John Goss and Mary “Polly” Davidson’s children: Hannah Goss and her husband James Stevens…

In this post, I return to John Goss and Mary “Polly” Davidson’s children. I have covered in past posts Minerva Goss Rogers (1799-1859), Chester Goss and Linda Sisson (1800-1866), Ormond Goss and Roby Haven (1802-1873), John Goss and Louisa Parker and Elizabeth McHenry (1803-1884).

I have several more children of Nathaniel and Hannah to cover, Hannah Goss Stevens, Julia Ann Goss McDaniels and Almina/Almena) Goss Fisher Selby.

Let’s resume the discussion with Hannah Goss, who married James Stevens/Stephens and migrated to Texas. Be advised, that I cannot claim all that follows, I had help from two very kind cousins and descendants of this family.

Hannah Goss and James Stevens: 

Hannah Goss was born about 1810 in Portage Co., Ohio to John and Mary “Polly” Davidson Goss. This birth year was given to me by cousins who have been researching this family for a very long time. They believe that Hannah was born about this date.

Hannah Goss married James Stevens or Stephens on 1 January 1828 in Portage Co., Ohio.  Source: Ohio County Marriages 1774-1993.  

James Stevens was born around 1805 in Pennsylvania. Nothing much is known about Jame’s origins. It is stated that he came from Pennsylvania.

Did James know the Goss family or did his father know them? There are some listings for Stevens/Stephens family in Donna Bingham Munger’s Connecticut Pennsylvania Books. The dates would be early for the Proprietors 1769 to ___, Settlers would be in about 1796 and Claimants would be the 1790’s to about 1820.

I am just guessing that James might have been from Luzerne Co., Pennsylvania. If he was, let’s take a look at possible families for him.

In any event, here is a summary of the information from those books which is very involved:

From the Proprietors Book: Under the name Stephens we have Ira (Athens, Luzerne, PA), Jesse (Canaan, Litchfield, CT), John no location given, Peter Murraysfield Twp., Luzerne Co., PA.  page 2-97.

Under the name Stevens we have a good 2/3 page of names: Cyprian (Plainsfied, Windham, CT, David (Number five Berkshire), Ebenezer (Westhaven, Rutland VT), Henry (Canaan, Litchfield, CT), Isaac (Pawlett, Rutland, VT), Jesse (Canaan, Litchfield, CT), John (New Grantham, Chester, NH), Nehemiah no location, Noah (Stillwater, Saratoga, NY), Peter (Athens, Luzerne, PA), Safford (Canaan again), Thomas (Sheffield, Berkshire, MA), Thomas, Uriah (Plainfield, Windham, CT), Zebulon (Canaan, Litchfield, CT.

NOTE: There is mention of Berkshire Co. which is in the western part of Massachusetts, and that is where Philip Goss IV came from before he went to the Wyoming Valley with his family including Nathaniel Goss Sr. father of John. Proprieters were those who had shares in the Wyoming Valley through the Susquehannah Co.  They were very early in the history of the area.

In the next book Volume 3 Settlers there are lots of Stephens names. Targeting Luzerne we find an Eliphalet L., and Ira listed. Both are listed with source 31 which is a petition of the Settlers dated 13 Sept. 1796 – It can be found on FHL Film #0003622-23 Settlers 180a-188i or in Papers X, 370-382 (Susquehannah Co. Papers).

Stevens name: There are other locations for this name in the area but I will target those names in Luzerne County – Ada Stevens 31, Asa 31, Jonathan 31, Nathan 31, Simon 31. This means they signed the petition mentioned above and were there in Luzerne in 1796.

The 3rd volume is the Claimants which is very complicated and covers 1790’s through about 1820: Benjamin in Huntington, Jedediah and Joshua involved with Abiel Fellows a well known person in the Huntington Twp. area. Nathaniel involved with John Franklin another very important person in that area. Benjamin with et. al. A Thomas Stevens with a reference to Philip Goss for last 1/7 of lot 33. This is the son of Philip Goss IV and Nathaniel’s older brother.

