Nathaniel Goss Jr. and Thankful Forbes, their children – Luzerne Co., Pennsylvania

Nathaniel Goss Jr. and Thankful Forbes had a large family. I will present what I know in this post.

Nathaniel married Hannah, daughter of Obadiah Scott and lived where Amos Howard lived.  Nathaniel II married Thankful Forbes and had Nathaniel III. David and Mary A. married a Gearhart.  Daniel Goss* son of Nathaniel fell at Gettysburg as did also the only son of Hannah Goss Wadsworth. 

Source: Townshill Cemetery File, Luzerne County Historical Society, Wilkes-Barre, PA. Found in the files of the Society. page 41-42

Here is a list of the children of Nathaniel GOSS, Jr. and Thankful made by Paul H. Goss and in his Goss Family Manuscript. You you can find a copy of one one of his versions online at FamilySearch.

  1. Almon GOSS married Sally Ann Keeler (He was the twin brother of Alathea or Althea)
  2. Althea GOSS (twin) married Clark Wolfe
  3. Candis GOSS married Jefferson Fellows
  4. Hannah GOSS married Almon Wadsworth
  5. Nathaniel GOSS, Jr. 3rd – Lucy R. Fuller and 2nd Mrs. Harriet L. Barrett 15 July 1875. 
  6. Alrina GOSS married Nathan Tubbs
  7. Rhoda GOSS married Moses Dribsheller
  8. Orlando GOSS married in 1861 Ellen Fisher
  9. Maryetta GOSS married Webery Krunkle. She was a twin sister to Mary Ann GOSS) 
  10. Mary Ann GOSS (twin) married Ruben Gearhart
  11. Amy GOSS died at the age of 2.5 years
  12. David GOSS never married.

*This implies that there was a Daniel as a son, but I am not sure about that.

Below you will find my version of the children of Nathaniel Goss Jr. and Thankful Forbes.

Almon Goss born September 1808/1809 and died 23 March 1893. He married Sally Ann Keeler born 1808 and died 1880. Her parents are Asa Keeler (1790-1867) and Elizabeth Newman (1785-1849).

Almon and Sally had at least two children: Mary E. (1844 to 1918) and William Keeler (1847-1918). Neither child married.

Almon received on 13 May 1831 a Land Warrant in Huntington Twp., Luzerne Co., Pennsylvania for 10 acres. He was appointed US Postmaster 5 September 1843 in Dallas, Luzerne Co.

An Almon L. Goss appears on the U.S. Returns for Military Posts dated Jan of 1866 for Camp Chase, Ohio. I am a little uncertain about this source, because he would be 54 years old and he resided in Pennsylvania through his life.

In 1831 Almon Goss appears with a Land Grant in Huntington, Luzerne Co.,

Almon appears in the 1850 U.S. Census and his brother Orlando is with him along with Sarah, and the two children Mary E. and William. 1860 and 1870 it is just Almon, Sarah, Mary and William and U.S. Federal Census living in Dallas, Luzerne Co., Pennsylvania.

Almon and Sarah/Sally are buried in the Wardan Cemetery in Dallas, Luzerne Co., Pennsylvania.

Althea Goss was born about 1809 and might have been a twin to Amon. She died 1 February 1885. She married a Clark Wolfe. He was born 6 June 1816 in Union Twp. and died 16 January 1885 in Lake Twp.  His parents were Jacob Wolfe and Sarah Bonham.

