The children of Jesse Goss, a son of Thomas and Sarah Goss: Part 1b-b: Alfred Goss 1808 to 1871

In my last post, I wrote about Chester Goss a brother of Alfred Goss. They are both sons of Jesse Goss and their grandparents were Thomas Goss and Sarah Barkhamsted. In this post, I will write about Alfred Goss and his son Alfred Jesse Goss. They are both connected to each other through their banking interests.

In order to cover Jesse Goss’s children properly, I will publish these posts.

  • Part Ib-a covers Chester Goss published October 4, 2021
  • Part Ib-b covers Alfred Goss.
  • Part Ib-c covers Austin Goss and Clark Goss.

Alfred Goss was born about 1808 probably in Madrid, St. Lawrence, New York and he died 22 July 1871 in Hudson, St. Croix, Wisconsin.

Alfred Goss was featured in the 1825 guardianship from the estate of Jesse Goss. He was listed as 17 years old at that time. I present this extract again for your information.

pages 63-65 ____Chester Goss aged 19 years eighth March last & for Alfred Goss aged 17 years _____24 June last of Madrid, Co. St. Lawrence, NY. Ch’n of Jesse Goss of the same place dec’d. ____John Sandford of Madrid Afsd to be Guardian. ___At Amos Underwood of Louisville ___Co. Afrsd Grandfather of Austin J. Goss. 

Source: American Ancestors website, New York: Abstract of Wills, Admins and Guardianships 1787-1835 page 63-65. As you can see Alfred was 17 years old born 24 June last so that makes his birthdate June 24, 1808.

Alfred’s marriage:

A Mr. Thomas came into Madrid and settled in the southerly part of the town, in the spring of 1813, with his wife and young son, John. He remained there a few years, then engaged to Mr. Isaac Ogden to go to his island as gardener. While there a daughter was born, the first white child born on the island. She eventually became the wife of Alfred Goss, of Madrid woolen mill fame, who afterwards went West and became a millionaire.

Source: History of Madrid, from our County and its people – A Memorial Record of St. Lawrence Co., NY Edited by Gates Curtis 1894. This book is available at for viewing.

I would say that Alfred’s wife was Caroline Thomas based on the above excerpt.  Other researchers believe she was born 21 September 1815 in Madrid, New York.

Here is an article from the local newspaper that helps to add more to this idea that Caroline was Caroline Thomas. It is about a John Thomas who had a sister named Caroline. There father was Josiah Thomas. This article is 3 columns long describing John Thomas and his life and military career. I only share the first part of the piece regarding Caroline.

Source: Ogdensburg Journal, June 7, 1892 pg 4, 3 cols. source of this newspaper came from the Northern New York Historical Newspapers database: 

John Thomas Article

1892 John Thomas Article a portion of article about his life

Alfred was a very busy man. He has lots of deeds listed in the index for Grantors and Grantees in St. Lawrence Co., NY. Far too many for me to present here. So I have selected some and encourage you to read his brothers sections as well for more about Alfred Goss, my focus being on the brothers interacting with each other.

DEED/RECEIPTS: 1836 Bk 32 pg 34: These receipts were presented in the published post about Jesse Goss for February 27th 1836, Alfred Goss to John Horton. These are rent due on the lease that Jesse Goss created with Lord and Rice back in 1810 covering the water rights to run his clothing mill. It looks to me like Alfred paid up.

DEED: 1837: This deed was published in the post about their father Jesse Goss showing the heirs of this man. This is an important deed because Alfred Goss is buying from Chester, Austin and Clark land from their father Jesse Goss deceased.  The Commissioners and Alfred present his deed vs. Chester Goss and young under age Austin J/I Goss and Clark S. Goss.  This is found in the St. Lawrence County Deeds at FamilySearch, 1837 December 20: Bk 27 pg 403 1841. Recorded the 25th day of April 1838.

