Nathaniel Goss & Hannah Scott’s children: Rhoda Ann Goss who married Richard Dodson

Rhoda Goss was born 27 April 1789 to Nathaniel and Hannah (Scott) Goss. She was probably born in Luzerne County.

Luzerne Co. Twps

Rhoda would be about 18 years old in 1807, so she probably was married sometime around that date. She married a Richard Dodson born 22 February 1791 in Bucks Co., Pennsylvania. His parents were Joseph Dodson 1764 to 1827 and Susanna Bennett 1744 to 1856.

The Michael Shoemaker (Schumacher) Book on page 663 “Rhoda married to Richard Dodson.” Online at Internet Archive for viewing.

See Historical and biographical annuals of Columbia and Montour Counties, Pennsylvania, Vol. I. Biographical page 462 under Boyd Dodson.  Online at Internet Archives for viewing. This book gives some history of the Dodson family.

The Dodson Genealogy 1600 -1907, by Rev. Thompson P. Ege (1835 to 1912), page 119 has the Joseph Dodson line but you need to go further back to page 116 for the Richard Dodson line. This book is available at Hathi Trust Digital Library for viewing.

Richard’s grandparents were Richard Dodson 1731-1785 and Susannah Rhodes 1741-1815. Richard’s father was Thomas Dodson 1685-1760 and mother was Mary Prigge 1699-1740.

Register’s Notice – Richard Dodson and J.B. Dodson, Administrators of Joseph Dodson, late of Union, deceased. These are therefore to give notice to all Legatees, Creditors and other persons…The Wyoming Herald, 24 October 1832 Wed. page 3.   I believe this is the father’s estate.

The Dodson family were not proprietors in the Susquehannah Company; however, they do start appearing as Settlers in the Tax lists for Westmoreland Co. (later Luzerne) in 1777 and 1778 and also a list of settlers on the ground in 1783 which is in The History of Wilkes-Barre Vol. II page 947 for 1777, which is online for viewing.

1777 Plymouth Tax List Dodson

This table shows the claims made by various Dodson Family from the Claimant Book by Donna Munger. Just click and it will open.

Claimants for Dodson

In 1819 Rhoda and Richard Dodson appear in a partition deed for Rhoda’s father’s land in Huntington Twp. Lot #53. This deed has been published before under Nathaniel Goss’s Estate and Legacy, here it is again

Nathaniel Goss & others, assigtn To Thomas Betterly

We Nathaniel Goss and Hannah Goss, Experience Culver, Hannah Allen and Rhoda Dodson heirs to the within named Nathaniel Goss for the consideration of one hundred and fifty dollars received to our full satisfaction of Thomas Betterly of Huntington Township in this County of Luzerne and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania do hereby transfer and assign over the above named Thomas Betterly his heirs and assigns forever all the right title interest or demand we have in or to the within described lot of land. In Witness whereof we have hereunto set our hands and seals this ___ day of January in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and nineteen. Signed Sealed and delivered in the presence of Samuel Franklin, Miles Suttiff and Abiel Fellows.  Signed and sealed

Nathaniel Goss, Hannah (her mark) Goss, Rhoda Dodson and Richard Dodson.

Huntington Luzerne County January the ___ day of 1819 personally appeared before me the above named heirs to the with named Nathaniel Goss signers and sealers to the above Indenture and acknowledge the same to be their free act and deed before me. Abiel Fellows, Justice of the Peace (Seal)  Recorded April 26th, 1819. 

In 1820 there is a Richard Dodson appearing in the census for Union, Luzerne, Pennsylvania:

  • Free White Persons – Males – Under 10 – 1
  • Free White Persons – Males – 26 thru 44 – 1    Richard Dodson would be about 29
  • Free White Persons – Females – 26 thru 44 – 2  Rhoda would be 31 years
  • Free White Persons – Females – 45 and over – 1
  • Number of Persons – Engaged in Agriculture – 1
  • Free White Persons – Under 16 – 1
  • Free White Persons – Over 25 – 4
  • Total Free White Persons – 5
  • Total All Persons – White, Slaves, Colored, Other – 5

A Richard Dodson appears in the 1830 US Census living in Union, Luzerne Co., PA. Rhoda would be 41.

