The Children of Henry Goss and Mary Schwartz, Ste. Genevieve, Missouri

Henry Goss and Mary Schwartz had a large family. In the 1900 US census, on Mary’s line it is indicated that she had given birth to 16 children and only 6 were living. I have 15 children identified; but there are problems.  I don’t have enough information on some of the children and there might be the use of middle names, being switched from census to census, confusing things in the census. I will let you decide what you think.

Below is an overview of the children of Henry Goss and Mary Schwartz:

David Daniel was born 30 April 1853 in Ste. Genevieve, Missouri and died 22 November, 1943 in Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana. He married Mary S. Pilley who was born 22 December 1870 in Mississippi and died 30 December 1952 in Calcasieu Parish. Both are buried in the Pilley Cemetery in Calcasieu Parish.

They had a large family of about 11 children:

  1. Henry W. 1889 to 1962, he married Iva E. Busby on 20 July 1905 in Calcasieu Parish.
  2. Roberta R. 1892 to 1892
  3. Robert O. 1892-1954, married Florence L. Busby.
  4. Elijah D. 1893 to 1974, married Maloria E. Busby
  5. John J. 1894-1922,
  6. Julia A. 1896-1957, married Henry Taylor on 26 October 1914 in Calcasieu Parish.
  7. Thomas H. 1899-1970, married Lucy S. Henry.
  8. Samantha E. 1901-1978, married Leland H. Hinman
  9. Charles C. 1904-1948, married Gayle R. Ray
  10. Carl C. 1906-1979, married Betty Lee
  11. Jackson P. 1909-1984, married Tressie and Barbara J. Stewart
  12. Bertha M. 1911-1976. married a Matt A. Prater

In 1881, David is listed as an heir of Henry Goss in the Letters of Administration of the estate. See the last post for details.  He is also an heir of his brothers Benjamin and Perrin Goss in 1893, see below.

In the 1900 Census by Mary’s name it lists 7 children born 6 living. In the census for 1910 she has 11 born 10 living. I have 12 children listed which means their births need to be verified.

David’s birth year of 1853 seems to be in question. His parents married in 1854 (see above). So there is some mistake somewhere. According to the 1900 Census he was born April 1856.  I am wondering if his tombstone is incorrect, it can happen?

Benjamin H.  was born 6 May 1857 and died 18 July 1891 in Ste. Genevieve. He married Caroline Roth 3 July 1882 in Ste. Genevieve.  Benjamin is buried in the Valle Spring Cemetery in Ste. Genevieve, Missouri.  In 1881 he was listed as an heir of Henry Goss in the Letters of Administration of the estate.

I was working on Henry Goss, his father, and found some references to Benjamin Goss who died in 1891.  The probate entries in the clerks books were dated 1891 to 1894 and I was puzzled, then I realized this was the son, not the brother who went to Louisiana.

The estate of Benjamin Goss is summarized below. The records are available in the probates for Ste. Genevieve Co., Missouri at FamilySearch.

Summary of Benjamin Goss Estate 1891.

**September 18, 1891 Caroline Goss, deceased Last Will and Testament. Apparently Catherine Goss, wife of Benjamin died that following September of 1891, Book E, page 467.

Summary of her will: Catherine Goss requests that her debts and funeral expenses be paid. She gives $1.00 to her brothers and sisters. She gives to her mother Mrs. John Roth all her personal, real, and mixed property, absolutely, in fee simple forever.  She appoints Mrs. John Roth as Executor of her will and signs it 18 September A.D. 1891.  A Gottlieb Rehm and a Maurice E. Dupont were witnesses to the Will of Caroline Goss and that she was of sound mind etc. The will was proven on 25 September 1891.

**December 5, 1891 Estate of Benjamin Goss, dec’d)) Application to set aside former order refusing Administration, and to issue letters of administration, filed Book G pages 382 and 383.