There is a lot of Stephens/Stevens names in all these volumes and you would have to get copies from a library or society to study for clues.  I see an Excel spreadsheet in the future, HA!  It could mean a thorough search of estates and deeds in Luzerne Co., Pennsylvania to find a link? I wrote a post about Donna’s land books, here is a link:

Please remember that this is just speculation on my part about James knowing the Goss family, but intriguing.

In the 1830 US Census, which is very faded, James Stevens is listed in Randolph Twp., Portage Co., Ohio for that year per Ancestry. Unfortunately, the faded census means we cannot take a look at the family structure and statistics.  Sometimes you can find better copies elsewhere but in this case I didn’t succeed.

In October 1830 James Stevens is mentioned as a heir in a petition regarding the estate of John Goss, father of his wife Hannah Goss, in Portage Co., Ohio.

…that the said John Goss dec’d leaving a widow Mary Goss and also the following heirs at law Minerva Rogers wife of William Rogers, Chester Goss, Bernard Goss, Hannah Stephens wife of James Stephens, John Goss Julia Ann wife of Joseph McDaniels and Alma Goss a minor now the _____that they may be made parties to this his Petition. Source: Probate Court & Court of Common Pleas, Ravenna, Portage Co., Ohio. Found at the Portage Co. Historical Society in Ravenna.

This petition was also featured in a past post regarding the estate of John Goss of Portage Co., Ohio.

I cannot find James in the US Census for 1840. There apparently isn’t a census for the county of Colorado in Texas in 1840 or for that matter Texas. Also, the probate files, deeds and land certificates have a lock on them at the Family Search website. This means you either go to the library in Salt Lake City or a local LDS/Church Center to research these documents. I’d call ahead just to make sure you can access them at the center.

There is a book online at the FamilySearch website: Early Settlers of Columbus and Colorado County 1821-1845. by Colorado Co. Historical Survey Committee, 1973. It has the 1840 Census of Colorado Co. during the Republic of Texas transcribed, but I do not find the name Stevens/Stephens listed.

There are several references in 1840 to a James Stevens in Illinois – Edgar (4 people) Vermillion (10 people), Pike (5 people) and Fulton (8 people).

However if, James received a headright dated 1839 for 640 acres then they were in Texas by 1840. Headrights are interesting with different classes for the headright by the year received. I am not sure which county he had this/these headrights in? There are references to Texas Land Title Abstracts at Ancestry:

James Stevens 1 Mar 1871 #286 acres that is Smith County, Nacogdoches district #3480 Patent #400, Vol. 38, Class Nac. 3rd.

There is another for 354 acres in Walker Co., Montgomery 3 Jan 1856, #58 Grantee James Stevens, Patentee James Davis File 214, Patent#660, Vol. 32 Mont. 3rd.

I am not sure about these and they would need to be reviewed.

Another puzzled is that Hannah Stevens appears on a passenger list for a schooner traveling from Galveston, Texas to New Orleans, Louisiana with a couple of children on 6 January 1845 (per cousin). I have tried to find her, but unfortunately, I don’t have more specific information at this time.

There is a James Stevens listed on the 1846 Tax List for Colorado Co., Texas, no Township listed.

James has remarried as of 10 September 1849 to a Dorothea Pasche in Harris, Texas. Source: Texas Marriages Index 1824-2014. 

Dorothea Pasche age 21 immigrated 7 December 1847 Port of Arrival Galveston, Texas on the ship Helen & Elise, estimated birth about 1826.

We move forward to the 1850 US Federal Census and we find a James Stephen age 45 born about 1805 in Pennsylvania, living in Colorado, Colorado, Texas, occupation grazier. With James is a Dorothy age 24 born Germany. Wesley is age 21 born in Illinois meaning he was born 1829?