  • Free White Persons – Males – Under 5 – 3
  • Free White Persons – Males – 5 thru 9 – 2
  • Free White Persons – Males – 10 thru 14 – 1
  • Free White Persons – Males – 30 thru 39 – 1 — Richard would be about 39 years old.
  • Free White Persons – Females – 15 thru 19 – 1
  • Free White Persons – Females – 20 thru 29 – 1   Rhoda would be 41 and there is no category for her.
  • Free White Persons – Under 20 – 7
  • Free White Persons – 20 thru 49 – 2 This is odd/
  • Total Free White Persons – 9
  • Total – All Persons (Free White, Slaves, Free Colored) – 9

Richard Dodson appears again in the 1840 US Census living still in Union, Luzerne Co., Pennsylvania

  • Free White Persons – Males – 5 thru 9 – 1
  • Free White Persons – Males – 10 thru 14 – 2
  • Free White Persons – Males – 15 thru 19 – 2
  • Free White Persons – Males – 20 thru 29 – 1
  • Free White Persons – Males – 40 thru 49 – 1  Richard would be 49
  • Free White Persons – Females – 20 thru 29 – 1
  • Free White Persons – Females – 50 thru 59 – 1  Rhoda would be 51
  • Free White Persons – Under 20 – 5
  • Free White Persons – 20 thru 49 – 3
  • Total Free White Persons – 9
  • Total All Persons – Free White, Free Colored, Slaves – 9

There is a deed dated 1 October 1840 where Richard and Rhoda Dodson are selling land to Edward L. Trescott. Richard and Rhoda are of Union Twp. while Mr. Trescott is located in Huntington Twp. $311.30 for land lying in Huntington Twp. 38 acres & 140 acres for lot called Wheatfield and patented to Nathaniel Goss by patent dated 2 March 1807 assigned to Rhoda in Deed Book No. 14, page 425…etc…signed by Richard Dodson (Seal) and Rhoda Dodson (Seal) Rhoda is examined and found to be good with the sale. Signed by John Blanchard JP.  Vol. 37, Pages 149-150.  The referenced deed has been shared regarding Nathaniel Goss Sr.’s Estate and Legacy post.

In the 1850 US Census Union Twp., Luzerne Co., PA, we find a Richard Dodson age 59 a farmer with $4000 (1791), Rhoda Dodson age 62 (1788), Elias Dodson age 17 farmer (1833), Joseph Dodson age 21 (1829) and Hannah Dodson age 20 (1830).

In the 1860 US Census we find Richard Dodson living in Union Twp., age 69 a farmer, $5000/1000 born PA and Rhoda age 70. A Clinton Dodson is below them age 53/33, farmer $300, Amy age 26, Elias age 5 and Permilla age 3. All were born in Pennsylvania. There is a Wilbur M. Dodson below Clinton age 25 farmer $800/200 with him is Lucinda age 23 and a child age 2/12 with no name.

Higher up on the page of this 1860 census is a Joseph B. Dodson age 54 a farmer $4000/1000 born in PA with him are Rebecca age 46, Alexander age 24 laborer, Catharine age 22 domestic, Chester age 21, Charles age 17, Laffayette age 15 male, Mary A. age 10, Frederick age 8, Johnathan age 7, Franklin age 4, Ada G age 7/12 female.

Rhoda and Richard had the following children:

Nathaniel Dodson born 22 July 1816 probably in Union, Luzerne Co, PA. Nathaniel married a Rossanna Wilkinson 1815 died 1880. They had:

Almon Dodson 1839-1917. He married Annie Garthwaite 1843-1927.  They had Fannie M. 1865-1902 married George E. Lewis. Millard 1867-1942 married a Cora A. Post 1870-1950 and Loren C. 1887-1956 married Sadie L. Cragie.

Rhoda Abigail Dodson 1846-1930 married William H.H. Sharp 1841-1910. They had a son William Henry Harrison Sharp 1891-1958. William Sharp was a Civil War soldier and lost and limb in the war. He became a Doctor.

Richard Dodson 1859-1860 their last son died young.

Nathaniel Dodson is buried in the Oakdale Cemetery in Hunlock Creek, Luerne Co., PA.

Susannah Dodson b. 24 Feb 1818-1830 no record of her death at this time.

Elisha Bennett Dodson was born 29 Oct 1820 and died 27 November 1904 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  He married a Rachel Adleman (1817-1900). They are both buried in Laurel Hill Cemetery in Philadelphia. Elisha and Rachel had at least Jennie (1844-1927), James N. (1854-1890), Ettie (1856 –   ) and Emma (1858-1912).  Emma is buried in the Saint James the Less Episcopal Churchyard in Philadelphia.