Jesse Goss, the father died in 1825 and it took years for the land that he possessed to be sold. We learn that Austin and Clark are minors and there will be a guardianship created for them in 1837 that I present in the next post about these two sons of Jesse Goss.

In 1832 Alfred  Goss and Chester Goss appear on a list of many men:

Republican Young Men’s Convention – The undersigned hereby consent that their names may be affixed to a notice calling a convention of Young Men of the county of St. Lawrence, friendly to the General and State Administrations, to meet at the Court-House in Canton, on the 12th day of October next to adopt such measures as shall be thought proper with reference to the approaching election – Dated September 1832. Source: St. Lawrence Republic & Northern Light, October 19 1832 pg. 1.

In 1837 Alfred again appears as a delegate from Madrid with H.B. Richardson, and C. Fenton regarding  meeting of Republic Delegates to be held at the Court house in Canton on 4 October 1837. Source: St. Lawrence Republican, Oct 10, 1837 page 1. 

1840 U.S. census Albert Goss appears residing in Madrid, St. Lawrence, New York.

  • Free White Persons – Males – 5 thru 9 – 2
  • Free White Persons – Males – 30 thru 39 – 1
  • Free White Persons – Females – Under 5 – 1
  • Free White Persons – Females – 10 thru 14 – 1
  • Free White Persons – Females – 20 thru 29 – 1
  • Persons Employed in Commerce – 1
  • Free White Persons – Under 20 – 4
  • Free White Persons – 20 thru 49 – 2
  • Total Free White Persons -6
  • Total All Persons – Free White, Free Colored, Slaves – 6

Something real interesting happens in 1844. Alfred Goss appears in a very large ad for the Democratic Mass Convention as a member of the Corresponding Committee to respond to the nomination of Polk & Dallas for President and Vice-President of the United States. Did Alfred have a change of heart and turned his political allegiance from Republican to Democratic?

Large Large Add Democratic

Democratic Mass Convention with Alfred Goss

Alfred Goss was running a Wool business in Madrid. It looks like he continued his father Jesse’s business. Here is a copy of one of many ads in the St. Lawrence County newspapers.

Wool Add1848

Wool Ad for Alfred Goss

According to the history books of the area, Alfred was involved with the town of Madrid’s government:

Town supervisors: Alfred Goss: 1843-4, pg. 841

Source: A History of St. Lawrence and Franklin Counties, New York: from the earliest period to the present time, by Franklin B. Hough, 1853 pg 715.

Alfred Goss also became the Postmaster for Madrid on 4 May 1848 to about July 1849. Source: U.S. Appointments of U.S. Postmasters, 1832 to 1971.

1850 U.S. Census Alfred Goss male 42 born 1808 in New York is residing in Madrid, St. Lawrence, New York. Occupation Manufacturer, Real estate $22000. With him is Caroline age 36 born in NY, Jessa A. age 17 born NY Student, John T. age 15 born New York, Josephine age 13, Lucinda Pratt age 15 and Emeline age 13 born Canada.

Alfred Goss is listed in the Industry Census for 1850 U.S. census in Madrid, St. Lawrence, New York and you see his Woolen Factory is listed.

1850IndustrycensusAlfredGoss - Copy

Alfred Goss 1850 US Industry Census Madrid

Here we have more references to Alfred and one to his brother Austin in the history books of St. Lawrence Co., New York:

The Canton, Morley and Madrid Plank-Road Company, formed January 1851; road finished August, 1851; length 11 1/4 miles. Silas H. Clark, Alfred Goss, H. Hodskin, etc. first directors. page 130.

The United States Mutual Insurance Company, the following were first directors, Amos Blood….Alfred Goss, 1851, West Potsdam. page 246.

In 1852 the society (1st Methodist Church) bought the store of Alfred Goss, and fitted it up as a place of worship.

From the town-hall we pass to the town-officers covered from 1802 to 1877: Alfred Goss 1841 to 42, Austin J. Goss 1853, page 283. 

