John Goss and his 1st wife, Louisa Parker and their children: Henry Goss & Mary Schwartz

John Goss and Louisa Parker had about four children together. It is difficult to verify this, because John and Louisa married on 13 July 1832 in Ypsilanti, Washtenaw, Michigan. I have not been able to find them in the 1830 or 1840 census.

It is believed that they had Henry, Benjamin, Mary and Louisa. There may have been more children but it is difficult to say without records.

In this post, I will write about their son Henry Goss b. 1833 and d. 1881.

As I was preparing these posts about the children, I realized that I needed to break them up in order to present them in the best manner possible. The brothers Henry and Benjamin have large families and are quite interesting.

Let’s start with Henry Goss who was born in Michigan but migrated with his family to Ste. Genevieve, Missouri and stayed there throughout his life.

Henry Goss born 8 May 1833 in Michigan and died January 1881 in Ste. Genevieve, Missouri.

Henry was raised on his father’s farm in Ste. Genevieve and helped in the quarry that was located there. He also traveled the Mississippi to deliver stone and once traveled to New Orleans, supposedly with Mark Twain. 

Source: Ste. Genevieve Family Histories, Ste. Genevieve Historic and Genealogical Society, FHL 977.8692 D2s. 

Henry married a Mary Schwartz on 1 October 1854 in Ste. Genevieve. Many researchers use Mary Theresa Schwartz for her name. She is listed as Mary Schwartz in the records.

Henry and Mary’s marriage record.

Source: Missouri Missouri, Compiled Marriage Index 1766-1983, Or, Missouri Marriage Records 1805-2002 of the actual book pages.

Mary was born 29 June 1837 in Missouri to Adam Schwartz and Maria Louise Bellvo or Bellveau. Adam was born 3 December 1797 in Germany and Maria was born in France. Adam and Maria are buried in the Valle Springs Cemetery in Ste. Genevieve.

The Schwartz’s Adam and Marie were first generation Germans; their parents were born in the Saarland Region in Ittersdorf, Germany.  Source: Ken Goss Manuscript, circa 2007. 

Adam Schwartz…was born 3 December 1797 in Ittersdorf, Rhineland, Germany. He was a blacksmith by trade and worked under Peter Bellevo at a coal mining operation at Metz near the German French boarder. On 29 January 1827 Adam married Peter Bellevo’s daugther Marie Louise in Ittersdorf, Germany. Adam was raised in the Jewish faith, while Marie was reared Catholic.  It is believed, by family, that this was the reason they waited till their parents passed. It could also be why they immigrated to the United States.  Marie was born 2 July 1802 in Scherkerling, France, near Ittersdorf, Germany. Her mother was Marie Hoff, daughter of Christopher Hoff, a tailor in Scherkerling and his wife Christine Kirch.  In 1831 Adam and Marie and their baby daughter, Mary Ann, left Germany for the United States, with a stop in Pennsylvania…Adam took his little family to Ste. Genevieve setting up his blacksmith shop in that town. He worked at blacksmithing and farming and was also an inventor.  (Please note that this is a summary of the biography from the book listed below.)

Source: Ste. Genevieve Family Histories, Ste. Genevieve Historic and Genealogical Society, FHL 977.8692 D2s. There is more about the Schwartz family in this book then I have presented here.  I am not sure that the birth location for Adam is correct.

In the 1850 US Census Henry appears with his father John Goss (indexed as Gass) age 46 $200 occupation is unreadable. Elizabeth (indexed as Elsworth) Goss age 31 born Tennessee, Henry Goss age 16 born Missouri 1834, Benjamin age 14 Ohio in 1836, William age 10 Alabama, George age 5 Alabama, Susan age 2 Missouri back by 1848, and John age 9/12 Missouri. They are living in Ste. Genevieve, Missouri.  Note: William and George are Elizabeth’s sons from a previous marriage.

In the 1860 US Census for St. Genevieve Henry is not listed with the family. I am not finding him in Ste. Genevieve after scrolling through the census for that township. I did not scroll the whole county of Ste. Genevieve.

In the 1870 US Census I found Henry Goss age 37, born in Michigan in 1833, living in Ste. Genevieve, Ste. Genevieve, Missouri. Henry is 37 a farmer with $700 real estate and $400 personal. Mary is age 33, keeping house, born in Missouri. David is 15 at school. Benjamin is 13, Ephraim is 9, Julia is 7, Louise is 2, Perrin is 4, Leight is 4, Henry is 2/12 and Mary is 2/12. All are born in Missouri.