Wesley Dodson was born 30 March 1822 and died 20 Feb 1901 in Luzerne Co., PA. He married a Desdemona Wadsworth 1819-1895. Wesley was a Civil War soldier. This couple had Wadsworth T. Dodson (1846-1906), Charles P. Dodson (1851 –  ), Charles B. Dodson (1852 –    ), Harold R. Dodson (1863 – Dodson Cemetery), and Willard R. Dodson (1865-1942). Willard and Katie (Kemerly) died in Florida.

Joshua Dodson was born 07 July 1823 and died before 1830 no burial information has been found at this date.

Obadiah S. Dodson born 18 March 1825. He married Mary Cease about 1844 in Hunlock Twp., Luzerne Co., Pennsylvania. Mary was born Jan 1825 and died 11 October 1908 in Kingston.

They had these children:

Ira G. Dodson was was killed in the Civil War in 1863 and is buried in the Marvin Cemetery in Muhlenburg, Luzerne Co., PA.

Leander born Oct 1845 and died July 1904 in Hunlock Creek in Luzerne Co., PA he is buried in the Sobertown Cemetery. He married an Abigail Davenport 1847–1916. They had Ella C. and Oscar. Leander is listed in the 1890 Veterans Schedule enlisted 1863 and discharged 1865.

Rhoda A. was born 1848 in Luzerne Co. and she died 30 August 1922 and is buried in the Forty Fort Cemetery. She married a Thomas H. Major. They had Marietta (1867-1948), Alice (1868-1944?), Estella M. (1872-1944) and Thomas A. (1875-1927). They are buried in the Forty Fort Cemetery in Forty Fort. There is a biography of Thomas H. Major in The History of Luzerne County, by Bradsby on page 1154. There are other references to Dodsons in this book.

Josiah Lafayette Dodson was born 23 October 1855 in Luzerne Co., he died 9 July 1926 in Hunlock.  He married a Jennie A. Shupp 1854-1894. He remarred again to a Catherine Deremer 1876-1921. They had Myrtle L. (1899-1984), Russel W. (1901-1961), Grace L. (1908-1972), and Anna M. (1912-1975).

Theodocia Dodson (Addie) was born 1862 and died 11 Jun 1925 in Forty Fort. She married a Frank. E. Schmoll 1856 – 1941. Adda and Frank Schmoll are buried in the Sobertown Cemetery in Hunlock Creek, Luzerne Co., Pa. They had Myrtle, Minne and Emma.

Apparently, Obadiah Dodson had a bit of a problem with a horse. He was charged with maintaining a nuisance in allowing the body of a dead horse to pollute the atmosphere in the vicinity of C. W. Culp’s house. Complaints about the smell were made, the defendant buried it, then tried to burn it. This took place in August 1886. The trial lasted from 11 am to 4 pm. Obadiah received a not guilty from the jury, but the defendant and prosecutor had to pay one-half the costs.  Dollar Weekly New 4 Dec 1886, Page 3. Another article in the Wilkes-Barre Times Leader, 30 Nov 1886, Page 1.

History of Luzerne County, Pennsylvania with Biographical Selections, by H.C. Bradsby, Editor, Part II, Biographical Sketches – D – pages 846-848, page 847:

O. S. DODSON, farmer, P.O. Hunlock Creek, was born in Union (now Hunlock) township, March 18, 1825. He is a son of Richard and Rhoda (Goss) Dodson, the former born in Bucks county, the latter in Huntington township, this county. Richard was a son of Joseph, who removed from Bucks county to Luzerne about 1797, locating in Union township. He married his wife, Miss Susanna Bennett, in Plymouth. He owned 800 acres of land. He built a sawmill, which he operated for a number of years, and was a practical businessman and a hard working, energetic pioneer. He was a strict churchman, having for a number of years been a member of the M.E. Church. His benevolence was proverbial. He died in 1827, followed by his widow in her eighty-fourth year.