Source: History of St. Lawrence Co., New York: Illustrations and biographical sketches etc. by S. W. Durant and H.B. Peirce, 1878. These history books are available at Internet archive for searching and you might find more on this family then what I have presented here.

DEED 1 August 1851 – Bk 44, pg188 and 189 St. Lawrence Co., New York:  Alfred bought land from the Westcott family in Canton and Madrid for $1200 Village of Columbia town of Madrid. About fifty six hundredths of an acre, excepting 10 feet of the rear and other exceptions and more…Signed by John Westcott, Druzilla Westcott and Arabella Westcott. Witnesses by N.B. Richardson.  I have found that deeds that are involved with land or lots in a town or city seem to have very small acreage but can be quite complicated and the price for the land expensive. This is only one of many similar deeds Alfred Goss was involved with of this type.

Alfred Goss migrates to Wisconsin about 1856: 

Hudson Wisconsin

Hudson, Wisconsin on the St. Croix River

In the 1860 U.S. Census Alfred Goss is now living in Hudson, Ward 2, St. Croix, Wisconsin. He is 52 years old, born New York about 1808, Occupation Banker, Real Estate $22700 personal $10000. With him are Caroline age 46, Jesse Goss age 26, born New York, Cashier, John age 24 born New York Clerk, Josephine age 21 born New York and Mary Hamling age 19 Domestic born Ireland.

The Bureau of Land Management Website has a listing for Alfred and Alfred J. Goss for many land patents in Wisconsin and Iowa. Here is the link for searching their database:

Alfred Goss has land patents for Wisconsin totaling 25 patents in various counties. He has 12 patents for St. Croix County included in the 25 total. Is it really him? Well you would have to take a look at deeds in the deed books because patents are usually included in the Clerk’s court books. I cannot access these deed records them from home so it means a visit to the courthouse. Meanwhile at the BML Search area you can study surveys and look at the patent itself and more.


St. Croix County, Wisconsin

Here is the list for St. Croix alone:


BLM Glo Records for Land Patents for Alfred Goss, only St. Croix, Wisconsin

These are not all of the land patents because Alfred Goss had Land Patents in Iowa to about 50+ in a variety of counties of which 10 are in Dickinson County, Iowa where his Estate was recorded.

Historic Hudson by a Willis H. Miller #504 – presented an article about the First National established in 1863. They are referring to the First National Bank. This article is a full page discussing the history of this bank.  I am focusing on Alfred Goss and son specifically in this article:

There were six stockholders “Its six original stockholders were Alfred Goss, Lucian P. Wetherby, John Comstock, Alfred J. Goss, William H. Crowe and Amos E. Jefferson. The capital stock was $30,000…

During the first 75 years – 1863 to 1938 – the bank had only seven presidents: John Comstock, Alfred Goss, Amos E. Jefferson, John A. Humbird, David C. Fulton, William H. Phipps and Stephen C. Phipps. 

In 1866 Alfred suffered a loss of buildings in the Great Fire of Hudson – two store buildings, and two small dwelling houses $5,000, insured 500. Source: Semi-Weekly Wisconsin (Milwaukee) Sat. May 26, 1866 pg. 2. The book Hudson Early Days by Genevieve Cline Day, is at FamilySearch for reading and downloading. This book describes this Great Fire in some detail.

Alfred Goss was living in Hudson, St. Croix, Wisconsin in the 1870 U.S. Census, He was 61 years old, Bank President with $100,000 Real Estate and $15,000 Personal, born New York. With him was Caroline age 53 keeping house with $1000 in Real Estate and $1000 personal, Anna Burns age 20 Domestic Servant, born Ireland.

Here is a little more about Alfred and his Banking career and Alfred Jesse Goss as well.