Now comes Perrin A. Goss, one of the heirs and legal representative of Benjamin Goss, now deceased and makes application to set aside former order refusing Administration and to issue Letters of Administration. That after his death his widow, the said Caroline Goss, on the 23rd day of July 1891, made application to the Probate court of said Ste. Genevieve County, Missouri, to refuse to grant letters of administration on the estate of said Benjamin Goss, as there was property of said decedent not greater in amount than allowed by law or the absolute property of the widow. Perrin A. Goss further states that said order of the Probate court was obtained by misrepresentation, and that the goods and effects left by said Benjamin Goss were much greater in amount and value then the widow was entitled to as her absolute property. Wherefore said Perrin A. Goss, being interested as an heir and legal representative of said Benjamin Goss, asks that the order of the Judge of the Probate Court be set aside, and that an Administrator be appointed, said application was filed. Attest Herman Koehler, Judge of Probate. 

**December 19, 1891 Record of the Probate Court – In the matter of approving and confirming probate and wills etc. “therefore the will of Caroline Goss, deceased, proved September the 25th 1891 by the testimony of Gottlieb Rehmand, Maurice F. Dupond is now by the Court declared and adjudged to be the last will and testament of the said Caroline Goss, deceased…Book K page 395. 

**December 19, 1891 – In the matter of the application of Perrin A. Goss, to set aside former order of the Court, refusing Administration on the estate of Benjamin Goss, dec’d ))) Former order set aside

Now come the parties the said Perrin A. Goss in person as well as by Attorney and also comes Mrs. Roth the devisee and legal representative of Caroline Goss deceased, in her own person as well as by attorney; and this matter coming on to be heard by the Court, after the introduction of testimony and the argument of counsel the court finds that the estate left by Benjamin Goss at the time of his death was greater in amount that property allowed by law to his widow; It is therefore ordered and adjudged by the Court that the order heretofore made refusing Administration on said estate, be set aside and that an Administrator be appointed and ordered to administer the goods and effects of said Benjamin Goss, deceased, according to law. Book K page 395. 

Caroline’s mother was probably a Catharine Friedman Roth (1832-1913).

**February 3rd, 1892 – Estate of Benjamin Goss, deceased))) Est. ordered in hands of the Public Administrator. The estate is ordered in the hands of Charles C. Rozier Public Administrator for the Ste. Genevieve Co., Missouri. Attest Herman Koehler Judge of Probate. Book G page 398.

**June 17, 1892 – George Hurst, Plf vs. Est of Benjamin Goss, dec’d) Allowance of $1.00 assigned to the 5th class. Assigned to Administrator.  Book K page 429

**June 18, 1892 Catherine Roth, Plt vs. Est of Benj. Goss dec’d, C.C. Rozier, Administrator – Allowance of $375.00 assigned to 5th class. The court reviewed this claim and ordered it be paid out of the estate funds as the Administrator can obtain. Book G page 430. Note the name is Catherine Roth not Caroline, so this is the mother asking for funds.

**June 18, 1892 Estate of Benjamin Goss, deceased, Chas. C. Rozier, Administrator: Order of Publication to sell real estate granted. C.C. Rozier appears in court praying to be allowed to sell real estate to pay debts of the state. It was ordered, heirs notified and date of court set for 2nd Sept. Book G page 431.  Note: This means there is more documentation and maybe some deeds to find for the estate.

**September 16, 1892 Est. of Benjamin Goss, dec’d, Chas. C. Rozier, Adm))) First annual settlement filed and approved. C.C. Rozier presents first annual settlement with affidavit and vouchers for balance of $3.40 due estate. Approved and recorded. Book G, page 441.

**September 16, 1892 – Est. of Benjamin Goss, deceased, C.C. Rozier Adm. ))) Order of sale. It is determined that the real estate is to be sold to pay for the debts of the estate at public vendue or outcry. It then describes the land to be sold in detail for several pages giving deed references. Book G page 441 to 443.  Based on this I pulled two deeds for Benjamin Goss and will feature them in the next post with other deeds of him and his father.

**December 13, 1892 Henry Okensufs vs. Estate of Benjamin Goss —Allowance of $10.25 assigned to 5th class. This was approved. Book G page 458.

**December 14, 1892 Franz Jenney vs. Est of Benjamin Goss —Allowance of $1.20 5th class, was approved. Book G page 459.

**December 15, 1892 – Report of Sale Confirmed – On 25 of October 1892 the Administrator did sell the real estate to Mary Goss of Ste. Genevieve County the sum of $850, she being the best bidder, it was approved.  Book G page 460 and 461.

