William Rogers and Minerva Goss’s children, Portage Co., Ohio

William Rogers and Minerva Goss were married 28 June 1817 and had a large family.  They spent their life in Randolph Twp., Portage County, Ohio raising their family.

Here are their children to my best knowledge:

Mary M. Rogers born Dec 1818 in Randolph Twp., and died 4 April 1819. Mary is buried next to her parents in Sand Hill Cemetery.  Here is my picture of her tombstone; however the one at Find A Grave is much better.  You can read that is says she was 4 mos. old.  I believe this is the baby Polly Goss mentioned in her 1819 letter.

Mary M. Rogers Tombstone, Sand Hill Cemetery next to her parents.

William K. Rogers born about 1821 in Randolph Twp., died 11 Aug 1873 in Randolph.

William married an Emily Stolenbeck the 29th of September 1842 in Portage Co., Ohio. She might have been named Holenbeck. There seems to be some confusion about William’s middle initial. His marriage record states R rather than K.  His Civil War information reads K. His tombstone also reads R.

William appears in the US Civil War Draft Registration Records age 42 for Randolph and the Civil War Solider Records and Profiles as enlisting age 40 on 25 April 1861 as a private Co. G, Ohio 7th Infantry Reg and he mustered out on 20 Jun 1861.

In the US Federal Census of 1860 William appears in the census living in Randolph Twp., Portage Co. Ohio as a laborer with $200 Real estate and $50 personal. He is age 39 born Ohio. Emily age 26 born NY, Justin is age 15 born Ohio and Chester is 12 born Indiana.

The family appears in the 1870 US Federal Census in Randolph, Portage Co., Ohio. William is now 49, a farm laborer with $1000, Emily is 46 keeping house born NY, Edward is 8 at school born Ohio.

Based on the census we can assume that William and Emily had three children Justin 1845 to 1880, Chester 1848 to 1903 and Edward 1862.

Justin Rogers was born about 1845 in probably Portage Co., Ohio and died after 1880 in Newton, Carroll, Iowa. He married a Celia Wilcox and might have had one son Clyde Rogers but it is looking like the child did not survive. Celia then remarried to an Alvin J. Ayrhart and had Bertha H. 1887 to 1958 and Hazel Ayrhart 1890 to 1978. Celia and Alvin are buried in the Dedham Cemetery in Dedham, Carroll Co., Iowa.

Chester Rogers was born about 1848 in Ohio and died 20 Oct 1903 in Shalerville, Portage Co., Ohio at the infirmary there.

Edward Rogers was born about 1862 in Ohio an appears in the 1870 and 1880 census with a Jason T. and Emily Post and he is listed as stepson?  Age 19.

Apparently Emily remarried to a Jason T. Post on 11 Aug 1874 in Portage Co., Ohio. He was born 1832 in Romulus, Wayne, Michigan and died some time after 1880.

William Rogers died on 11 August 1873 in Randolph and is buried in the Sand Hill Cemetery.

Belinda Rogers was born Dec 1822 in Randolph, Portage Co., Ohio and died 17 Sep 1823 in Randolph. She is buried in the Sand Hill Cemetery near her parents.  There is a better photo at Find A Grave.

Belinda Rogers Stone next to her sisters and parents Sand Hill Cemetery

Benjamin C. Rogers was born 2 Sep 1824 in Randolph Twp., Portage Co., Ohio and died 22 Feb 1903 in Pasadena, Los Angeles, California.  I do not know where he is buried.

Benjamin may have married three times.  Let’s study the census to see if we can figure it all out.

I cannot find him in the 1850 Census he is not with his parents.  He would be 26 years old and on his own by then. A person with the name B.C. Rogers appears in the 1855 Clinton, Rock, Wisconsin state census.  The statistics are 2 males one female.

A Benjamin C. Rogers appears in the 1860 US Federal Census age 36 born about 1824 in Ohio, living in Beloit, Rock, Wisconsin as a CS Teacher with a Mary E.C. Rogers who is 52 years old born in New York.  Benjamin has $8000 in real estate and $500 personal.

Wisconsin Counties – Rock is at the bottom along the border with Illinois, Beloit is also at the bottom of the County.

In the 1870 US Federal Census a B.C. Rogers appears age 45 a grocery rt with $25,000 in real estate and $15,000 in person born Ohio in Beloit, Rock, Wisconsin. With him is Mary M. age 50, keeping house born New York, Living with them is a Mary Cheeney age 40 Domestic Servant born New York. Could this be a sister?

In the 1880 US Federal Census Benjamin Rogers appears in Beloit, Rock, Wisconsin age 50 as a Lawyer born Ohio.  Mary age 50, wife keeping house born New York.