The First National Bank was organized under the 1863 general banking law with a capital of $50,000 and the following officers: John Comstock, president; A. E. Jefferson, cashier. The original directors were L. P. Wetherby, Alfred Goss, Wm. H. Crown, John Comstock, Amos E. Jefferson, Alfred J. Goss. The bank deals in foreign exchange and transacts a general exchange and collection business. A safe and thriving business is being done at this time under the management of the following gentlemen: John Comstock, president; A. E. Jefferson, cashier; H. A. Taylor, John C. Spooner, T. D. Harding. A. L. Clarke, and Jas. A. Andrews, directors. 

The Hudson Savings Bank, formerly the National Savings Bank of Hudson, was organized October, 1870, with Alfred Goss, president, and A. J. Goss, cashier, having two departments, general banking and exchange, domestic and foreign bills bought and sold. Savings department; deposits of one dollar and upwards received and interest paid, compounding every six months.

Source:  History of Washington Co. and the St. Croix Valley including the Explorers and Pioneers of Minnesota, by Rev. E. D. Neill and more 1881. Pages dealing with St. Croix Co. 219-250. There are many Goss references, these two seemed most promising.

Online at

There was an Old Fire house built by 1872 in Hudson and according to an article from Historic Hudson by Willis H. Miller, this building was constructed during the administration of Alfred G. Goss Mayor and City Clerk James A. Bunker. The following year Philo Q. Boyden was major and a tower was added. Alfred Goss is said to have owned the Old Fire House at Third and Walnut and he sold it for $1000. This is only a small part of the full page article which is more on the history of this building. I found this article to be a bit confusing because Alfred Goss died on July 22, 1871 so if Alfred did sell the land and building it had to be done prior to his death. In 1927 the Old Fire House was torn down to house the City Government of Hudson. The other problem is the reference to Alfred G. Goss as Mayor. Since I do not know Alfred Goss’s middle name I believe that there is a mystery here, maybe an error? I would try for a deed of sale but I cannot access them online at this time for St. Croix Co., Wisconsin. I have also tried for a list of the Mayors of Hudson but so far I have not been successful.

Caroline Goss appears in the 1880 U.S. Census, living in Hudson, St. Croix, Wisconsin on 3rd St. age 65 born 1815 in New York, Widowed, Father and mother born Vermont. She is living with a Loraine Coary, age 51, and her sons Frank age 24 Fire Insurance, and Fred age 21 bank bookkeeper. Note: It  is possible that the name Coary is misspelled and should read Crary? Another article from Historic Hudson by Willis H. Miller, covers the life of a Fred Oren Crary (1858-1947) and that he was a cousin of Alfred J. Goss. Fred came in 1878 to St. Croix from New York to work at the National Bank of Hudson. We have another mystery.

Alfred Goss Sr. and Caroline Thomas’ children:

Alfred Jesse Goss born 1833 in New York and died 17 May 1907 in Hudson, St. Croix, Wisconsin. Alfred Jesse Goss’s story is very complicated so I will continue it at the end of this post. He and his father are very connected.

John T. Goss was born about 1835 in New York and died 12 February 1861. He is buried in Old Willow River Cemetery in Hudson. He does appear in the 1850 and 1860 census. He was 26 years of age at his death.

Josephine Goss born about 1838 in New York. She died 25 Sep 1862 in Wisconsin and is buried in the Old Willow River Cemetery. Her husband was Hamilton Murray Peyton. Hamilton was born 17 March 1835 in Ontario Co., New York and died 27 Dec 1928 in Pasadena, Los Angeles, California. They are buried in Forest Hill Cemetery in Duluth, St. Louis Co., Minnesota. There is a very detailed obituary with additional information dated Dec. 28, 1928 from the Duluth News-Tribune at Find A Grave. It states that he married Josephine on 8 February 1862 and she died of illness. There is also a picture of Hamilton. He was a very important businessman. It does not appear that they had any children. Hamilton remarried after the death of Josephine and had about ten children with Martha J. Newton born 5 July 1841 in Syracuse, New York and died 8 March 1919 in Duluth, St. Louis County, Minnesota. She is also buried in Forest Hill Cemetery in Duluth. There is a very good obituary notice about her at Find A Grave.