**September 14, 1893 – Final Settlement – The Administrator presents his final settlement, verified by affidavit and accompanied by the proper vouchers, showing a balance of $289.00 due estate, which is approved and ordered endorsed and file…..Book G page 508

1893 September Order of Distribution for Benjamin Goss Estate.

**September 15, 1893 — Estate of Benjamin Goss dec’d  ))) Order of Distribution – Now comes the Administrator of the estate of Benjamin Goss deceased, and shows the court that he has now on hand the sum of $289.00 and asks for an order of distribution; whereupon the Court orders said administrator to distribute the said sum to the heirs of said Benjamin Goss, as follows, to wit:

  • Mrs. Henry Goss of Ste. Genevieve Co., Mo. $32.11 1/9
  • David Goss of Seeleville St. Landry Parish, LA $32.11 1/9
  • Ephraim Goss Wellsto, PO St. Louis Co., Mo. $32.11 1/9
  • Julia Goss, Ste. Genevieve Co., Mo. $32.11 1/9
  • Mary Goss, Grieshaber Ste. Genevieve Co., Mo. $32.11 1/9
  • Perrin Goss, Ste. Genevieve Co., Mo., $32.11 1/9
  • Henry Goss, Ste. Genevieve Co., Mo., $32.11 1/9
  • Elvira Goss, Ste. Genevieve Co., Mo., $32.11 1/9
  • Noah Goss, Ste. Genevieve Co., Mo., $32.11 1/9   Total $289.00

**December 15, 1893 Estate of Benjamin Goss, deceased, Ch. C. Rozier, Administrator))) Final receipts — of Mary Goss, Ephraim Goss, Julia Goss, Mary Grieshaber, Perrin A. Goss, Henry Goss minor, Elvira Goss minor and Noah Goss minor, Mary Goss Guardian of said minors filed. Book G page 535.

The administrator presents the final receipts of Mary Goss for $32.11 1/9 of Ephraim Goss for $32.11 1/9 of Julia Goss for $32.11 1/9 or Mary Greishaber for $32.11 1/9 of Perrin A. Goss for $32.11 1/9 of Henry Goss, minor for $32.11 1/9 of Elvira Goss minor for $32.11 1/9 and of Noah Goss, minor, Mary Goss, Guardian of Said minors in full of balance of money due them by said administrator, which said receipts are acknowledged according to law. 

**June 15, 1894 Estate of Benjamin Goss, dec’d, Charles C. Rozier, Administrator ))) Final receipt of D.D. Goss filed, Adm. discharged. Covers final receipt of D.D. Goss one of the heirs of Benjamin Goss, $32.11 1/3. Book G page 571.

The following Guardianship appears in the record for the 27th of September 1893  regarding the minor children of Henry Goss. This is like 10 years later after Henry died.  This guardianship was probably done because of Benjamin Goss’s estate. Several of his siblings were still minors and had to have someone to manage the money that came from his estate. I refer you to the Final Receipts of the clerk court entry above.

Sometimes the estates of sibling’s without children, can be of great interest in determining family relationships.

Before the Judge and Ex officer clerk in vacation, Wednesday September 27, 1893.

    • Est of Henry Goss
    • Est of Elvira Goss
    • Est of Noah Goss, minors ))) Guardian appointed, Bond filed & approved

Mrs. Mary Goss, who is the mother and natural Guardian of Henry Goss, Elvira Goss and Noah Goss minors, is by the court appointed Guardian of the persons and Curator of the estates of said Henry Goss, Elvira Goss and Noah Goss minors, and before interring upon the duties of her office, she is required to enter into bond to the State of Missouri, for the use of said minors, with two or more securities, to be approved by the Court in the sum of Two hundred Dollars conditioned for the faithful discharge of her duties according to law. Whereupon said Mrs. Mary Goss as such guardian and curator submits for approval her bond to the State of Missouri for the use of said minors, with Perrin A. Goss and Emilie E. Lillie as securities, in the penal sum of Two Hundred dollars conditioned for the faithful discharge of her duties according to law, which is accepted, taken and approved by the Judge and so endorsed and filed; and said Mrs. Mary Goss (page 513) is and shall hereafter be recognized by the court as guardian and curator of the persons and estates of said minors. Attest: Herman Kochler, Judge of Probate. Book G, pages 512 and 513. 