CLARK WOLFE, farmer, P.O. Pike’s Creek, was born in Union township, June 6, 1816, a son of Jacob and Sarah (Bonham) Wolfe, both of whom were born in Monroe County, Pa. Jacob and his wife removed from Monroe county to this county in 1805, locating in Union township. In company with his wife’s father, Benjamin Bonham, he purchased 300 acres of wild land, on which they built a log house and began to clear away the forest, a work they accomplished to the surprise of their neighbors and their own satisfaction. When the land was afterward divided, 160 acres fell to Jacob Wolfe, seventy-five of which were brought under the plough during his lifetime. He was an extensive and practical farmer in those days, and paid particular attention to the raising of grain, which he shipped by wagon to the southern towns of this state. He was a conscientious member of the Baptist Church, in politics a Whig, and lived to be seventy-three years of age. His family consisted of nine children, all of whom are yet living, Clark being the sixth. Our subject began life as a farmer in Union township, and lived and worked with his father until May 28, 1836, when he married Miss Althea, daughter of Nathaniel and Thankful Goss. There were born to them nine children, all of whom are living: Mary A., Josiah, Nathaniel, Martha C., Theodore, Joseph, Jane, Jacob and Rhoda. Mr. Wolfe removed to Lake township in 1841, settling on a farm of 106 acres of uncultivated land, which he subdued and improved and divided among his sons. He is a man of sterling qualities, and of pure moral principles. He held several offices of trust in his township, and was elected a justice of the peace, but declined to serve. His wife died January 16, 1885, a member of the Baptist Church, as is he himself.

Source: History of Luzerne Pt II, Biographical Sketches – Wi – Wy – page 1476

T. D. Wolfe, dealer in marble and granite, P.O. Sweet Valley was born in Lake Township, April 5, 1845, a son of Clark and Althea (Goss) Wolfe, T.D. being the fifth in a family of nine children. He was reared and educated at the common schools in Lake township, and spent several terms at the Wyoming Academy. Mr. Wolf was at that institution of learning when the Civil War broke out, and from there he entered the arm. He was mustered into the U.S. Service in 1864, as a private of the Third Pennsylvania Heavy Artillery. During his service he was disabled, for which cause he was discharged, and now draws a pension. He was a brave soldier and a true patriot, and is a loyal citizen. Since his return from the army our subject has been engaged in his present business, in which he is remarkably successful. In January, 1867, he married Lucinda, daughter of Jabes and Margaret Church, and to this union were born two children, one of whom is living,  Ada L., a beautiful and accomplished young lady, who is now teaching school. Mrs. Lucinda Wolfe was born in Kingston Township in 1846. Mr. Wolfe has a beautiful residence near the line of Lake and Ross Townships, the aspect of which shows the passer by the refined taste of the owner. He is a member of the G.A.R., and a Republic, politically.

Source: History of Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, with biographical selections, by Henry C. Bradsby, 1893. The other daughter was Eva A. Wolfe (1872-1872). 

Clark David or David Clark Wolfe and Althea Goss had these possible children: Mary A., Josiah, Almon Nathaniel, Martha C., Theodore, Jane, Jacob and Rhoda.

David Clarke Wolfe died 12 January 1906 in Lake Twp., Althea died 1 February 1885 in Fairmount Twp. Clark and Althea are buried in the Maple Grove Cemetery in Sweet Valley, Luzerne Co., Pennsylvania.

Candis Goss was born about 1811 in Luzerne Co. She died in 1883. She married a Thomas Jefferson Fellows born 8 January 1808 in Somerset, PA and died 8 May 1887 in Michigan. His parents might have been Abiel Fellows Jr. (1764-1833) and Dorcas Hopkins (1787-1866).  It looks like they migrated first to St. Joseph, Michigan by 1850 per the census and in 1860 they were in Schoolcraft, Kalamazoo, Michigan.

The couple had: Orville B., Almon C., Ann E., Eveline, Milo, Marcus M., Mary C. and George N.

Candis/Candace died 21 August 1883 and is buried in the Schoolcraft Township Cemetery in Michigan. There are a lot of Fellows buried in this cemetery but I don’t see Thomas Jefferson listed.

Hannah Goss was born about 1813 and died 8 May 1884. She married an Epaghras Almon Wadsworth 1815-1863. He is buried in the Dodson Cemetery.