A very curious thing has happened, Alfred Goss’s will shows up as a copy in Iowa, U.S Wills and Probate Records 1758 to 1997 for Dickinson County, Iowa on Ancestry. It is a full five pages pg 51 to 55. The will was done in 1864. I believe it was after his two children John and Josephine had passed. It would be very interesting to obtain a copy of Alfred’s Estate file. I am sure it is quite large in St. Croix county, Wisconsin and maybe Dickinson County.

Will Summary:  Exemplified Copy  of Will and Codicil of Alfred Goss, deceased)) Filed for record October 14, 1886 W. S. Kimberly, Clerk. I Alfred Goss of the City of Hudson, St. Croix County, Wisconsin being of sound mind and memory…First…I give devise and bequeath to my wife Caroline Goss all real estate in Madrid, St. Lawrence Co., NY….and land in Hudson, little farm and store and lot in Hudson and more and furniture and fixtures etc. stock in First National Bank amount to $10,000…Second I give and bequeath to my son Alfred J. Goss all the rest residue and remaining of all my estate both real and personal. Alfred requests a suitable family monument upon the lot owned and occupied by one as a family burial ground in the Willow River Cemetery….Said son to pay said wife $200 a year and every year after — signed 13 July 1864,   Alfred Goss seal. Witnessed by H.C. Baker, P.I.Boydori and John Comstock all of Hudson. This is a very complicated will and more detailed then what I give here.

Codicil – on 25 May – Alfred makes alterations – That my wife Caroline Goss have in money in her own right five thousand dollars $5000 instead of the Madrid property and a piece of land. Alfred has disposed of the lands etc. that he had plan to give her in the will. Signed 25 May 1869 in presence of John Comstock.

Proving of will – approved and allowed and recorded at St. Croix 26 day Feb 1872 Signed Jn’a Moffat…In the Matter – The petition of Caroline Goss praying that the last will and testament of Alfred Goss late of the City of Hudson in the Co. of St. Croix may be proved and admitted to Probate Court on this day to be heard…John Comstock appears and certified the will…declared to be the Last Will and Testament of Alfred Goss – signed by the Judge Jon. Moffat County Judge. They then compared the copy and Moffat signed off. 

State of Iowa, County of Dickinson))) I W. T. Pillsbury, Clerk of Circuit Court Sept 1, 1886, Exemplified copy of the will and instrument…duly proved and allowed by said court as a Foreign will and codicil…personal estate within the State of Iowa of Alfred Goss, late of St. Croix. Signed by W. F. Pillsbury Clerk. 

Alfred Goss died on 22 July 1871 Hudson, St. Croix, Wisconsin. He is buried in the Old Willow River Cemetery in Hudson. He has a large obelisk that is really imposing. So far no obituary notice has been found for him in Wisconsin, Iowa or New York in online newspapers at and Genealogy Bank. There are potential newspapers that are not online that could be consulted.

I did find this about Alfred:

Alfred Goss, a prominent banker and businessman, came to Hudson in the late 1850s. He was an officer of the First National Bank which was organized in 1863. In 1870 the Hudson Savings Bank was organized with Alfred Goss as its president. Mr. Goss also invested in the construction of downtown buildings including the Goss-Boyden block, built in 1871. This building now houses the Eckberg Lammers Law Firm, in the former bank location, and San Pedro Cafe occupies the space where Philo Boyden operated his drug store. When the Hudson Bank failed in the Panic of 1893, Harry L. North spearheaded its reopening as the Bank of Hudson. North served as its president until his death in 1911. 

Source: St. Croix County Historical Society, Octagon House Museum, March 25, 2017 Blog. They presented this brief article on their website. There is also a picture of Alfred Goss?

Caroline Thomas Goss died 8 November 1890 and she too is buried in the Old Willow River Cemetery in Hudson, St. Croix, Wisconsin.