Then this appears on Saturday 16 June 1894:

June 16, 1894 – Est. of Henry Goss, Elvira Goss and Noah Goss, minors, Mary Goss )))) Settlement filed & approved and continued generally.

The Guardian presents a settlement in the case of each minor, verified by affidavit and accompanied by proper vouchers, showing debits and credits amount to $96.33 1/2 all of which are approved and ordered so endorsed and recorded as part of the record herein. And there being no further assets in the hands of the Guardian, belonging to the said minors, said guardianship are continued generally. It is ordered that the Court adjourn to court in course. Attest: Herman Kochler, Judge of Probate.  Book G, page 572. 

Benjamin Goss has turned out to be a very interesting fellow and has given even more clarity to the heirs of his father Henry and Mary Goss.

Ephraim Henry was born 1860 in Ste. Genevieve, Missouri.  He appears in the 1870 census with his parents and siblings at age 9.  He married to a Mary Ida Nelson on 12 June 1883 in Ste. Genevieve.

They had about 4 children together: Nicholas J. 1884-1935, Henry E. 1885-1961, Albert J. 1888-1955 and Zetta 1892 – ____.

Mary may be buried in the Valhalla Cemetery but I am not convinced about that.  Ephraim was listed as an heir to Henry Goss in the Letters of Administration of the estate in 1881 and to his brother Benjamin in 1893, So we know he was alive.

Unfortunately, I cannot find the family in 1900. Mary Goss age 50 appears in the 1910 census in St. Louis Ward 26, Saint Louis City, Missouri on 4468 Easton Ave. She is widowed. With her is Nicholas J. Goss  25, Henry E. Goss 24, Albert J. age 21 and Zetta M. Goss age 18.

In 1920 Mary age 59 appears in St. Louis Ward 28, St. Louis (Independent City) Missouri on Maple Place street as the mother-in-law, widowed. She is with her daughter Zetta Locker and her family John 29, Zetta 28, John E. 4 4/12, Mary age 59  and Nicholas J. Goss age 35 brother-in-law.

Here is some interesting information about Ephraim Henry Goss:

City Directories 1910 St. Louis Goss Mary wid Henry E. r rear 4468 Easton Ave.  She also appears in the 1909 in this manner.

City Directories 1903 St. Louis Goss Henry E. 4468 Easton Av. Feeder.  There is no mention of Mary.  Is this Ephraim Henry or the son Henry E. The son, he would be 18 so he barely was old enough. So this might imply that Ephraim lived to about 1903. We need more St. Louis City Directories to look at to see when he died. We also see that he may have used Henry not Ephraim for his name and this is why it has been difficult to figure him.

Julia She appears in the 1870 census age 7 meaning she was born about 1863. No Julia in 1880. There is a Julia listed in the Letters of Administration for Henry Goss in 1881 and she is also listed as an heir of her brother Benjamin in 1893.  So we know that she was alive then. There was mention in one of the manuscripts I have featured that one of the daughters may have married a Rose?

Alice is born about 1863 and appears in the 1880 census age 14. She does not appear in the 1870.

Matilda is also born about 1863. She does not appear in the 1870 Census but she does appear in the 1880 census with her family age 17 born Missouri.

Cable was born 15 Dec 1864 and died 6 Feb 1866 in Ste. Genevieve. No other info.

Perrin was born 16 February 1866 and died 28 April 1895. He was a twin with Elijah. Perrin took action in the estate of his brother Benjamin in 1891, see above.  Perrin died days before he was to marry according to an article found by other family trees at Ancestry.

Perrin left a will and his mother Mary was the Executrix.

