John Goss migrates and establishes a new life in Portage Co., Ohio 1804…

John Goss, for some reason, decided to leave Huntington Twp. and migrate to Ohio. He settled in Randolph Twp., Portage County, Ohio. He arrived there about 23 of October of 1805.

Here we find John selling his land in Huntington, this is from The Gleaner newspaper (Wilkes-Barre,PA) 28 April 1804 Sat. Page 4.

John Selling his land in Luzerne 1804

John Goss headed for what is call the Connecticut Western Reserve in Ohio. It is in the northeastern area of Ohio.

The Western Reserve in Ohio

The following excerpts are from the Pioneer History of Randolph Twp. and they have an interesting perspective on John Goss, along with other family connections.  Ebenezer was a younger brother of Nathaniel Goss Sr.’s and therefore John’s uncle.

pg. 22 Ebenezer Goss, with his family, from Plymouth, Conn., moved in Nov. 24. The family consisted of wife, Bede, who died in 1819, aged fifty-six, and children: Polly, who married Abisha Chapman; David, who died in 1848, aged sixty-three; Carver, who moved to Suffield, and Beder, who went to Suffield and returned to Randolph about 1837 and died in 1879, aged eighty-three. Mr. Goss left Plymouth….settled on south side of lot 57.

pg. 23 John Goss, a brother’s son of Ebenezer, came here from the Wyoming Valley (Luzerne County) Pa. one of the Connecticut Settlers of the Wyoming, and settled on the west side of lot 77. He was a great hunter and died in 1829. Ebenezer was on the south side of lot 57, Jehiel Savage between Goss and the Center road, and Abisha Chapman not far away. The Sabins lived in the hollow and John Goss on the west half.

pg. 26 Now a grist mill was made near Ebenezer Goss’, consisting of the top of a stump hollowed out by fire….Accidents were not unknown. When E. Goss first stopped over night in a cabin near the creek, a shelf was put up, supported by sticks between the logs. During the night these sticks were pushed by cattle rubbing against them, which caused a fall to the crockery on the shelf.

pg. 27 In December (1807?) Elnathan Jennings (a brother-in-law of John Goss) and family came from the Wyoming Valley, in Pennsylvania and settled in the Hollow. He was a carpenter, and, after a few years, left his family, went down the river, and was never head from by his wife, who was left with several children in destitute circumstances.

pg. 28 The following named persons from what is now known as Randolph voted at this election (April 1808): Timothy Culver, Ebenezer Cutler, Oliver C. Dickinson, David Goss, Ebenezer Goss, John Goss, Joseph Harris, Bela Hubbard….

pg. 31 Chapter III War of 1812; Randolph and Suffield One Township (1810-1816) 12th day of Jan. A.D. 1811 …When John Goss was chosen chairman of said meeting….John Goss, Ebenezer Cutler…were elected as jurors.

pg. 33 John Goss and Mrs. Jennings lived north of the sand hill and John Sabin were John A. Keller lives. (1812?)

pg. 33-34 War of 1812 – those men over the age of 18 and subject to draft — David Goss, 26: Ebenezer Goss, 52, John Goss, about 25. continued on pg. 34 – John Goss was discharged after having been in service from Aug. 24 to Sept 1 under 4th Div of Ohio Militia, the colonel was John Campbell, Captain Timothy Culver and Lt. Isaac Merriman. Drafted Aug 12, 1812.

pg. 35 to 36 – Chapter IV Post-War Depression; Randolph and Suffield Separated (1816 to 1829).

pg. 36 There were the following marriages: Carver Goss and Elizabeth Jennings, April 8. Henry Rogers and Polly Jennings, April, 1817. William Rogers and Minerva Goss, June 28, David Goss and Hannah Rider, October 4.

pg. 38 The road now called Kent road was laid out by John Goss with a pocket compass.. continued pg. 38 Among the deaths in 1819 was that of Mrs. Bede, wife of Ebenezer Goss, July 19, aged fifty-six and….

pg. 43 (1835?) John Goss’ family lived on the farm now owned by Peter Reidinger.