They reared a family of ten children; two of whom are now living. His son, Richard Dodson, began life in Union (now Hunlock) township, on a farm of 200 acres, situated about four and one half miles from Hunlock Creek on the turnpike. He was a man of good, sound judgement, a practical farmer, and a loyal citizen, on whom were conferred various township offices, which he filled with credit. Like his father, he was a Methodist of high standing, and a stanch Republican in politics. He died in September 1863. Richard and Rhoda Dodson reared a family of nine children, seven of whom are living. O. S. is the sixth of the family, and was reared and educated in his native town. He has always resided in the townships of Union and Hunlock, on his present farm-forty-three years. He has always followed a farmer’s life, and like his father before him, is an adept at the business. In 1844, he married Miss Mary, daughter of George and Anna Cease. To them have been born five children, four of whom are living: Leander, Josiah, Rhoda A. and Addie. Leander is married to Miss A. Davenport; Josiah is married to Miss Jennie Shupp; Addie is married to Frank Small and Rhoda married Thomas Major.

Mr. Dodson was mustered into the United States service in 1864, as a private in Company E, Two Hundred and Third P.V.I., for the term of one year, participating in several of the leading battles of that year. He was honorably discharged and returned to enjoy his citizenship, he now receives a pension. Mr. Dodson, although much shattered by his army experience, is still young looking. He owns seventy-five acres of valuable land, upon which he carries on general farming. He has a relic of pioneer life yet in his possession, a weaver’s loom, made by his grandfather in early life, before sawmills were in that country. It was made entirely of white oak and with an axe. Mr. Dodson and his wife are members of the Baptist Church, in which body he has been deacon for over forty-five years. Politically he is a Republican.

In 1902 an article appears in the Wilkes Barre Semi-Weekly Record on 28 Feb page 5. The recent snowstorm did quite serious damage to fruit trees at this place and the roof of Obadiah Dodson’s barn gave away under the weight of the snow, as did the sawmill of Pollock & Bros. 

Death of Mrs. Mary A. Dodson: Mrs. Mary A. Dodson, widow of the late Obadiah S. Dodson of Hunlock’s Creek, died yesterday morning at 6 o’clock at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Frank Schmoll of Kingston. Death was due to general debility. Mrs. Dodson was 83 years and 8 months old and is survived by the following children: Mrs. Thomas Major, Forty Fort; Mrs. Frank Schmoll, Kingston; Josiah Dodson, Hunlock’s Creek. The funeral will be held from her late home in Hunlock’s Creek on Wednesday at 10 o’clock a.m. The Wilkes-Barre Record, 13 October 1908 Tues, Page 4.

Clinton Dodson was born 1 January 1827 and died 15 October 1909 per his Pennsylvania Death Certificate. He married Amy Bacon January 21, 1834 and died April 4, 1909 per her Pennsylvania Death Certificate. Her father was Ansemus Bacon and mother Abigail Wilkinson. They had Sarah, Elias and Permilla.

In the 1870 US Census Clinton Dodson appears living in Union, Luzerne Co., Pennsylvania. He is a farmer with $2000/953. He is with Amy age 36 keeping house, Elias age 15 farm laborer and Permilia age 13 at home.

There is a Clinton Dodson living in Wilmington, Wabaunsee, Kansas in the 1880 US Census with an Elias Dodson age 25 farmer, Rachel age 29 wife, Samuel age 6, son, Sampson Folk family, he is age 40 brother in law, Dabora age 30 sister in law, Floyd age 3 nephew and Roy age 7/12 nephew. Clinton is 50 years old and listed as married. Amy is not with him. She is in Hunlock, Luzerne Co., PA by herself.

In the 1900 US Census Clinton Dodson is living in Hunlock, Luzerne Co., PA. He is head born Dec. 1826. He is 73 years old. Amy is living in Huntington Twp.  as head and manger of a farm. Listed with Amy is a Mary Boston, sister born Oct 1893 age 67 married. Amy is 66 born Jan 1834 with 2 children born and one living.

Elias Dodson born about 1829 and apparently, he died 1853. No burial information at this time.

Hannah Dodson was born about 1830. She appears in the 1850 census at the age of 20. No further information.  This child is not listed in the Dodson Genealogy.

Joseph Goss Dodson was born 17 August 1831 in Luzerne Co., Pennsylvania. He married a Hannah Hobbes born 7 November 1824. He died 26 April 1901 and she died 27 May 1907 in Wilkes-Barre. They are buried in the Hollenbeck Cemetery in Wilkes-Barre.

