadsworth, a truly noble youth of Leroy S. Wadsworth. Many others of kindred blood participated in the effort to save the best government the earth has ever known…..

Source: History of the Huntington Valley, Reprinted in the Mt. Echo Newspaper March 11, 1949 to September 30, 1949 by Mrs. M. L. T. Hartman (Margaret Trescott Hartman). This is available at FamilySearch for viewing.

Nathaniel and Hannah (Scott) Goss had the following children that I know about:

John Goss born about 1775-1782 probably in Huntington Twp. and died 22 June 1829 in Randolph Twp., Portage Co., Ohio. He is probably buried in the Sand Hill Cemetery there.  Although no stone is visible. John married Mary “Polly” Davidson born 20 August 1775 in Wilkes-Barre and she died about 1862 in Portage Co., Ohio. It is believed that she is buried in the Hawley Cemetery there in Portage Co. Mary was the daughter of William Davidson and Mary Goss, Nathaniel’s sister and therefore the Aunt of John Goss. More on John and Polly in later posts. Some have John being born in 1787. Pinning his age down has been a problem. There is a lot of confusion about John Goss and Polly and hopefully, I can make more sense out of the events.

Nathaniel Goss Jr. born 14 April 1785 in Huntington Mills, Luzerne Co., Pennsylvania. He died 24 January 1854 in Huntington Twp.  Nathaniel married Thankful Forbes born 20 September 1785 and died 11 May 1869. They are buried in the Scott Cemetery in Huntington. They had a large family of children.

Experience Goss was born about 1787 in Huntington Twp., she married Aaron Reuben Culver. His name is very confusing and has caused some problems. He was born about 1784 in Connecticut and looks like he might have died about 1824 but this is not certain. They migrated to Wayne Co., Ohio and maybe further to the mid-west. Trying to find information about what happened to them could be difficult. Early Ohio research is very hard to do.

Hannah Goss born about 1789 probably in Luzerne County, PA and it is not known her death date, but she died in Randolph Twp., Portage County, Ohio. She married Elnathan Jennings per some deeds I have found. Some researchers have a Polly marrying an Elnathan or Nathan Jennings. They had a daughter Elizabeth Jennings who married Carver Goss Sr. son of Ebenezer and Bede Goss, Nathaniel Goss Sr. younger brother.

Rhoda Goss was born 27 April 1789 in Huntington Twp. She died 8 October 1861 in Huntington Twp., Luzerne Co., PA. She married Richard Dodson. He was born 22 February 1791 in Bucks Co., Pennsylvania and died 26 June 1863 in Luzerne Co., PA.  Rhoda may be buried in the Scott Cemetery? They had a large family and because they stayed in Luzerne we may be able to figure out their lives.

If you take a look at the birth years you can see that there are spaces between the children in several areas.  It is possible that Nathaniel and Hannah had more children then the five I have highlighted above. The Scott Cemetery publication has several unknown tombstones near the graves of Nathaniel and Hannah (Scott) Goss. So it its quite possible that they did have more children that did not survive.  We need more information like a bible to help us.

In the next posts I will review what I have on these children of Nathaniel Goss and Hannah Scott in more detail. I will admit that some of them have been very difficult to figure out. I will do my best so please be patient with me.  If you don’t agree well please be kind, I am willing to make updates and corrections if you can prove you are correct.

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