There son Leroy S. Wadsworth was born 17 August 1840 and died 7 July 1863 in the Civil war. Leroy enlisted as a Sergeant serving from Pennsylvania. He served in Co. F, PA 149th Inf. Regmt on 22 Aug 1862 and mustered out 7 Sep 1863 at Gettysburg, PA.  Leroy was born 17 August 1840 and died 7 July 1863. He is buried in the Dodson Cemetery in Luzerne Co., PA. He was only about 23 years old.  There may have been more children

E. A. Wadsworth is buried in Dodson Cemetery. E. A. Wadsworth was the Administrator for Nathaniel Goss Jr.’s estate. See a past post about the estate.  I do not know where Hannah is buried at this time, probably in the Dodson Cemetery; however, she did outlive her husband quite a few years.

Almina Goss was born 19 March 1815 and died 30 December 1906 per her death certificate. She married a Nathan Tubbs. He was born 11 July 1811 and died 9 December 1871.  His parents were Josiah Earl Tubbs and Jamina Williams.  Both Almina and Nathan are buried in the Vine Street Cemetery in Hazleton, Luzerne Co., Pennsylvania. They had Daniel C., Burton, Nathan B., Alice, Annette, Martha L and Catherine.

Nathaniel Goss (III) was born 29 March 1817 in Huntington Twp. He married twice, first to Lucy Fuller about 1833. She was born 20 July 1817 and died 13 August 1859. He remarried 15 July 1875 to Harriett L. Fellows Barrett. She was born 3 February 1836 and died 30 September 1912. She married a Dr. William E. Barrett 10 February 1856. Her parents were Andrus Fellows and Sallie Smith.

Nathaniel Goss (deceased) was born March 29, 1817, in Huntington Township, this county, a son of Nathaniel and Thankful (Forbs) Goss. He was the sixth in a family of twelve children, was reared on a farm, educated in the common schools and learned the miller’s trade with his father. When twenty-two years of age he began farming, which he followed up to the time of his death, March 5, 1887. In 1833 he was married to Miss Lucy Fuller, who bore him two children and died in July, 1859. He was afterward married, July 15, 1875, to Mrs. Harriet L. Barrett, daughter of Andrus and Sallie (Smith) Fellows, natives of Pennsylvania, of English and German origin respectively. She is the youngest in a family of ten children, was reared on a farm, and February 10, 1856, married Dr. William E. Barrett, by whom she had six children living, viz: Oliver W., John C. (a furniture dealer in Cambra) and Sarah M. (Mrs. Dr. P.L. Hartman) of Jamison City, Columbia Co., Pennsylvania. Dr. Barrett died April 15, 1873. Mrs. Goss has full charge of her large farm, situated one quarter of a mile from the Cambra post office, being the farm of her father, and on it is the house she was born in. Both her grandfathers were Revolutionary soldier’s. She is a member of the M.E. Church.”

Source: History of  Luzerne Co., by H.C. Bradsby, page. 934 Part II, 1895. This book is online at Internet Archive for viewing.

The children of Nathaniel and Lucy were: Daniel Goss (1840-1863) and Mary Goss (1846-1849).  You can see by the date, that neither child survived. This means that Nathaniel will give to other family at the end of his life.

Nathaniel Goss died 5 March 1887 in Huntington. Lucy died 13 August 1859. Both are buried in the Pine Grove Cemetery Harriet is buried in the New Columbus Cemetery in Luzerne.

Overview of the Pine Grove Cemetery in Huntington Twp.

Finding the Pine Grove Cemetery was easy. It you are in Harveyville take Cemetery Hill Road to the west and go southeast. It is almost a 360 degree turn south. This cemetery it is just outside of Harveyville about 1 mile. It is right out in the open easy to spot with a view of the country side. It is on your right. Don’t confuse this with Pine Hill which is located in Shickshinny nor the one in Berwick which is in Columbia County. This cemetery is easy to access and find the tombstones. It is well maintained. This is from my Pennsylvania Wanderings Blog 2008.

The grandson of Nathaniel Goss Sr. and Hannah Scott is buried here. He is towards the north side.

Mary E. Goss tombstone

The Pine Grove Cemetery Publication reads: Goss, Lucy H. 20 July 1817 to 13 August 1859, Goss Mary E. died 24 April 1849, Goss, Nathaniel 29 March 1817 died 5 March 1887.

