David Goss and Betsey Henry’s children: An Overview – Part I

In the last post, I presented two documents from David Goss’ (died 1860) estate file and presented his will.  From these two documents I have created a list of what I believe are the children and grandchildren of David Goss and Betsy (Elizabeth).

  1. Orville Goss
  2. Nathaniel Durham Goss
  3. Mary “Polly” A. Goss: She was listed in the will as Mary Brakeman widow of Josiah Brakeman.  There son Charles W. Brakeman was to receive a bequest from the estate.
  4. Adeline Goss: She was listed in the will as Adeline Davis wife of Joshua Davis.
  5. Solomon H. Goss indicated as being deceased by 1860 and his son Henry is receiving a bequest.
  6. David Goss and son John Goss who are receiving a bequest from the estate.

I had felt sad about David Goss (1752-1778) being killed in the Wyoming Valley. He was a son of Philip Goss IV and Mary Kendall.  I am now very happy to report that his son David had about 6 children. In turn, those children have descendants. David Goss 1779-1860, did well in his life and his children prospered.

Let’s study each of these children, from the list above, and learn a little more about them. Before I proceed, be advised that this was not an easy task finding information about these individuals.  Also, this is a summary of these individuals and not an indepth study.  I have also broken down into two posts, the children of David and Betsey, to make it easier to present.

Orvil or Orville Goss born 1799 in New York and died May 1870 in Fowlerville, Livingston Co., Michigan. He married an Emma Anna White born 1811 in Vermont and died about 1873 in Michigan.

Orville Goss appears in the Pembroke, Genesee, New York 1830 U.S. Census with a family of:

  • Free White Persons – Males – 15 thru 19 – 1
  • Free White Persons – Males – 30 thru 39 – 1
  • Free White Persons – Females – 30 thru 39 – 1
  • Free White Persons – Females – 60 thru 69 – 1
  • Free White Persons – Under 20 – 1
  • Free White Persons – 20 thru 49 – 2
  • Total Free White Persons – 4

Total – All Persons (Free White, Slaves, Free Colored) – 4

Settlements after 1825 – Orville Goss, same year, settled on the town-line, in the northwest quarter of section 18. He also purchased lands in section 22, which he afterwards sold to John Thomas. page 268 History of Oakland Co., Michigan Vol. I.

There is something a little off about Orville settling in 1825.  He did receive a patent #1880 dated 29 February 1826. There is a note on the patent: Copy found & transmitted to the Register 2 Nov. 1826 in consequence of his letter of the 23rd October 1826 here filed. Orville did not migrate to Michigan till much later probably sometime after 1840. Here is an interesting entry about his father.

The Rodgers Saw-Mill – This mill, located on the main Rouge, in the southeast quarter section of 20, half a mile below Southfield Centre, was built by David Goss and Smith Parks, in 1835. page 271, History of Oakland Co., Michigan Vol. I.  I think this is the father who left NY after 1830 and was in Michigan by 1840.

In the 1840 U.S. Census there is a Orvel Goss living in Pembroke, Genesee, New York

Free White Persons – Males – 40 thru 49: 1
Free White Persons – Females – 10 thru 14: 1
Free White Persons – Females – 15 thru 19: 1
Free White Persons – Females – 40 thru 49: 1
Persons Employed in Agriculture: 1
Free White Persons – Under 20: 2
Free White Persons – 20 thru 49: 2
Total Free White Persons: 4
Total All Persons – Free White, Free Colored, Slaves: 4

I have not been able to find Orville in the 1850 U.S. Census. I did scroll through the census pages for Pembroke, Genesee County and Southfield, Oakland County to see if I could find them. I did learn there are no Goss living in Pembroke in 1850. This means they had moved on.