Colorado and Nueces are not easy to find. Find Corpus Christi for Nueces. Colorado is west of Houston.

This remarriage of James Stevens, implies that Hannah Goss Stevens either died or the marriage dissolved.  Unfortunately we don’t have any information regarding these possibilities. Hannah just seems to have disappeared, there is no burial for her in Texas. I took a look at newspapers but did not find anything at this time. I need to get closer to the location they were in to really see if there is anything of value and then it depends on what was being published at that time.

James Stevens is listed in the Agricultural Census for 1850 in Colorado, Texas.  He has 4 horses, 1 Milch cow, 2 working oxen, 30 other cattle, 25 swine, 250 value of livestock 308 in Indian corn bushels.

Nueces Co., Texas

In the 1860 US Census James Stephens is now 55 years old born about 1805 in Pennsylvania. He is living in Motts, Nueces, Texas. He is a farmer with $400 real estate and $610 personal estate. With James are Mary age 32 born in Germany, Louisa age 8 born in Texas, Alice age 6 born in Texas, James age 4 born in Texas and Henry age 2 born in Texas.

The deeds and probate records for Nueces Co., Texas are also under lock at the FamilySearch website.

By the 1870 US Census the family is living in Precinct 2, Banquetto, Nueces, Texas. Dwelling 61 family 69 James Stevens is age 65 and a Wagoner, with $340 personal estate and $200 real estate. Dorretta is 46 keeping house born in Hanover, James is 14, Henry is 12 and Caroline is 7. The rest are born in Texas. There is a family #70 of Corkill, John age 25, Herding stock, born England and Alice Corkill age 16 born Texas.

The 1880 US Federal Census Mortality Schedule lists a James Stevens, White, married, born 1805 in Pennsylvania, age 74 Death date: Sep 1879 of Cancer in Nueces, Texas.

James Stevens died 21 September 1879 and was buried in the Nuecestown Cemetery in Corpus Christie but his tombstone appears to be missing or vandalized per the cousins comments. Dorothea, son James and daughter Louisa are in the same cemetery plot.

Dorothea Stevens appears in the 1900 US Census as Dora Stevens age 73 born October 1826 in Germany living in Justice Precinct 1, Nueces, Texas. She is living with the George Franks head, born Nov. 1836 age 63, married 20 years, born in Denmark, immigrated 1861, 29 years in US, Na. Farmer, can read and write. With him is Louisa wife, born July 1852 47, married 20 years 7 children born 5 living, born Texas, George C. Frank, son born Jan. 1881, age 19, born Texas, farm labour; Ida C. daughter born May 1885 age 15, born Texas; Frederick W. son born June 1889, age 10 born Texas. Stevens, Dora M-in-law born Oct. 1826 age 73 Widowed, one child born, one living, born in Germany, immigrated 1840. Thomas Harrison lodger, born Feb. 1850 age 50 Single, born in England immigrated 1870, 30 years in US, Alien. Farm labor. Note: I think some of the facts for Dora are a little odd.

Dorothea Stevens born 10 October 1826 in Germany died 18 November 1907 and is buried in the Nuecestown Cemetery in Corpus Christi, Nueces Co., Texas.

The children of James Stevens and Hannah Goss are the following.

Wesley Stevens born about 1829/1830 in Illinois. This implies that Hannah and James went to Illinois about that time.

Wesley appears on the Republic of Texas Poll list for 1846 along with his father James both in Colorado Co. There are others with Stevens name on this list: A.T. in Walker, George in Harris, Hiram R. in Fannnin, Isom in Titus, J. M. in Grimes, James H. in Polk, M. in Upshur.

Wesley appears in the 1850 US Census with his family age 21 born about 1829 in Illinois living in Colorado Co., Texas with his father and stepmother. What happened to him after this is not clear.