Death’s Call – Mrs. Caroline Goss, Widow of the late Alfred Goss Sr. died at Santa Rosa, California Saturday, Nov. 8, after a brief illness. The remains were brought here for burial and the funeral will occur this afternoon at 3 o’clock, from the residence of deceased’s son Mr. A.J. Goss, on Second street. Rev. J. Tresidder of the Methodist church officiates. Mrs. Goss located in Hudson in 1856/8 with her family. Since the death of her husband she spent most of her life in California, where she found the climate more congenial. Her death will be learned with genuine sorrow by all of our old settlers, as she was a gracious lady, kindly and generous in all her impulses and for many years a very helpful member of this community. Source: Hudson Star Observer, November 14, 1890.

Alfred Jesse Goss, son of Alfred and Caroline Goss: 

Alfred Jesse Goss was born 1833 in New York and died 17 May 1907 in Hudson, St. Croix, Wisconsin.

Alfred Jesse Goss or Jesse A. Goss was living with his parents in the 1850 and 1860 U.S. Census. In 1850 he was 17 years old and in 1860 he was 26 years old. See above for more details of these census under Alfred.

Alfred Jesse Goss married Carrie Martin on 30 October 1861 in Madrid. She was born 8 November 1834 in Madrid, St. Lawrence Co., New York. Her formal name was Caroline Martin. We have a father and son marrying a person named Caroline. Fortunately, Caroline Martin Goss used Carrie for her first name.

I return to the Bureau of Land Management Website which has listings for Alfred J. Goss for land patents in Wisconsin. I had to search using just Alfred Goss and the ones for Alfred J. show up on the second page of the listing. Alfred J. has 10 land patents but none in St. Croix. The patents are in Rusk, Bayfield, and Douglas Counties, Wisconsin. Here is the link for searching their database: 

Alfred J. Goss is living in Hudson, St. Croix, Wisconsin according to the 1870 U.S. Census. A. J. Goss born 1834 in New York, occupation cashier at 1st National Bank, Personal Estate $15,000, Real estate $100. Living with him are Carrie Goss, keeping house, age 34, born New York. Payton age 7 born Wisconsin, James B. age 5, born Wisconsin and John age 1 born Wisconsin. J.B. Matin age 27, Druggist, $3500 personal, born New York.

Alfred J. Goss appears in the 1880 U.S. census in Hudson, St. Croix, Wisconsin, age 46, Banker, born New York, wife Carrie age 45 born New York, Peyton son age 17 at school, James B. son age 15 at school, John D. son at school all born Wisconsin. Kate Murphy age 24, servant born Virginia.

Alfred J. Goss and his involvement with a lumber company in 1882:

Articles of incorporation of the White River Lumber Company, of Hudson, with a capital stock of $500,000, and John A. Humbird, Alfred J. Goss, and C.Y. Denniston as incorporators, have been filed with the Secretary of the State. Source: The Weekly Wisconsin (Milwaukee, Wisc) Weds Nov 8, 1882, pg 6.

In 1893 Alfred Jesse Goss got himself into some real trouble.

Failing Banks – A Wisconsin Savings Bank Closes – Hudson, Wisconsin June 9, The Hudson Savings Bank closed its doors today with the following notice: “Closed owing to the stringency of the money market; we deem it best, in justice to our depositors, to suspend for the present. The bank has assets enough to cover all deposits.” This suspension caused much commotion among businessmen. Nearly $700,000 were on deposit. Farmers and laboring men, as well as business houses, are interested to amounts aggregating a large sum. The general belief is that the bank will find it difficult to renew business. The city funds were deposited in the bank. Alfred Goss is president of the bank and A.J. Goss cashier. (This is incorrect Alfred had died in 1871). The last statement of the condition of the bank, issued Jan 2 last, shows the following to be the condition of the bank’s affairs: It goes on to list the resources and the liabilities. Source Times Picayune, New Orleans pg. 2 June 10, 1893. 