Benjamin Rodgers appears in the 1900 US Census living in District 0111, Pasadena, Los Angeles, California, born Sep 1824 age 75 M 4 years, born Ohio, he is a capitalist, can read and write and speak English.  With him is a Miranda C. Rodgers born Feb 1854 age 66 married 4 years, No children born no children living. Born in New York. With them is a Lillian Brown, Servant born Dec 1879 in Ohio.

According to my findings Benjamin C. Rogers married a Mariette G. Pelton in 1847 in Cleveland, Ohio. She was born 6 Jun 1809 in Hamilton, Madison Co., NY and died 9 Oct 1870 in Beloit, Rock Co., Wisconsin. She is buried in the Oakwood Cemetery in Beloit per Find A Grave which has  an engraved and very large tombstone.

He then married Mary Matheson Cheeney 15 October 1871 in Madison, Dane Co., Wisconsin.  Mary was born in 1832 in New York, died 31 Oct 1896 in Beloit. She is also buried in the Oakwood Cemetery in Beloit.

He then married again to Miranda Soule 4 May 1897 in Los Angeles, California. She was born Feb 1834 in New York, and died about 1910 in Pasadena. Miranda had been married before to an Alfred G.W. Carter.

I cannot determine if Benjamin had any children but it doesn’t look like it.

The Civil War Draft Registration has him listed as Benjamin C. Rogers age 40 on 1 July 1863 in Beloit, Rock, Wisconsin.

It is unknown where Benjamin is buried at this time in Pasadena. Please review all the information about Benjamin, I am not yet satisfied with what I have found.

Calista Minerva Rogers born 20 March 1827 in Randolph Twp., Portage Co., Ohio and died 9 May 1918 in Waterford Twp., La Porte Co., Indiana. Another record has Coolspring Twp. as her place of death.

She married a Richard Cross 4 July 1842 in Portage Co., Ohio. Richard Cross was born 21 October 1825 in Randolph Twp. and died 2 February 1899 in Waterford, La Porte Co., Indiana.

After Richard’s death Calista remarried to an Archibald Van Dyke 25 Dec 1901 in Laporte. He was born 1830 in Pennsylvania, and died about 1917 in Holmesville, Gage Co., Nebraska. Archibald had been married before.

Calista and Richard Cross appear in the 1850 US Federal Census living in Cedar Creek, Lake Co., Indiana. Richard is 29 years old, a farmer with $365 born Ohio, Calista is 23 born Ohio. With them is Alaisto A. age 7 female, Richard V. age 5, Olive Anne age 3, Jasper T age 1.

Lake County and LaPorte are in the Northwest corner of the state of Indiana

In the 1860 US Census they are in Cool Spring, LaPorte Co., Indiana. Richard is 39 farmer $2500 real estate and $450 person born Ohio, Calista is 33, Volney R is 15 a farmer born Indiana.  Olive is 12, Jasper is 10, Barnum is 7 and Jesse is a female age 4.

They are still in Cool Springs, LaPorte Co., Indiana in the 1870 US Federal Census. Richard is a age 45 farmer with $5280 real estate and $1000 personal. Calista is 43 keeping house, Olive is 23 born Indiana but listed as Deaf & Dumb. Jasper is 21, Benjamin is 18 and Jesse is 14. It looks like most of the children were deaf.

In the 1880 US Census we find them in Cool Springs, LaPorte, Indiana. Richard is now age 59 a farmer. Elista is 53 wife, Peter Shuster is 48 son in law upholsterer, Olive is 32 listed as daughter and keeping house. Peter and her are listed as Deaf and Dumb.  There is an Andrew Collins grandchild age 13, farmer, George Collins age 12 grandchild, farmer and Emma Collins grandchild age 11. All born Indiana. Jasper Cross is listed below them age 29 farmer with his family. Barnum is below Jasper age 26 with his family.

The 1900 US Census has the family still in Cool Springs, LaPorte, Indiana. Calista Cross is listed as head, farmer, born March 1827 age 73 widowed. Nine children born 5 living. Below her is Elcista Collins daughter born Feb 1843 age 47 widow, 13 children born 10 living. Next is Olive A. Chester daughter born July 1847 age 52 D (divorced) no children born.  I think that Olive’s last name is Schuster/Shuster.

In 1910 they are in Cool Springs, LaPorte, Indiana living with a Jesse Cross head, male, age 54 M 29 years, born Indiana,  Farmer. Nancy his wife is 42 M 29 years three children born 2 living, born Ohio. Nathan son age 22, born Indiana, Benjamin son age 19 born Indiana. Van Dyke, Calista mother age 83 M2 7 years, nine children born 4 living, she was born Ohio.