In the 1860 U.S. Census, Orville is in Highland, Oakland, Michigan. He is 61 years old and born about 1799 in NY, a farmer with $3000/$900. Ama is 49 H. Keeper, born Vermont 1811. A Sylvester Barber age 23, F. laborer, born New York. Burnam Barber age 18 laborer born New York. Elizabeth Goss age 85 born Connecticut. Orville appears in the 1860 Agricultural Census for White Lake, Oakland, Michigan. He is next to his brother Nathaniel.

The two individuals named Barber apparently were children of Emma’s from a previous marriage to an Orren Barber from Berkshire Co., MA (1807-1842). He received a patent for land 14 August 1837 in Michigan.

Sylvester O. Barber born was 11 September 1836 in New York.  He may be the man who died 4 July, 1916 and married an Electa Jane Teeple born 1849 in Michigan and died 1 December 1865 in Livingston Co., Michigan.

He remarried to Morra/Morva Randell born 23 July 1841 in Michigan and died 17 December 1904. Sylvester (using his middle name Orin) and Morva are buried in the Greenwood Cemetery in Fowlerville, Livingston Co., Michigan. I do not know where Electa is buried at this time.

Burnam/Burnham P. Barber was born 25 June 1842 in New York, and died 4 February 1913 in Rose, Ogemaw, Michigan. He married Ellen M. Taylor and they had Oliver Nelson, Emma Jane and Ada Bell Barber.

Orville Goss is buried in the Greenwood Cemetery in Fowlerville, Livingston, Michigan. I do not know where Emma is buried.

Michigan Counties – Oakland, Livingston and more

Nathaniel Durham Goss was born 1804 in New York and died 15 February 1882 in Hartland, Livingston, Michigan.

Livingston County map, it is right next door to Oakland Co. to the west.

In the 1860 US Census for Highland, Oakland, Michigan we find a N.D. Goss age 36 born NY, farmer, with $2100/850. With him is Sarah age 49 H. keeper, born NY, Alonzo age 13 born Michigan, Henry age 9 born Michigan and Mary age 6 born Michigan.

In the 1880 Census Nathaniel and Sarah are next to their son Alonzo age 50, farmer born New York, Euthemia age 37 wife, keeping house, born New York, Maud age 13 daughter at home born Michigan, Alonzo age 11 son at home born Michigan. Nathaniel Goss age 76 peddler and Sarah age 69 wife both born New York.  They are all living in Hartland, Livingston, Michigan.

Nathaniel married a Sarah Ann Jeffries (1811-1893) and they had:

Alonzo Goss was born 23 January 1830 in New York and died 1 March 1913 in Fenton, Genesee, Michigan.  He was a Civil War Soldier year enlisted 1864 and discharged 1865.  Alonzo and Euthemia are buried in Oakwood Cemetery in Fenton, Genessee Co., Michigan.

Alonzo married a Euthemia Hunn (1841-1933) and they had:

Sarah Mae (1861-1944) married Charles Smith Field (1850-1927), and had Claude S, Dallas W., Thelma A. or Euthema/Althema, Clyde E., Hazel M., Marshall A, Rhett R., Lloyd, Frank.

Maud E. Goss born about October 1867 in Highland, Oakland Co., Michigan. She died 5 May 1957 in Spokane, Spokane Co., Washington.  She married an Abraham L. Fisher 10 Mar 1887 in Oakland Co. He was born 1865 and died 1 July 1949 in Spokane.

They had Glenn L. was born 8 March 1888 and died 22 November 1975. He married Laura  M. Gallagher 16 October 1913 Jackson, Michigan.

Maria born 8 October 1895 in Michigan and died 10 March 1993 in Spokane, Washington. Marie married twice 1st to David A. Johnston (1893 – ) and then Richard C. Toole (1885-1977).

Alonzo Goss he was born about 1872 in Michigan and died 1 May 1951 in Flint, Genesee Co., Michigan. He married Josephine Lyons (1877 – 1965 Updated). They married 14/20 November 1900 in Fenton, Livingston, Michigan. They were divorced on 28 May 1906 in Genesee Co. They may have had a Mary Goss born about 1901.

