John Goss & Mary (Polly) Davidson’s children: an overview

John Goss (son of Nathaniel Goss Sr. and Hannah Scott) and Mary “Polly” Davidson (daughter of Mary Goss and Wm. Davidson)  had about 7 children during their marriage.  Figuring out the children of John and Polly Goss has not been easy, but the court Petition in the last post about John Goss his Legacy and Estate…  clarifies who the heirs of John and Polly Goss are.

Here is a summary of that Petition of the Court of Common Pleas done in 1830:

….said John Goss dec’d leaving a widow Mary Goss and also the following heirs at law Minerva Rogers wife of William Rogers, Chester Goss, Bernard Goss, Hannah Stephens wife of James Stephens, John Goss Julia Ann wife of Joseph McDaniels and Alma Goss a minor.

Another mention:  Named you that you summon Mary Goss, Wm. Rogers, Minerva Rogers, Chester Goss, Ormand Goss, James Stevens, Hannah Stevens, John Goss, Joseph McDaniels, Julia McDaniels & Almina Goss by Wm. King her guardian…”

    • widow Mary Goss
    • Wm. Rogers and Minerva Rogers
    • Chester Goss (not found)
    • Ormand Goss (Bernard above)
    • James Stevens, Hannah Stevens
    • John Goss (not found)
    • Joseph McDaniels, Julia McDaniels
    • Almina Goss by Wm. King her guardian

I think it is interesting, the use of Mary’s formal name and not her nickname as featured in the Petition. I also think it is interesting the order that is given for the children: Minerva 1st, Chester 2nd, Ormand 3rd, Hannah 4th, John Goss 5th, Julia 6th and Almina 7th.

I decided to revisit the records that I have in my possession and see what I find. Even with a review of those records, I am still unclear about some of the ages of these children. I cannot get a fix on John Goss and his actual birth.  I have therefore put him near his brothers Ormond and Chester. Chester and John married on the same day and went to Michigan together and seemed to be close as brothers. Was this due to their ages or just the fact they were brothers?

The fact that John Goss is listed in the above order after Hannah seems a bit of a stretch?  So, until further documentation comes to light, I will go with the order of the children of John and Polly, as I have presented below. As I always say, genealogy is evolving and if any new information comes to light I will make updates.

What I present below is an overview and summary of the children of John Goss and Mary “Polly” Davidson. I will share more details on each child and their families in future posts.

Remember that John Goss and Polly didn’t migrate to Ohio till late 1805 per the history books of the area.  So we need to be careful of the location where the children were born.

Minerva Goss was born about 1 May 1799 in Luzerne Co., Pennsylvania. She married William Rogers on 28 June 1817 in Portage County, Ohio.  William and Minerva had these children: Mary M., William K., Belinda, Benjamin C. Emily?, Calista Minerva, Ezra, Mary Ann W. and Volney.

Minerva died 3 June 1859 in Randolph, Portage Co., Ohio. William died 22 Aug 1850 in Randolph. Both are buried in Sand Hill Cemetery in Randolph Twp., Portage Co., Ohio.

Chester Goss was born about 1800 or 1801 (per census) in Luzerne Co., Pennsylvania. Chester married Linda Sisson 29 April 1832 in Ypsilanti, Washtenaw, Michigan.  They had two children: Lydia and Seneca Goss.  Chester died about 1866 most likely in Douglas Co., Nebraska where he went with his daughter Lydia Allen’s family. He remarried to a Charlotte Price 28 May 1862 in Douglas, Nebraska.

Linda died 1860 in Ionia Co., Michigan The burial location of both Chester and Linda is unknown at this time.

Ormond Goss was born 29 June 1802 in Luzerne Co., Pennsylvania. He marred Roby Haven 12 March 1829 in Portage Co., Ohio. She was born 22 Aug 1804 in Montpelier, Washington, Vermont. Ormond and Roby had about 6 children together: Henry, Ruth, Anson, Frederick, Polly and John P.

Ormond died 28 April 1873 in Bangor Twp., Van Buren Co., Michigan. Roby died 6 November 1890 in Bangor. Ormond and Roby (Rhoda) are buried in the Arlington Hill Cemetery in Van Buren Co., Michigan.

John Goss or John Jode Goss was born about 1800-1804 probably in Luzerne Co., Pennsylvania because his father and mother had not yet migrated to Ohio. John states in census he was born in Ohio but until further information is found, I am going to lean toward Pennsylvania. I cannot get a fix on his year of birth because he changes his age each census and the range is 1799 to 1804 born Ohio, the last census born PA.

He married Louisa Parker 29 April 1832 in Ypsilanti, Washtenaw, Michigan and it looks like they split up and probably divorced because she reappears living with her son Benjamin in the 1880 census in Louisiana.

John and Louisa had about 4  children together: Henry, Benjamin, Mary and Louisa. Louisa probably died after 1880 in St. Landry Co., Louisiana.  I do not know where she is buried at this time.

