The Wife of John Goss, evidence leads to Mary “Polly” Davidson…

I wish to present some information that clarifies that John Goss’s wife was not Polly Ransom but was instead Polly Davidson or Mary Davidson, his cousin.

Mary Davidson was the daughter of Mary Goss and William Davidson. Mary Goss was a sister to his father Nathaniel Goss Sr. and therefore John’s aunt. I have not written about Mary Goss in detail but will do so in future posts.

I going to show this clarification of the maiden name of Polly by sharing land information.  In past posts, I wrote about the Philip Goss Land History.  I did a very detailed breakdown of all the land involved for Philip Goss Jr./V.  That was very complicated so I will revisit here in a more simplified manner.

Let’s take a look at what this land history and a deed and see what they suggest:

John Goss married Mary “Polly” Davidson, daughter of Mary Goss and William Davidson. Mary Goss would be John’s aunt and Nathaniel’s sister.  Mary Goss married three times: Davidson, Gibbons, Santee. I will go into detail about Mary Goss in future posts.

I do not have a marriage record for John and Polly, so this Land History is very important.  There may also be dispositions from the Claimants that give the heirs of Philip Goss IV. Those dispositions I do not have. I would have to back to the Pennsylvania Archives at Harrisburg, PA and do more digging.  I would target all Goss and Scott Family this time and also look at the Claimant applications for land done by these families.

Below is a photo of page 2 of 3 of the Land History for Philip Goss from the Connecticut Claimants. Just click on the photos and examine them. You will need to scroll down the page to about 1777 and start reading across.

P Goss land History Page 2, there are 3 pages.

Bon’s transcribed version portion of page 2.

I think that it is pretty clear that John Goss married his cousin, Mary Davidson, and a daughter of Mary Goss, his aunt.  There is no mention of a Ransom name in the above document.

This means that cousin Paul Goss in his manuscripts was not correct when he suggested that John Goss married a Polly Ransom. We do have to understand that Paul was not totally convinced that Mary Goss was a member of the family of Philip Goss IV and Mary Kendall.  Paul would not be unhappy about this, he really believed in following the evidence.  (See is Page at the top of this blog for more on Paul H. Goss).

We will learn that she was a member, sister to all the other siblings as soon as I make it through more of the children of Nathaniel Goss Sr. and his other siblings.

I would also like to revisit a deed dated 17 August 1802 in which Nathaniel Goss and John Goss sell land to Philip Goss Jr./V.  This deed references Philip Goss, the father of Nathaniel Goss.  It also has the son Nathaniel Goss Jr. as a witness.  John Goss states he is an heir to William Davidson in the land.

Deed signed by Nathaniel, John and witnesses by Nathaniel Goss Jr.

Know all Men by these Present that we Nathaniel Goss and John Goss both of Huntington Luzerne County & State of Pennsylvania Do for the consideration of Ten Dollars each received to our full satisfaction of Phillip Goss of said Township County & State viz I the said Nathaniel do by these Presents sell & convey all my right and title to six acres & ¼ one vaz the third division Lots draw upon Lot No. 38 first division in said Township being my part as an heir to Philip Goss deceased and also the undivided or common lands so called pertaining to Lots number thirty three & thirty four. And I the said John do also by these Presents sell & convey to said Phillip Goss all my right & title to the common land pertaining to Lot number twenty five in said first division, pertaining to me as Heir to William Davidson deceased. To have and to hold said Premises to him the said Philip his heirs & assigns to his & their own proper use & behoof forever. & furthermore we Warrant & Forever defend the said mentioned premises & appurtenances to him his Heirs & assigns against any other Connecticut Claimant whatsoever. Witness our hands & Seals the seventeenth day of August A.D. 1802. 

Nathaniel Gofs (Seal)  John Goss (Seal)

Witness present Charles E. Gaylord, Nathaniel Goss Jur.

Luzerne County SS — Nathaniel Goss & John Goss the within named Grantors came before me Charles E. Gaylord a Justice of the Peace for Huntington District in the County aforesaid & acknowledged the within Deed to be their Voluntary Act. Witness my hand and seal the seventeenth day of August A.D. 1802.  Recorded March 27, 1805.

I think that these two documents tell us that John Goss married Mary “Polly” Davidson daughter of Mary Goss and William Davidson.  More on this will be featured in future posts about the life of Mary Goss, daughter of Philip Goss IV and Mary Kendall and sister to Nathaniel, Philip Goss Jr./V and more.

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