On 3 Feb 1909 in Essex, Ontario Josephine Goss remarried to a Alfred J. Foreman. There is a possibility that she married a Rudolph Meinke per the census, but the year of her birth is all over the place. More research is needed to clarify her life. It is possible that she is the Josephine Meinke that was born 1875 and died 1965 (89-90 years old) and is buried in the Saint John the Baptist Catholic Church Cemetery in Howell, Livingston Co., Michigan?

Josephine Lyons was a bit confusing. She was getting mixed up with the father, rather than the son. I believe she married the son.

Rebecca Madge Goss was born 12 February 1887 not 1877, in Hartland. On 24 November 1909 Rebecca M. Goss was married to a Claude L. Bullock in Fenton, Genesee, Michgian.

In 1910 U.S. Census Madge R. Bullock age 23 was living in Elkhart, Indiana with spouse Claude L. Bullock. She lists zero children born or living.

Claude was born 18 January 1874 but died 22 July, 1915 in Branch Co., Michigan. He died of Addison’s Disease. He is buried in Batavia Cemetery in Branch Co., Michigan.

Madge Bullock remarried on 22 August 1918 in Fenton, to a George S. Miller age 32 born 16 May 1886 and died 20 November 1943. Apparently she divorced him because in the 1920 US Census she is with her brother Alonzo and mother Euthemia in Fenton, Genesee, Michigan under the name Madge Miller.

I cannot determine her death date and burial at this time.

John Jeffries Goss was born 20 November 1832 in New York. He married a Phebe Delilah Calkins (1836-1897). John lived in various places in Michigan and in 1900 he had migrated to Seattle, Washington.  John Jeffries Goss died in Seattle, King Co., Washington on 1 August 1903. According to Find A Grave he is buried in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery in Seattle.

Phebe Delilah and John had a large family:

        • Henry Goss (1862-1862)
        • Joseph L. Goss (1864-1939). He married Bertha C. Niehusen (1866-1941)  and they had Myrtle C. Goss (1891-1985). He  was born in Michigan but ended up in Seattle, King Co., Washington by 1910.  Myrtle married a John Hallsson (born Iceland) and they had Annabelle and Joanne.
        • Sarah Goss (1868-1868), no further info at this time.
        • Ada Edith B. Goss (1869-1947). She usually went by Edith B. She married a William J. Stevens (1863-1907) and they had Lila C., Winnifred M. and Marian E. Edith Belle Stevens died 25 October 1947 and is buried in the Rose Hills Memorial Park in Whittier, Los Angeles Co., California.
        • John Goss (1873-1964) He might have married Gertrude Wilson 29 March 1905 in Seattle, King Co., Washington. He may have died in January 1964 and is also buried in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery in Seattle. In the 1910 Census there is John D. Goss and Gertrude his wife age 36 and 25. He was born in Michigan.
        • Lena Delilah Goss (1875-1968). Lena married three times or so. Her first marriage was to Albert Knochenhauer (1871-1906) and they had John Harold Knochenhauer (1896-1977). She then married to a Wallace P. Kelley (1871-1940) and had Katherine J. Kelley (1906-1920). Lena and Wallace were living in Port Angeles in 1909 and were in Seattle 1930-1948. She indicates that she is a widow in the 1940 U.S. Census and in the City Directory for 1948 she is also widowed.  She may have married a William Turner b. 1871 but I am not getting anything for this marriage. Apparently she died in Seattle about 10 January 1968.

Francis Henry Goss born 4 June 1850 in Michigan and died 31 March 1916. He seems to use the name Henry and that can make research confusing.

A Francis H. Goss age 30 (born about 1850) parents born in New York in the 1880 U.S. Census. He is living in St. Louis, Gratiot, Michigan. He is a blacksmith. With him is a Caroline M. Goss age 27, wife, born Michigan. Sister Jeanne A. Barber age 15 attends school born in Ohio. Son Evin M. Goss age 6 born in Michigan.