Joshua Emil Stevens was born November 1833 in Portage Co., Ohio. He died January 5, 1914 in Corpus Christi, Nueces, Texas.  This means that the family went to Illinois and then returned to Portage Co., it can happen, so be very careful. I am having trouble with Joshua’s middle name. Unfortunately, he is as bad as my Daniel Spracklin (D.D. Spracklin) using initials J.E. for his name, making it hard to find him. Some have him as Emil others Emmett/Emmette.

Joshua married a Margaret Maria (Goathman)  Guthmann 22 July 1853 in Brazoria, Texas.  Her name both first and last gets spelled a variety of ways. Source: Texas, Select County Marriage Index 1837-1965. 

Margaret was born 8 December 1835 and died 5 June 1904 in Corpus Christi, Nueces, Texas. She is buried in the Holy Cross Cemetery in Corpus Christi. Joshua is also buried there but he is listed as Joshua Emmett Stevens instead of Emil as the middle name.

J. E. Stephens age 27 appears in Corpus Christi, Nueces, Texas in the 1860 US Census. He was farming with $500 real estate and $407 personal born in Ohio. Margaret is age 25 born in what looks like is Hamburg Germany. Mary is 6, Alzade is 5 and Ida is 2 all born in Texas. He also appears in the 1860 US Agricultural Census for Corpus Christi, Nueces, Texas.

Joshua E. Stevens born Ohio appears in the 1867 Voter Registration Lists in Nueces and Duval, Texas.  He also appears in an U.S. IRS Tax Assessment in 1866 in Texas.

In the 1870 US Census Joshua E. Stevens is 37 born in 1833 in Ohio. They are living in Corpus Christi, Nueces, Texas. He is a stock raiser with $498 personal and $500 real estate. Margaret is 35 keeping house, born in Hamburg, Alzade is 14 born in Texas, Ida is 12 born in Texas, Wesley is 9, William is 6, Lee is 4 and Frances i 7/12 all born Texas.

They are living in 117 Oso Creek, Nueces, Texas in the 1880 US Federal Census. J.E. Stevens is 47 and a stock raiser, born in Ohio. Margaret age 46 wife, keeping house, born Lumburg or Hamburg. Ida age 21 daughter at home, Wesley age 18 son, at home, Willie age 15 son, at home, Joseph Lee, age 13 son at home, Frances daughter, age 11 at home. Mary E. age 8 at home, John A. age 5 son at home all born Texas. Trevino, Juan age 19 Servt, laborer born Mexico.

There is a Confederate Pension for a J.E. Stevens dated 14 Apr 1905 age 70 Veteran #11075.  He is living in Corpus Christi, Nueces, Texas. I am not sure this is Joshua. He doesn’t write his name full out but there is a Joshua E. Stevens mentioned and a J.W. Stevens mentioned?  However, there is a pension card for a Joshua Stevens with Widow Margaret Stevens for the I98 Ohio Inf. #53,653, 36,903 and for the widow 762816 612115, Ohio. Hmmm…I must admit I am confused.

Joshua and Margaret had these children:

  • Mary 1854 born in Texas per the 1860 US census.
  • Maria Josephine Alzade born 30 Nov 1855 in Quintana, Brazoria Co., Texas. She died 13 Jan 1914 in Corpus Christi, Nueces, Texas. She is buried in the Holy Cross Cemetery in Corpus Christi. Her husband was Lawrence Dunne. The marriage license date was 17 Aug 1874 in Nueces, Texas. They had Rose Margarite, Lucy Elizabeth, Maxwell Peter, Kevin, Owen Benedict, Mary Geraldine.
  • Ida Margaret born October 10, 1858 Corpus Christi and died August 10, 1934 in Kingsville, Kleberg Co., Texas. Ida married a James William Rawlinson on 4 June 1892 Nueces Co., Texas. James was born 6 Sep 1869 in Kansas and died in Klegerg Co., Texas. He is buried in the Chamberlain Cemetery in Kingsville. They had Lucy Gertrude, John William, Mary and Edward.
  • Joseph Wesley 25 Aug 1861 Corpus Christi and died 13 April 1947 in Kingsville, Kleberg Co., Texas. He is buried in the Rose Hill Memorial Park in Corpus Christi. His wife was Annie Belle Hatch born 3 Jun 1870 and died 5 Jan 1963 in Corpus Christi. She is also buried in Rose Hill Memorial Park. Apparently there is something going on with Wesley’s name. He might be Wesley Henry or something like that. They had Ruth Roseland, J. Cecile, Julian E. Helen Marie and Lawrence Nelson.
  • Joshua William was born 16 Nov 1863 and died 28 Sep 1936 in Corpus Christi, Nueces, Texas. He is buried in the Holy Cross Cemetery in Corpus Christi. He married Andrea Munoz was born 4 Feb 1889 and died 2 Jan 1963 in Corpus Christi, Nueces, Texas. They had William M., Francisco M., Jane Juanita, Josephine, Mary, Michael Munoz, Helen, Annie, Julia Loretta, and Rosie.
  • Frances Amelia was born 27 November 1869 in Corpus Christi, Texas, and died 10 April 1956 in Nueces Co., Texas. She married Asa Robbins 27 January 1902 in Nueces Co., Texas. It was his 2nd marriage. He was born 2 Jan 1831 in North Carolina, he died 19 July 1912 Chambers Co., Texas. He is buried in the Robbins Cemetery in Smith Point, Chambers Co., Texas. Frances is buried in the Holy Cross Cemetery in Corpus Christi. After Asa death Frances went to live with her niece Ida Rawlinson.
  • Joseph Lee 18 August 1870 in Nueces Co., and died 18 July 1938 in Corpus Christi. He married Rebecca Katherine Schmiedekamp born 22 April 1873 Colorado Co., Texas and died 22 April 1943 in Corpus Christi.  They are buried in the Rose Hill Memorial Park in Corpus Christi. They had Lena Anna, Emmons Otto, Benjamin Henry, Robert George, Edna Mae, Alice Katherine, Linda Lucille, and Joe L.
  • Mary Ellen born about 1872 Corpus Christi, Nueces Co., Texas and died 23 August 1933 in Corpus Christi. Mary married to a George Cowling/Couling on 30 November 1889 in Nueces, She was 17 years old at this marriage. George was born 1872 and died 5 January 1914 in Corpus Christi. He is buried in the New Bayview Cemetery in Corpus Christi under the name Couling. In both the 1900 and 1910 US Census Mary reports that she has no children born non living. Mary Ellen married Alex Web. He was born 19 August 1870 in Fregstone, Texas and died 12 January 1954 in Corpus Christi, Texas. Alex had been married before to a Mary Lavadie (Vadie) Cothran and they had many children.  Mary Lavadie was born 1878 and died about 1924. Alex and Vadie had Leonard, Leta, Lawson, Gilbert, Everett, Andrew, Charles, Eva, and Nolan. The names change from census to census so this might not be quite right.  Alex married married Mary Ellen Stevens Cowling about 1926. Mary E is listed as Mary Ellen Webb on her death certificate and married at the time of death 23 August 1933. Alex Webb was the informant. Alex died 12 January 1954 and is buried in the Seaside Memorial Park in Corpus Christi. Mary is buried in Rose Hill Cemetery.
  • John Andrew born 17 June 1875 in Corpus Christi, Nueces Co., Texas and died 25 August, 1955 in Yoakum, Lavaca Co., Texas. He married a Mary Elizabeth (Ely) May 22 February 1905. Mary was married 12 October 1876 before to a James Franklin May 1856-1895 and had nine children. John is buried in the Saint Joseph Cemetery in Yoakum.  Mary E. was born 18 July 1858 Victoria, Texas and died 21 April 1949 in Yoakum. She is also buried in the Saint Joseph Cemetery in Yoakum. They had C. Birt, Cora and James.