Based on the above Calista Rogers and Richard Cross had these children:

Elcista Minerva Cross born 26 Feb 1843 in Lake Co., Indiana and died 18 June 1925 in Boise, Ada, Idaho. She is buried in the Morris Hill Cemetery in Boise.  Elcista was deaf and she married John Davis Collins who was also deaf. He was born 7 Jun 1837 in Shelby Co., Indiana. He died 3 Apr 1893 in Orangeville, Orange Co., Indiana. He is buried in the Mount Horeb Baptist Cemetery in Orleans, Orange Co., Indiana. John and Elcista had lots of children.  There are many trees at Ancestry that feature this family, with pictures and more.

Volney Richard Cross born 7 May 1845 in Indiana and died 31 August 1866 in LaPorte, Indiana.  He is buried in the Cross Cemetery in LaPorte Co., Indiana per Find A Grave.  His name might be written as Richard V. or Richard Volney.

Olive Ann Cross was born 1847 in Lake County, Indiana. She died 13 Sep 1900 in Waterford, LaPorte Co., Indiana. Olive was deaf. In 1900 she is living with her mother in Cool Springs Twp., LaPorte, Indiana under the name Chester instead of her married name of Schuster/Shuster.  A “D” is by her name which means she was divorced.  If I am correct her husband disserted her according  to some sources. She married a Peter Shuster 28 Dec 1870 in LaPorte. Another record has the marriage year as 1869. He was born 13 May 1830 in Bavaria, Germany. He looks like he was married another time. Olive is buried in the Cross Cemetery and shares the tombstone of her brother Volney.  As far as I can tell she didn’t have any children.

Jasper Jason Cross was born 26 July 1849 in Lake Co., Indiana and died 23 Dec 1925 in Goshen, Elkhart, Indiana. Jasper was also deaf. He married first to Aurilla Warford (1853-1894) 20 Aug 1874 and had several children. He then married Mary Alice Coulter (1876 to 1928) on 19 Aug 1896. They had one daughter Vina 1898 to 1981.

Jasper is buried in the Pine Lake Cemetery in LaPorte. Both wives are also buried in the Pine Lake Cemetery in LaPorte.

Barnum C. Cross was born 23 Nov 1852 in Lake Co., Indiana and died 11 Nov 1923 in LaPorte, Indiana. He married Margaret M. Ploughe (1858-1941) 18 Nov 1874 in Indiana. They had about 5 children together. Both are buried in the Pine Lake Cemetery per Find A Grave.  It looks like Barnum was also deaf and so was his wife.

Jesse C. Cross was born 1 Feb 1865 in Lake Co., Indiana and died 4 Apr 1945 in LaPorte. Jesse married Nancy M. Hooper (1857 to 1921) 2 Oct 1881 in Allensville, Indiana and both were deaf.  They are buried in the Pine Lake Cemetery in LaPorte.

Ezra Rogers was born 1829 in Randolph Twp. and died 18 Dec 1831 in Randolph. Ezra is buried in Sand Hill Cemetery in Randolph Twp., Portage Co., Ohio per Find A Grave which does not have a tombstone picture for him at this time.

Mary Ann W. Rogers was born 6 June 1835 in Randolph Twp. She died 14 Jan 1912 in Randolph.  She married Simon Perkins on 1 October 1854 in Portage and they had about 3 children: David S. Perkins 1856-1901; Electra Belle Perkins 1859-1931 and Claude S. Perkins 1868-1893. Mary and Simon are buried in the Hillside Cemetery in Randolph which is right next to the Sand Hill Cemetery.

Volney Rogers was born 1 Aug 1837 in Randolph Twp. and died 19 Feb 1914 in Portage Co., Ohio. He married Mary Ellen Perkins 23 Apr 1859 but later they divorced. She was born 10 Feb 1844 in Suffield Twp., Portage Co., Ohio and died 9 Aug 1915 in Atwater Twp.  Volney and Mary Ellen had about 6 children: Benjamin, Dennis, Blanche, Nellie, Ruth and Glen. He remarried to a Ophelia C. Bogue on 14 Nov 1900 Portage Co., Ohio. Volney is buried in the Homeland Cemetery in Rootstown, Portage Co., Ohio. Volney was a Civil War soldier 104th Reg, Ohio Infantry as a Private.

It appears that Mary Ellen Perkins and Claude S. Perkins, spouses of the last two children, may have been siblings and their parents were David M. Perkins 1807-1864 and Electra Tupper 1805-1877.  David and Electra are buried in the Kent-Corners Cemetery in Suffield, Portage Co., Ohio. Enlisted in Co. I, on 30 Aug 1862 and mustered out on 17 June 1865 in Greensboro, NC.

Please make sure that you double check all this information. I also advise that you go to Ancestry.com and take a look at all of trees for this family which might have additional information, pictures and more. You can access Ancestry through a library card at your local library or a genealogical society near you.

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