In the 1900 US. Census F.H. Goss is living in Lincoln, La Porte, Indiana born July 1851 age 48. With him is Caroline M. Goss born Sept. 1852, age 41 wife. Next to her name we find one child born one living. Irving M. Goss born May 1874 age 26 in Michigan. Jennie, d. in law, Aug 1883 age 18, born Indiana, Hazel adopted daughter born Mar 1891 age 9, born in Indiana.

Henry Goss (Gross) married to Melissa Barber on 24 November 1872 in Brandon, Oakland, Michigan. Her full name is Caroline Melissa Barber born 1853 in Michigan and died 10 October 1904 in Jackson, Jackson, Michigan. Her father was J.P. Barber and mother Dallie Burdich.

Henry and Caroline M. had one son Irving M. Goss born 3 May 1874 in Oxford, Oakland Co., Michigan and died 3 June 1948 in Grand Traverse Co., Michigan. His wife was Jennie Martin born 12 Aug 1883 and died 17 Feb 1960.  They are in Oakwood Cemetery in Traverse City, Grand Traverse Co., Michigan.

Francis Henry Goss remarried to a Nellie Otte on 5 January 1905 in Berrien, Michigan, maiden name Goodenough. Nellie was born about 1869 in Michigan and died 21 June 1930 in Sodus, Berrien Co., Michigan. She married first to Louis Otte (1871 to 1904) on 20 May 1896 in Berrien Co., Michigan. They had Alfred and Minnie.

In 1915 F. Henry Goss is in Benton Harbor, St. Joseph, Niles, Michigan per a city directory. It reads: Goss F. Henry (Nellie) blksmith res. 302 Pleasant.

After F. Henry’s death, Nellie remarried to a Elmer Fuller born in 1871 in Wisconsin. They married 20 July 1919 in Coloma, Berrien Co., Michigan.

Francis Henry Goss was buried in the Crystal Springs Cemetery in Benton Harbor, Berrien Co., Michigan under the name Henry Goss.

Mary Goss b. 1854. She appears in the 1860 census with the parents but nothing further.

I do not know where Nathaniel and Sarah are buried at this time. They are probably in Livingston Co., Michigan.

Mary “Polly” A. Goss was born in 1806 and died 3 March 1878 in Kalamazoo. She married a Josiah Brakeman (1806-1849). Josiah was killed after falling from a horse. He was a Reverend. They are buried in the West Cooper Cemetery in Cooper, Kalamazoo, Michigan. There are some very interesting obituaries at Find A Grave about Mary and Josiah’s life.

In 1833, their presiding elder was James Gilruth…The following are among those by whom the church has been served at various times, but no dates can be given, nor are we able to designate those amount the number who were authorized preachers: Josiah Brakeman (one among many names for the Methodist Church), page 325 The History of Oakland Co., Michigan.

Josiah and Mary had these children:

Oregon Counties

Esther B. Brakeman born 1826 Pembroke, Genesee, New York and died 15 February 1917 in Brownsville, Linn, Oregon. She married Joseph S. Lyman 1812-1871 and they had Florence M., Anna, Alfred H., Charles W., Franklin W., and Edwin. Esther remarried to a Thomas Butler 17 October 1872 in Eugene, Oregon. Esther is buried in the Pleasant Butte Baptist Cemetery in Brownsville, Linn Co., Oregon. Joseph died 29 Jan 1871 and is buried in the Luper Cemetery in Lane Co., Oregon. Apparently, Ester had a journal of their migration to the west that has been published.


Annie Brakeman born 22 December 1828 in New York and died 9 August 1904 in Van Buren Co., Michigan.  She is buried in the West Cooper Cemetery, Cooper, Kalamazoo Co., Michigan. She married a Philander A. Ware 5 December 1852 in Kalamazoo. He was born about 1833 in Vermont and died 10 April 1900 Antwerp, Van Buren, Michigan. They had Charles, Sprague, and Martha.