Joseph and Hannah had these children: Elenora born 21 Aug 1850 to 31 July 1897 buried in Hollenback Cemetery, Elizabeth born 31 December 1854 and died 18 January 1936 in Wilkes-Barre buried in Hollenback Cemetery,

Elenora Dodson 21 August 1850 and died 31 July 1897. She is buried in the Hollenback Cemetery in Wilkes-Barre.

Elizabeth Dodson born 31 December 1854 and died 1936. She is buried in the Hollenback Cemetery as well.

John Wesley Dodson born 25 March 1866 and died 2 March 1926 in Springville Twp., Susquehannah Co., PA, He may have married an Ella J. Munnes or Emmons. They had Edmund Stanley and Nina M.

Boyd Dodson was born 17 May 1867 and died in 19 March 1948. He was a doctor. He married Jennie Smith born 1 Apr 1867 and died 1953. They are buried in the Hollenback Cemetery in Wilkes-Barre. See the reference above to the History of Columbia and Montour Co. for this person. They had Elizabeth, Lois and Boyd R.

Unfortunately, I cannot find the burial location of Richard and Rhoda but suspect they are in the Sodertown Cemetery in Hunlock, but so far, I do not get any hits for them.  I do have Rhoda buried in Scott Cemetery and there are Dodson’s there, but I am not sure about this.

After the death of Rhoda and Richard Dodson several deeds appeared in the Luzerne County Deed Records. I share a summary of those deeds listed below:

In 1877 there is a deed by Elisha Dodson et. al to Nathaniel Dodson on 10 February Elisha Dodson of the City of Philadelphia and Rachel his wife and Wesley Dodson of the Twp. of Union and Desdamona his wife, and Obadiah Dodson and Mary his wife and Clinton Dodson and Amy his wife and Joseph Dodson and Hannah his wife of the Township of Union to Nathaniel Dodson receive $1000 for tract of land situate in the township of Union and the estate of Richard Dodson dec’d. a description of the land containing 400 acres more or less.  In the presence of John A. Reynolds for Rachel Dodson. Signed by all of them Vol.  211 page 385 and 386.

1877 Deed of Dodson to Dodson – Richard’s land

All had to appear before the judge and swear – Hiram Croofs (Seal) JP

Again in 1877, Nathaniel Dodson sells to Clinton Dodson – 10 Feb 1877 $1000 dollars lands in Union Twp. Containing 89 acres signed by Nathaniel Dodson (Seal) and witnessed by Hiram Croofs and W. T. Dodson. Nathaniel appears in front of the JP Hiram Croofs. Vol. 211, pages 407 and 408.

Once again in 1884 we find a deed by Wesley Dodson to W. H.H. Sharp on 10 September. Wesley Dodson and Desdemona in Kingston and W. H.H. Sharp of Nanticoke $225 in village of Muhlenburg Twp. of Union 1400 sq. feet of land conveyed to Wadsworth T. Dodson bearing date of March 8, 1867. Signed by Wesley Dodson (Seal) and Desdemona Dodson (Seal) in presence of P.C. Wadsworth and W.T. Dodson – Wesley and Desdemona appear before the judge P. C. Wadsworth JP. Vol. 289 page 400 to 402.

On the 5th day of February 1890 Nathaniel Dodson sells to Abbie R. Sharp $126.50 plus interest  $98.67, amounting now to $225.17 a place of business since December 25. 1888 $1176 total $1400.67 and $225.00 – liquidation of the above obligations and further. Signed by Nathaniel Dodson (Seal) in presence of A.E. Chapin – Signed by JP A.E. Chapin.

In Summary: Rhoda Goss Dodson lived out her life in Luzerne County, she apparently was the youngest of Nathaniel Goss Sr. and Hannah Scott. As usual, more research into burial, vitals, deeds, and estates needs to be done regarding the Dodson family.

I have come to the end of the posts regarding Nathaniel Goss Sr. and Hannah Scott, their children and it has been a real challenge. I have the greatest respect for Nathaniel and Hannah and all that they did. They survived in a very tough time and went through a lot. The posts I have written about them and their children need a great deal more research and verification, so please keep that in mind and use the information for  clues. Also, as I always suggest, remember that genealogy is evolving and if you have information that could help, please share.

It is time to return to Philip Goss IV (1724 to 1799) and Mary Kendall’s children. We still have Comfort a possible son, David, Solomon Goss and his life in Pennsylvania, in-laws the Obadiah Scott and family, Mary Goss and her three marriages and finally Ebenezer Goss the last of the children.

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