Bad Bank Scandals – Some Light on President Goss’ Peculiar Methods, Accounts with his parents who are dead. Efforts to Show that the Published Statement of the Bank’s condition was not true, Bank a Mere Shadow of Which Mr. Goss was the Sole Substance. Hudson, Wis. Sept 4 — The Preliminary examination of Alfred J. Goss cashier of the Hudson Savings bank. They go on to ask for an appointment of a receiver (bankruptcy) for the Minneapolis property valued at $100,000. Apparently Alfred Jesse Goss ran the bank as cashier but he was not the president? He gave a loan to his son. The article points to fraud. Source: Portage Daily Democrat (Portage, Wisconsin) 5 September Tues page 1.

This whole situation with the bank failing in 1893 is very complicated and court records will need to be consulted and these might actually be ones for the State not just the county. There are more articles in the newspapers then what I have presented here.

Alfred J. Goss is living in Hudson, St. Croix, Wisconsin in the 1900 U.S. Census, Alfred J. Goss age 66 born Sep 1833 in New York, no occupation given. With him are Carrie M. wife, born Nov. 1834, age 65 married 39 years, 3 children born, 3 living, she was born in New York, her parents were born in Vermont. With them is Roger a grandson, born July 1894 age 5 in Wisconsin, at school. Josie Johnson servant, born Sept. 1877 age 22 in Norway.

Alfred Jesse Goss died 17 May 1907 in Hudson. He is buried in the Old Willow River Cemetery there.

“Alfred J. Goss of Hudson, a prominent citizen and former banker, died last Friday, aged 76 years.” Source: Pierce Co., Herald (Wisconsin), May 23, 1901.

Pioneer Banker Deed – Alfred J. Goss of Hudson Passes Away – President of Defunct Savings Bank. – Hudson. Wis., May 17 – [Special.] – Alfred J. Goss, a pioneer banker of this section, died at his home here early this morning. Mr. Goss was president of the Hudson Savings bank, which failed in 1893 with $700,000 in liabilities. Dividends were paid to the amount of 60 per cent. Source: The Herald (Readstown, Wisconsin) Thu May 23, 1901 pg 6.

Carrie appears in the 1910 U.S. Census living in Hudson, Head age 75 widowed, 3 children born, 3 living, born New York, parents born Vermont. With her is Rodger, grandson age 15, born Wisconsin. Martha Vanderzajht, Servant, age 42 born in Wisconsin, parents in Holland.

In the 1920 U.S. Census Carrie is living in Hudson, St. Croix, Wisconsin, age 85, born 1835 in Vermont. She has a Martha Unknown working as a maid living with her. Again in the 1930 U.S. Census Carrier M. is in Hudson, with Home Value $25,000, age 95, widowed, born New York, parents born Vermont, With Carrie is Martha Vanderzajht, Servant, age 60 born in Wisconsin, parents in Holland, Servant in a private home. I think that Martha in 1920 is the same person.

Some news about Carrie Martin Goss, Alfred Jesse’s wife:

Opera House dates from 1880 – From Historic Hudson by Willis H. Miller #413. This is a history of the Hudson Opera House its builders and owners. “Crowe disposed of the Opera House in the 1890’s, when Alfred J. Goss (1833 to 1901) took over ownership of the property. With the collapse of the Hudson Savings Bank in 1893 (where Alfred Goss was president) ownership of the property was transferred to Goss’ wife, Caroline Martin Goss (1834-1936), who remained owner until after World War I. Then in 1919, Christian E. Haugen (1868-1941) bought the Opera House and moved his expanding men’s clothing store to the Opera House, occupying the entire street lower space.” Then the article continues on about the history of the Opera House.

Hudson Woman dies at age of 102 – Hudson, Wisconsin (UP) Mrs. Caroline Martin Goss, 102, died Tuesday after a short illness. Mrs. Goss was born in Madrid, NY, November 8, 1834. On Oct. 30, 1861, she married and came directly to Hudson where she spent most of her life. She is survived by two sons, Peyton Goss, Portland, Ore. and J.B. Goss of St. Paul. 