Know all men by these presents that I Perrin A. Goss of the County of Ste. Genevieve and State of Missouri, being of sound and disposing mind and memory, do make, publish and declare this to be my last will and testament in manner and form, viz: 1st It is my wish and I direct that all my just and lawful debts be paid, by my executrix, hereinafter named. 2nd I give, devise and bequeath unto my brothers David Goss, Ephraim H. Goss, Henry Goss and Noah Goss and to my sisters Julia Goss, Mary Grieshaber, wife of George Grieshaber and Elvira Goss each the sum of One Dollar, to be paid to each of them by my executrix, hereinafter named, within one year after my decease. 3rd As to all the balance, residue and remainder of my estate, real, personal or mixed, I give, devise and bequeath the same unto my beloved mother, Mary Goss, absolutely. To have and to hold unto her, the said Mary Goss absolutely, in fee simple and forever. Lastly, I hereby appoint my beloved mother, Mary Goss, the sole executrix of this my last will and testament, hereby revoking, annulling and abrogating any former will or wills by me made. On witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 28th day of September A.D. 1893Perrin A. Goss (Seal) etc. etc.  They then go on to prove the will. Book H, page 5. Do we have another Estate file to find?

Leight (Elijah L.) born 16 February 1866. He appears in the 1870 US Census with his parents and siblings at age 4. He is a twin brother to Perrin. Elijah was listed as an heir of Henry Goss in the Letters of Administration for the estate in 1881. He died 26 October 1888 and is buried in the Valle Spring Cemetery in Ste. Genevieve.  There is a very nice obituary at Find A Grave for Leight. He died of typhoid fever.

Louise appears in the 1870 census at age 2 meaning she was born about 1868. Nothing more is known about her at this time.

Mary was born on 3 April 1872 and died 18 June 1960 in San Antonio, Bexar, Texas. She appears in the 1880 census age 10 with her parents and siblings. Mary was listed as the wife and heir of Henry Goss in the Letters of Administration of the estate in 1881 and of her brother Benjamin’s estate in 1893. In 1900 she appears as the wife of a George Greishaber. In the 1900 census Mary has 8 children born with only 3 surviving.  George and Mary had: Elsie G. 1894-1988, August G. 1895-1935, and Henry G. 1898-1931.  George died 3 August 1900 and is buried in the Valle Spring Cemetery.

Mary remarried to Herbert C. Reese on 9 June 1909 in Hays, Texas. Herbert C. Reese was born 22 May 1868 in Ohio and died 9 Sep 1949 in San Antonio, Texas. He had previously married an Ellen Josephine Goss on 13 July 1896 in Farmington, St. Francois, St. Francois, Missouri. Ellen was the daughter of John Goss and his 2nd wife Elizabeth McHenry per my understanding. I will be writing about the children of John’s second marriage in a future post.

Herbert and Mary had one child together:  A female named Lonnie 1910-1990. She married a Terry Shand Jr. They were artists in Texas.

Henry was born 30 May 1875 (maybe 1874) and died 21 Nov 1929. He appears in the 1880 census age 5, in the 1900 born May 1875 age 25, 1910 age 34. Henry is listed as an heir in the Letters of Administration for Henry Goss’s estate in 1881 and also as an heir of his brother Benjamin in 1893 and his brother Perrin’s estate in 1893. We find him living with his mother in the 1900 and 1910 census.  There is a Henry Goss in the 1920 census living in Ste. Genevieve age 43 single, a farmer. He married a Mary T. Joggerst (1896-1960) on 1 Dec 1923 in River Au Vaser, Ste. Genevieve, Missouri. Henry and Mary may have had 2 daughters: Elise and Loretta. He is buried in the Valle Spring Cemetery.

Estate of Mary GOSS: Mary (Schwartz) Goss died in 1823 and there was Letters of Administration assigned to her son Henry Goss. Find A Grave has her death as 1828 and this confused me but I think the stone reads 1823.