Nathaniel Goss left a will: The last will and testament of Nathaniel Goss of the Township of Huntington in the County of Luzerne and state of Pennsylvania. I Nathaniel Goss…being of sound mind and memory do make and publish this my last will and testament, in manner form following that is to say, first I give to my beloved wife Harriet L. Goss during her life the Farm I now possess in said Huntington Township County and state aforesaid together with the House and lot I now Occupy to hold the same clear of incumberance during the life of my said wife at the decease of my wife Harriet L. Goss. I order my Executor hereinafter mentioned to sell the above named Farm, house and lot aforesaid at Public or Private sale as my Executor thinks best for the Estate and I do hereby authorize my Executor to make Deeds to all of my estate that is sold the money from the sale of the above name real estate. I order my Executors to divide equally among my sisters that are living and to the children of my deceased sisters in proportion as if my sisters were all living the names of my sisters now living are, Althea (Weld crossed out), Almina Tubbs, Rhoda Drumheller, Mary Ann Gearhart, and Maryetta Kunkle the names of my deceased sisters are Candis Fellows and Hannah G. Wadsworth, personal property, I order to be appraised and sold all debts and expenses to be paid out of money and personal property left. I wish my Executor to divide equally between my wife and my sisters that are living and to my deceased sisters children in proportion as if they (my sisters) were all living the above named property willed to my wife Harriet L. Goss and her use, I declare to be in Lieu of dower. I further give and devise to my brother Orland Goss his heirs and assigns seventy five acres of timbered land lying and being in the Township of Lake County and state aforesaid, off from the east end of tract of land I own in the warrantee name of William Patterson the line to run parallel with the other lines; by the said Orlando Goss paying to Almon Goss his heirs or assigns, seventy five dollars. I further give and devise to my brother, David Goss, all that is left of my real Estate in Lake Township County and state aforesaid by Daivd Goss paying to Almon Goss his heirs or assigned one hundred and twenty five dollars which I will together with the seventy five dollars that the said Orlando Goss pays to the said Almon Goss. To the said Almon Goss to his heirs and assigns. I hereby appoint my brother David Goss sole Executor this my last Will and Testament hereby revoking all former Wills by me made. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hadn & seal this eight day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand Eight hundred and eighty-four. National Goss (Seal) Witnesses: Delanson Seward, Elon B. Myers, Dennis Wiant. Date of death March 5, 1887.

Source: Luzerne Co., Will Book J. page 538 – Probated March 19, 1887 Will of Nathaniel Goss.  Thank you Nathaniel for showing us the relationships of your family.

Rhoda Ann Goss born 21 November 1819 and died 15 June 1905 in Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne Co., Pennsylvania. She married Moses B. Drumheller he was born 26 July 1824 in Summit, Carbon Co., PA and he died 17 March 1893 in Wilkes-Barre. Rhoda is buried in the Hollenback Cemetery in Wilkes-Barre. They had Elizabeth, Eleanor, Mary E. and Clara D.

Marietta Goss was born 29 June 1822 (some confusion on her death date, and died 14 October 1903. She died in Central, Columbia Co. but is buried in Dallas, Luzerne Co., PA.  She married a Wesley Kunkle. He was born 1820 in Pennsylvania and died 5 September 1882 (per obit) in Dallas, Luzerne Co., His parents were Philip Kunkle and Maria Labar. Both Wesley and Marietta are buried in the Wardan Cemetery in Dallas, Luzerne Co., PA. Marietta and Wesley had: George, Adelaide, James, Arthur, Frank, William, Anna E. and Elnora E.  He might have been named John Wesley Kunkle and was a Major.

Mary Ann Goss was born 29 June 1822 and died 17 November 1892 in Huntington Mills, Luzerne Co., PA. She married Reuben Gearhart. He was born 8 February 1821 and he died 1 June 1878 in Huntington. They are buried in the Scott Cemetery. His father was George “Jury” Gearhart 1792-1885 and mother Rebecca McPherson 1795-1885.

Willard Gearhart, their son is buried in the Mossville Cemetery was easy to locate. It is located outside of Mossville to the east.