Source: Pioneer History 1802-1865, An Interesting Record of Randolph Township, Ohio, A History in Miniature of The Western Reserve, Walter Johnson Dickinson, Mr & Mrs. H.W. Widener, editors and publishers Record Publishing Co., Ravenna, Ohio, The Ravenna Republican, 1953.  I found my copy at the DAR Library in Washington D.C. but I believe there are other copies in other libraries, try Worldcat to see what you can find.

Let’s take a look at the History of Portage County, Ohio and we will find similar entries. This book is available at Internet Archive for viewing online and downloading. It is better to search online then once you download.

Page 237 Arrived: In November, 1804, Ebenezer Goss… the first from

“During this same year Isaac Merriman from Connecticut, Archibald Coon from Pennsylvania, John Goss and Jeremiah Sabin and his son Abel located in the township.

Pages 277-278 Return of the Fourth Company Service 24 of August to Sept 1, 1812:

    • Second Battalion, Second Regiment, Fourth Brigade, etc.
    • Captain Timothy Culver
    • Lt. Isaac Merriman
    • Sergeants – Walter Dickinson, William Rogers
    • Corporals – Oliver C. Dickinson, Ephraim Sabin
    • Privates – Arad Upson, Freeman Upson, Elisha Sears, John Goss, Theophilus Cross, Josiah Ward, Henry P. Mosier,  Jehiel Savage, Joseph Harris….

Page 322 – June 8, 1808 List of voters  John Goss mentioned in list of with present names of the townships – John Goss for Randolph. David Goss of Randolph (Ebenezer’s son).

Page 512 – In the spring of 1804 Salmon Ward started for the fourth time to New York but was never afterward heard from. It is supposed that he was either drowned in the lake, having no papers about him to show his identity, or was murdered.  June 13, of the same year (1804), Ebenezer Goss left Plymouth, Conn., and came by way of Pittsburgh to Mahoning County, arriving at Canfield July 29, having been forty-six days on the road. From there he went to Atwater, and in November came to Randolph. He brought a wife and four children, and when he arrived had only $1 in money. Oliver Dickinson…worked in the shop of Ebenezer Goss, who had set up business shortly after coming. There were now six families in the township, but a number of unmarried men were also here. During this year Isaac Merriman, from Connecticut, Archibald Coon, from Pennsylvania, and Abisha Chapman, son-in-law of Ebenezer Goss, came in. Coon, however, soon moved away, but he left his name in Coon Hill. Chapman, also, afterward moved away. October 23, John Goss, from Connecticut arrived with his family, and about the same time Jeremiah Sabin and his son, Abel Sabin, from Poughkeepsie, NY Located in the township.

pg. 514 1811 “Be it remembered that on the 12th day of January, A. D. 1811, the electors of Randolph Township assembled agreeable to public notice for the purpose of electing township officers. John Goss was chosen Chairman of said meeting, and Rufus Belding and Reuben Upson, Judges; Jonathan Foster, Clerk; Abel Sabin Clerk, pro tem. 

The following are the names of persons elected: …Moses Adams, Thomas Hale, John Goss, E. Cutler, John Sabin, Bradford Waldo, E. Merriman, T. Culver, J. Hollister, Ephraim Sabin, A. Upson, Schoby Outcalt, David Ticknor were returned as jurors.

Source:  The History of Portage County, Ohio, Containing A History at the County, Its Townships, Towns…Early Settlers, Warner, Beers & Co., Chicago, 1885. Benjamin Fowler pg. 772-773, portrait (Paul H. Goss genealogy, his mother’s family), Randolph Twp. pgs. 511-518. Online at Internet Archive for viewing.

Well, these two sources give a lot of information of interest. I will revisit some of these events when I post about that individual in more detail, such as Ebenezer Goss. I still have Nathaniel Goss Sr. and Hannah Scott’s other children to write about.  The focus here was to see how John Goss was featured and how he fit in.  In the next post, let’s take a look at the Tax Lists for Portage County and see what we find about John Goss and others in the area. We do see that John Goss became involved in the local area that he made his new home.

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