—February 13, 1924 – In the Matter of the Estate of Mary Goss deceased )))) Letters of Administration. Now comes Henry Goss and prays the court for Letters of Administration on the Estate of Mary Goss deceased, and having filed affidavit showing the deceased died on the 17th day of November 1923, in the County of Ste. Genevieve State of Missouri, Letters granted to Henry Goss, same recorded.  Book K page 523

—February 13, 1924 – In the Matter of the Estate of Mary Goss deceased ))))  Witnesses Appointed – Andrew Basbo, Andy Bowman, and Louis Gisi to accompany and aid the Administrator to take an inventory of Estate. Book K, page 523

—February 13, 1924 – In the Matter of the Estate of Mary Goss deceased )))) Bond of Six thousand dollars, Henry Goss, Admin, Joseph H. Eff____ and Edward L. Saxauis Securities. Bond approved by Court and recorded. Book K, page 524

—March 3, 1924 In the Matter of the Estate of Mary Goss deceased )))) Inventory and appraisement filed. page

—August 2, 1924 In the Matter of the Estate of Mary Goss deceased )))) Semi Annual Settlement made, Bal due estate $3307.35. The Administrator submits his semi annual settlement by affidavit and accompanied by the proper receipts and vouchers showing a balance due estate of Three Thousand Thirty dollars and thirty five cents.  Book K, page 544

—February 14, 1925 In the Matter of the Estate of Mary Goss deceased )))) Final settlement made Receipts filed. The Administrator submits his affidavit accompanied by the proper receipts showing he made a final settlement with all receipts from Heirs field. Administrator discharged from further duty. Book K, page 575.  

Well, we didn’t get much detail from Mary Schwartz Goss’s estate notations in the court clerks books.  It would have been nice to see a list of the heirs of Mary in 1823 and get a look at the family at that time.  There must be an estate file either at the Ste. Genevieve Courthouse or in the archive in Missouri.

Elvira was born 10 April 1877 and died 23 August 1914. She appears in the 1880 census age 3. Elvira is listed as an heir in the Letters of Administration for the estate of Henry Goss in 1881 and also for her brothers Benjamin and Perrin. On 19 April 1898 she married to Joseph Hurst.

Joseph William Hurst was born 1 March 1875 in St. Genevieve. He was the son of William and Elizabeth (Eichenlaub) Hurst.

Elvira and Joseph had about four children: Walter Sidney 1898-1972, Russell 1899 – , Gilbert Elmer 1901-1981, Gladys Mary 1905-1994, Carl 1908 –   , Earl Joseph 1908-1917, Eula Elizabeth 1910-1995 and Walter H. 1914-1972.

Elvira is buried in Valle Springs Cemetery. Joseph died 6 January 1846 in Wellston, St. Louis Co., Missouri and is buried in the Oak Grove Cemetery in St. Louis.  Joseph remarried to a Mary Harrison May F. Petrick (1888 to 1962) later in his life: 10 June 1935 in Hillsboro, Jefferson, Missouri..

Joe was involved with various jobs in little mining towns around Ste. Genevieve until 1904, when he moved his wife and three little boys to San Antonio, Texas. There he was employed by an optical company grinding lenses. By 1909, the family having had a little daughter, moved back to Missouri. This time, they settled in the St. Louis area. Joe successfully owned and operated a grocery store for 37 years in the suburb of Wellston, Missouri. After his death in 1946, his sons operated the grocery business until it was sold in 1952. 

Source: Ste. Genevieve Family Histories, Ste. Genevieve Historic and Genealogical Society, FHL 977.8692 D2s 

Noah John was born 11 September 1879 in Ste. Genevieve. He died 3 March 1943 in Springfield, Sangmon, Illinois. Noah appears in the 1880 census age 9/12. Noah was listed in the Letters of Administration for the Estate of Henry Goss in 1881 and also his brothers Benjamin and Perrin.  In the 1920 he is listed as M.J. Goss age 39, Blanche wife, age 26, mother Mary age 82, Perry Allan Goss son age 9/12.  They are living in Jacksonville, Morgan, Illinois.  In 1930 there are still in Jacksonville and it is just Noah, Blanche and Perry. Blanche G. Ward was born 7 October 1893 in Newton, Jasper, Illinois. Blanche may have died 6 October 1950 in Chicago.

As you can see the children of Henry Goss and Mary Schwartz have provided interesting details to the descendants of Henry and Mary.  I am still not sure about the children, We do have to remember that Mary in the 1900 census indicated she had 16 children born and 6 were living. I have only 15 children listed and that causes a problem especially the three daughters Julia, Alice and Mathilda? I am not sure if they are twins, or first and middle names are being used in the different census.  So more digging is needed to clarify the family of Henry and Mary Schwartz.

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