Mossville Cemetery, Luzerne Co., Pennsylvania

It is easy to spot because it is out in the open. My goal when I visited in 2008, was to locate the grave stone of a Willard Gerhart. I was interested in Willard because I believe he is the man that cousin Paul H. Goss wrote about visiting in the late 1930’s and early 1940’s in his Goss Manuscript. .

Willard was the son of Reuben Gearhart 1821 to 1878 and Mary Ann Goss. Mary Ann Goss was the daughter of Nathaniel Goss and Thankful Forbes. Willard died in 1944. This makes Willard a grandson of Nathaniel and Hannah (Scott) Goss.  Mary Ann and Reuben had: Willard Gearhart 6 May 1856 Luzerne Co., and died 1 January 1844 in Fairmount Twp., Luzerne Co., PA. His siblings were: Frank M., Marietta Elnora, Lorenzo A. and Horatio D. Reuben Gearhart bought the land of Nathaniel Goss Jr. in 1862 from the estate of his father-in-law.

Williard and Sarah’s stone in Mossville Cemetery:

Willard talked with Cousin Paul H. Goss about the death of Philip Goss his great great grandfather. There is a Gearhart genealogy at the Luzerne County GenWeb.

An overview of the Mossville cemetery

Orlando Goss was born 10 December 1825 and died 14 October 1895. He married Ellen Fisher about 1861. She was born 5 September 1837 and died 1 June 1876. Her parents were Jacob Fisher and Grace.

History of Luzerne page 934 son of the above “Orlando Goss, retired, P.O. Kunckle, as born in Huntington township, December 10, 1825, a son of Nathaniel and Thankful (Forbs) Goss, the former born in Huntington township, the latter in Connecticut (a note on the side says Granville, Mass.) Nathaniel was a son of Nathaniel Goss, who came from Connecticut prior to the Revolutionary war, and lived in a block-house, the only one left standing by the Indians and the Tories. He fled from there before the Wyoming Massacre, just in time to save himself and family from the persecutions of their enemies. He was one of the earliest, if not the earliest, settler in Huntington; was an extensive farmer in those early days, considering they lacked, so many facilities we now enjoy, and lived to be sixty years of age. His family consisted of three sons and two daughters. Nathaniel, his son, took charge of the old homestead in Huntington township, containing 150 acres of land, where he built a gristmill which he operated several years. He was a man of influence and worth in his township and county, and was favored with many offices of trust and responsibility, being a member of the “Partition Committee” when the county was divided. He was an expert hunter and loved the chase; he died in 1853, at the age of sixty-seven years. There were twelve children born to him, eleven of whom came to maturity, Orlando being the tenth in the family. Our subject was educated in Huntington township at the common school, and in early life he learned the carpenter trade, which he followed for a number of years. In 1861 Mr. Goss married Miss Ellen, daughter of Jacob and Grace Fisher, and by her had one son Hershal, who died in 1885, the mother having preceded him to the grave June 1, 1876. Mr. Goss is now alone, and is retired from active life. He owns seventy-five acres in this county and 200 in Columbia county, besides other small parcels of land. He is honest, generous, and liberal of his means, which are ample. He built a hall for the Kuncle Grangers, they furnishing the material. He owns the county right of “White’s Driving and Farm Gate,” a superior piece of mechanism. Mr. Goss has held several town offices with credit, and is esteemed for his excellent worth.”

They are buried in the Warden Cemetery in Dallas Twp., Luzerne Co., Pennsylvania.

Abi Goss was born 8 February 1827 and died 14 April 1829. She is buried in the Scott Cemetery with her parents.

David Goss was born 9 April 1830 and died 10 May 1899 in Columbia Co., Pennsylvania. He is buried in the Scott Cemetery. His inscription is on the side of his parent’s tombstone. He was living with his mother in the 1870 US Census. He was made his brother Nathaniel Goss’s Executor.  See above. David probably took care of his mother in the end per the 1860 census.

In Summary:  As usual more needs to be done in estates, deeds, military, vital records, newspapers and other sources to present a more in depth look at the family of Nathaniel Goss Jr. and Thankful Forbes.

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