Mary Brakeman was born 9 March 1831 in New York and died in 1919. She is buried in the Cooper Cemetery in Kalamazoo Co., Michigan. She married an Ellery Hicks.  Ellery was born 25 Feb. 1830 in New York and he died 30 March 1902 in Van Buren Co., Michigan. They had Emma and Sidney.

John Wesley Brakeman was born 5 May 1833 in New York and died 19 May 1908. He is buried in the Hillside Cemetery in Plainwell, Allegan Co., Michigan. He married Ester Louisa Quackenbush born 1833 in Michigan and died 13 October 1899 in Muskegon, Muskegon Co., Michigan. John and Esther had Orson T., Clarence A. and Claude E.

On 1 May 1904 John remarried to Carrie C. Lyon Barnes born 1852 in New York and died 30 April 1914 in Caledonia, Kent, Michigan.

She was married 21 Feb. 1869 to Sanford A. Barnes prior to John. Sanford was born 1843 and died in 1926. They divorced 27 July 1902 in Muskegon. She is buried in the South Casnovia Cemetery under the name of Inman.

In the 1910 U.S. Census a Carrie C. Inman age 58 born New York is with a Clark E. Inman age 47, born Michigan about 1863. They are living in Muskegon, Michigan. A Clark E. Inman died 6 July 1920 in Branch Co., Michigan and he is buried in the Riverside Cemetery. His death cert has him a widow and his wife is Carrie Bateman?

Harriett Brakeman was born 5 February 1835 in New York. She died 12 October 1866 in Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon. She is buried in the Luper Cemetery in Lane County, Oregon. She married an Elisha Wadsworth born 9 July 1826 Saratoga Co., NY and died 27 Apr 1883 Salem, Marion, Oregon. He is buried in the Lee Mission Cemetery in Salem, Marion Co., Oregon. They had Alice L., Mary L., Olive J., Anna B., Ora E. and Harriett A.  Elisha remarried after Harriett’s death to Nancy Parmelia Skinner (1829-1897) about 1870.

Caroline Brakeman was born 22 December 1839 in Michigan and she died 17 May 1908 in Leesburg, Lake, Florida. She married a Latham B. Byron born July 1833 and died 27 September 1907. They are buried in the Lone Oak Cemetery in Leesburg, Lake Co., Florida. The marriage took place 29 December 1861 in Kalamazoo, Michigan. She used the name Carrie M.  They had Bertie born 1867 in Michigan. Bertie married Emma L. Fox on 26 November 1885 in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Charles Wesley Brakeman was born 11 July 1837 in Michigan. He died 13 January 1923 in Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo Co., Michigan. He married Sara Maria Carr born 29 August 1837 in England and died 2 October 1899 in Eastwood. They are buried in the Mount Olivet Cemetery in Eastwood, Kalamazoo Co., Michigan. They had Mary Lou and Charles E.

Ellen Loeza/Louisa Brakeman was born 8 April 1843 in Kalamazoo. She died 1 May 1928 in Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon. She married James Volney Orton born 1839 and died July 1895. They are buried in the Jones Cemetery in Dorr, Allegan Co., Michigan. They had Margaret, Lillian, Charles, Nellie, Fred, Arthur, Jessie, William D, per the census. Ellen migrated with her daughter Jessie to Portland, Oregon and they are in the 1910 census. Jessie had married an Abraham M. Stickle. James V. Orton was a Civil War soldier.

In summary: This covers the first three children of David Goss and Betsey Henry. We have some children and descendants coming to Oregon and Washington, another went to Florida. I was having difficulty in finding some of these people and figuring out who was who. So please double check the information. Hopefully, the maps will help in locating where these various counties of Michigan are located and where family migrated to in Oregon as well.

In the next post, Part II, I will cover the three remaining children:  Adalina, Solomon H. and David Goss Jr. It looks like these children stayed in Michigan.

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