John then remarried Elizabeth McHenry on 29 November 1846 in Sainte Genevieve, Sainte Genevieve, Missouri.  Elizabeth had been married before to a William McHenry in Alabama who died 18 Nov, 1845. They had two children: William Chester and George.

John and Elizabeth had a large family of about 7 children:  Susan, John, Ruth S., John J., Chester, Elizabeth and Ellen J. John died 2 December 1884. Elizabeth died 5 October 1876 in St. Landry Parish, Louisana. I do not know where either are buried at this time. It is possible Elizabeth’s maiden name is “Viney.”

Mary Goss was born about 1804 and died at age 14 in 1818 in Portage Co., Ohio. She is buried in the Sand Hill Cemetery, Randolph, Portage Co., Ohio with a small marker. Find a Grave does not have a photo of her stone at this time. John Goss, her father, is supposed to be buried there with no marker and near Mary. This has not been verified.

When visiting this cemetery in 2011, I did not see any marker with a Mary engraved upon it.  This is not unusual, it was a big cemetery and there were many broken and stacked stones in Sand Hill Cemetery at that time.  See the post about John Goss and Polly’s death and burial for more information.

Hannah Goss  she was born about 1810 in Portage Co., Ohio per a cousin’s research. She married James Stevens 1 January, 1828 in Portage Co., Ohio. They migrated to Texas and settled there. They had at least these three children: Wesley Stevens b. 1830 Illinois, Joshua Emil/Emmett Stevens 1833-1914 and Alzade Stevens (f) 1840-1875.

James remarried on 10 September 1849 to a Dorothea Pasche in Harris, Texas. They had five children together: Louisa, Alice, James B., Henry and Caroline.

James died 21 September, 1879 in Corpus Christi, Nueces Co., Texas.  Dorothea died 18 November 1907 in Corpus Christi and is buried in the Nuecestown Cemetery there.  It is believed that James Stevens is also buried there but his tombstone is missing.  What happened to Hannah Goss is unclear at this time.

Julia Ann Goss was born about 1812 (per the 1850 census age 38) in Portage County, Ohio. She married Joseph McDaniel 6 August, 1829 in Portage Co., Ohio.  They had about 5 children: Chester St. Clair, Homer, Herman, Polly and Celestia.

Julia died 5 January, 1855 in Superior Twp., Williams Co., Ohio. Joseph died 5 June, 1880 in Williams Co. Both Julia and Joseph’s burial location is unknown at this time.

Almina was born about 1815 (per several census) in probably Portage Co., Ohio. She married James Fisher 30 June 1833 in Portage Co., Ohio. He was born about 1808 in Mifflin Co., Pennsylvania and died 7 December 1862 in Portage Co., Ohio. He is buried in the Whippoorwill Cemetery in Palmyra Twp., Portage Co., Ohio.

Almina remarried 13 April 1867 to an Orland/Orlando Selby born about 1808 and died 1886 in Madison, Lake Co., Ohio. Orlando and Almena appear in the 1880 US census living in Madison, Lake Co., Ohio. He is 72 years old, a farmer, born in New York. There is a Find A Grave listing for an Orland Selby who died in 1886 in Fairview Memorial Park, Madison, Lake Co., Ohio. His first wife is listed as Anna Selby 1809 to 1866.

It is suggested that Almena/Almina died 26 Dec 1894 (80 years old making birth 1814) in Madison, Lake Co., Ohio per an obituary at the Morley Library in Plainesville which requires obtaining a copy from the library. I do not know where she is buried at this time. I also cannot determine is she had any children.

SUMMARY of the Children: This provides and overview of the children of John and Polly Goss, I will write about each of these children in more detail in the following posts.

I cannot claim that I did all the research because several cousins have contacted me over the years and shared their knowledge of their respective families.

There are two manuscript written by cousin Ken Goss. One was given to me and the other is in the files of the Portage County Historical Society in Ravenna, Ohio.

  1. A Report of the Ancestors and Descendants: Benjamin Goss and Henry Goss, sons of John Goss and Louisa Parker, by Ken Goss about 2007.
  2. A manuscript of the Goss families, by Ken Goss, Portage Co., Historical Society, Ravenna, Ohio before 2011
  3. Polydactyly in the Kendall Family, by Ken Goss – see page about this at the top of this blog.  This refers to extras – fingers and toes.

I cannot publish them on my blog because, I don’t have permission and I do not have the permission of the cousins that Ken mentions in his manuscripts.  I can get you in touch with him if you would like copies or to talk with him.

To all the cousins who contributed to my research on John Goss and his family, I thank you for your kindness.

Please be advised that there are many family trees at with photos and stories and more regarding these descendants of John and Polly Goss.  Please examine them carefully for they may not be correct and use the information as a guide.  You can access Ancestry Library version with a library card at your local pubic library or a genealogical society that has access.

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