Alzade Stevens was born about 1843 in Texas and she died about 1875 in Indianola, Calhoun Co., Texas. Alzade married on 9 October 1853 to James Morrison in Brazoria, Texas.

Alzade is buried in the Indianola Cemetery in Indianola, Calhoun Co., Texas.  She died with her adopted daughter during the Hurricane of 1875 per Find A Grave.

It looks like James and Alzade had one son William J. Morrison born 20 Sep 1856 in Palacios, Matagorda Co., Texas and died 1 June 1931 in Bexar Co., Texas. He is buried in the San Jose Burial Park in San Antonio. Wm. J. married Hattie B. Burwell on 23 August 1882 in Calhoun, Texas. Hattie was born 25 November 1865 in Indianola and died in Bexar Co., Texas. William and Hattie had Willie, Frank B., Joseph, John, Owen and Donald.

The children of James and Dorothea Pasche Stevens:

Louisa was born 3 July 1852 and died 20 February 1920 in Corpus Christi. She married George Frank. He was born 28 November 1834 in Denmark and died 9 October 1904 in Nueces Co.. Both are buried in the Nuecestown Cemetery in Corpus Christi, Texas. Louisa and George had: Alice, Henry J., George C., August F. 2 February 1884 to 5 March 1884, Ida C, and Frederick W.

Alice born 20 July 1854 and died 19 August 1909 in Alice, Jim Wells Co., Texas. She married 9 May 1870 to a John Corkell 1845 to 1895.  John was born on the Isle of Man baptized 12 October 1845 to William and Eleanor (Corlett) Corkill. He died 18 June 1895 in Realitos, Duval Co., Texas. They had Clara, Mildred, John M., Mortimer, Reuben, Alice, Pearl R., Eugene, and Monroe. Once again the census names can be confusing, so there might be too many children listed.

James B. born 11 July 1856 in Texas, and died 16 July 1916 in Corpus Christi. He married Jennie Combert on 23 July 1912 in Grayson, Texas. They appear together in the 1910 Census? It is believed she was born in Georgia. James is buried in the Nuecestown Cemetery in Corpus Christi.

Henry was born 10 December 1859 in and died 8 October 1916 in Corpus Christi. He married a Margaret A. Smith?  February 1851 and died 9 March 1911. They married on 2 August 1882 in Nueces Co., Texas and her name is listed as Maggie A. Smith on the marriage record. They had Dora M., Henry J. and Claud M. Both are buried in the Bayview Cemetery in Corpus Christi. It is possible that Margaret was married before to a Haley and Smith is her maiden name a Social Security app for her son Henry J. lists Margaret Smith.

Caroline born about 1863. She appears in the 1900, 1910 and US Census in Justice Precinct 5, Nueces, Texas. A Caroline Stevens married on 13 October 1880 to a Alfred B. Terrell in Nueces Co., Texas.  This Caroline is widowed by 1920 and she is living in Alice, Jim Wells, Texas.  There children were Baynham G., Jackson (Saxon) M., George W. and Lee R.

A.B. Terrell filed for a Confederate Pension on 10 July 1914. Born 1846 Essex, Virginia, age 68 #28965. Of course, this will need to all be verified.


Some of the above is my own digging but it was inspired by descendants of this family who contacted me several times throughout the years. I am grateful for their assistance.  I have found it difficult to figure out the above children and as usual caution you about making sure you double check me.  I feel that more research is needed in probates, newspapers, birth, death, deeds and more to really pin these families down.  You never know what you will find. I just wish we knew more about Hannah and what happened to her.  I am always willing to make updates and corrections but it might be good to contact me directly if you have a lot of corrections. HA! This has been very hard to figure out this family and I am very frustrated because I don’t know Texas genealogical research that well and I can’t access the deeds and probate.

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