In the 1880 US Census Henry Gauss appears age 47 born about 1833 in Michigan in Quarrytown, Ste. Genevieve, Missouri.  Henry is a farmer. Mary age 42, wife, keeping house, born in Missouri and her parents are born in France. David is 25, son, and miner. Benjamin is 23 son, a farmer, Ephraim age 19 son, blacksmith, Mathilda age 17 daughter, Perrin age 14 son, Alice age 14 daughter, Mary age 10 daughter, Henry age 5 son, Elvira age 3 daughter, Noah age 9/12 son.

Henry died on 4 January 1881 in Sainte Genevieve, Missouri. Mary Schwartz Goss died 17 November 1928 1823. Both are buried in Sainte Genevieve in the Valle Spring Cemetery.

As you can see from Mary’s death date, she lived to 1928 1823 and appears in several census 1900 and 1910 in Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, with her son Henry. In the 1920 US Census she is living in Illinois with her son Noah and his family.

Estate of Henry Goss: 1881

Letters of Administration appear for Henry Goss in 1881.  Mary is appointed administratrix of his estate. The printed and written form is signed by Judge L. Bogy Judge of Probate in Ste. Genevieve on 31 January 1881.

A portion of the Letters of Administration Henry Goss Estate – showing heirs

Estate of Henry Goss, deceased ))) Grant of letters of administration – Mary Goss prays the Judge for letters of administration of the estate of said deceased, and having filed her affidavit as required by law showing that the said Henry Goss died intestate and without leaving any will at Ste. Genevieve County, Missouri, 1880 leaving as his heirs Mary Goss, his widow, and David, Benjamin, Ephraim, Julia, Elijah, Perrin, Mary, Henry, Elvira and Noah Goss; who reside with their Mother in this Ste. Genevieve County, Missouri, and that she will make a perfect inventory of and faithfully administer the estate of said deceased, and pay the debts as far as the assets will extend and the law direct, and account for and pay all assets, which shall come to his possession or knowledge and it appearing (page 291) to the Judge of the Probate that said Henry Goss died possessed of property of the portable value of One thousand dollars and that the said Mary Goss, widow is competent by law to Administer it is ordered that letters of administration of the goods, chattels, credits and effects of said deceased be issued to the said Mary Goss, and that she enter into bond to the state of Missouri in the sum of Two Thousand dollars with two or more sufficient securities residents of this County conditioned according to law; whereupon she submits her bond with Peter Schwartz and Anthony Schwartz as securities which is taken and approved and ordered so endorsed; and it is ordered said bond be filled and recorded; and Valerian Gisi and Severin Eckenfels are appointed witnesses to accompany and aid said administratrix in opening and examining the papers, money and other property of the deceased, and, in making an inventory thereof.   Attest  John L. Bogy Judge of Probate – Source: Book E page 290 and 291 Ste. Genevieve Probates. Note: Peter and Anthony are brothers.

On March 18, 1881 Mary Goss submits her inventory and appraisement of the said estate of Henry Goss dec. and it is examined according to law.  March 1881, Book E page 331.

On Monday, March 20, 1882 Mary Goss, administratrix appears in court again with her First annual Settlement regarding the estate of Henry Goss.

The administratrix exhibits her first annual statement of the accounts of her administration for settlement with proper vouchers to the court, showing hereby charged in the aggregate with $890.00 and credited with the disbursements amounting to $535.45 and said settlement, among other things required to be exhibited containing a just and true account of all monies by her collected &c and being subscribed and verified by affidavit the Court presenting with the administratrix to make both accept the statement __such settlement, and it is ordered that said settlement be filed and recorded in a book kept for the purpose of _____the account and settlements of executors and administrators as part of the record herein.  March 1882, Book F pg. 73. 

On Friday, March 16, 1883 Mary Goss again appears to present her Final sell, filing &O.

The administratrix submits her final settlement verified by affidavit and accounted by the proper vouches, showing a balance of $173.50 due Estate by administratrix and the administratrix submitting proof of publication of notice of final settlement which is satisfactory and ordered filed and recorded, said settlement is approved and ordered filed and recorded and said balance ordered distributed according to law.  March 1883 Bk F pg. 210

Unfortunately, the above is all I found in the index for Henry Goss’s estate and clerk books online. I am missing  a lot of details, such as the actual inventory listing which would have been interesting to see.  They mention affidavits, final distribution to the heirs, and publication of final settlement and usually these are detailed in the court clerk books.   I am also surprised about his land?  What happened to it?  This makes me wonder if there is an actual estate file at the courthouse or archive for Henry Goss’s estate with more papers contained in it.

In the next post I will write about the children of Henry and Mary Goss. We will see what interesting things we find.

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