An article appears in Distinguished Hudson Men and Women by Willis Harry Miller, B.A. Secretary of the St. Croix County Historical Society etc. Star-Observer Print, 1949, about Carrie M. Goss with a picture of her.

In recalling so many of these old familiar names one just cannot omit Caroline Martin Goss (1834-1936) who for over 70 years made her home in Hudson. Mrs. Goss, who was 102 years old when she died, was reputed to have been on of the oldest persons in Western Wisconsin at the time of her passing. She was born in New York, and came to Hudson as a bride in 1861, where her husband Alfred J. Goss (1833-1901) was in the banking business. A woman of remarkable talent and friendliness, Mrs. Goss was loved and respected by all. It was her privilege to witness the development of this city, from a raw and blustery frontier settlement to the modern twentieth century city of today. Mrs. Goss, along with Mrs. Amos Jefferson, was one of the founders of the Ladies Library Association – the forerunner of the present Hudson Public Library. page 10.

Her son John D. Goss 1893-97 is listed on page 23 under Judges for St. Croix County 1844-1949.

Here is a link to a PDF of the Distinguished Men and Women and it is also at FamilySearch:’sDistinguished.pdf

Carrie Martin Goss again appears in this booklet: Hudson Early Days by Genevieve Cline Day. At FamilySearch for reading and downloading.

Others who came before 1860 were Alfred Goss, banker; T.E. Williams, merchant etc. Alfred Goss’s house was located on 702 Second.

On page 68 there is a picture of the late Caroline Martin Goss’s home (1834-1936). On page 79 Caroline Martin Goss tells in her “Memoirs” that the rebuilding of the town was begun almost before the ashes were cold. (Hudson Fire of May 1866). Index: Alfred Goss pages 32, 28, Caroline (Martin) Goss page 68 and 79. The Memoirs of Carrie are probably at the St. Croix Historical Society.

Alfred Jesse Goss and Carrie/Caroline Martin had these children:

Alfred Peyton Goss Sr. was born 4 October1862 in Hudson, Wisconsin and died on 12 June 1945. He is buried in Portland, Oregon in the River View Cemetery. He married Julia Melvina Keefe on 20 November 1901 in Stillwater, Washington, Minnesota. Julia was born 1874 and died 1969. They had Alfred P. Goss 1904 to 1925, James K. Goss 1905 to 1940 and John Dean Goss 1909 to 2000, he married to Frances Eline Willis 17 February 1940. He is buried in River View Cemetery in Portland, Oregon. I have seen Peyton spelled Payton. Alfred served as a soldier in the Spanish-American War in 1898 Military Date 7 June 1899 Unit: 3 Wisconsin Infantry, Co. C.

James Bean Goss was born 15 October 1864 in Hudson, Wisconsin and died November 1937 in Saint Paul, Ramsey, Minnesota. He is buried in the Willow River Cemetery in Hudson, St. Croix, Wisconsin. James Bean Goss married on the 15 of October 1890 in St. Croix, Wisconsin to Mary Coit Denniston born 8 Apr 1869 in Hudson and died 1953 in Hudson. She is buried in the Old Willow River Cemetery. A city directory of St. Paul, Minnesota dated 1939 has Mary at 29 Fry a widow of James B.

Please note:  The Willow River Cemetery is written Old Willow River Cemetery in some records.

John Dean Goss was born 3 October 1869 in Hudson and died 3 November 1934/35 in Marion Co., Oregon which became Coos County. He is buried in the Sunset Memorial Park in Coos Bay, Oregon.

John Dean Goss married first to Elizabeth Gertrude Fulton born 14 July 1872 and died 21 August 1894 in St. Croix Co., Wisconsin. She married Judge John D. Goss on 12 July 1893 in St. Croix. They had a son named Roger Fulton 1894 to 1918. He died in Camp Green North Carolina, U.S. Army Base Hospital, Cap’t Co. 14 Rot Camp 33. He died of pneumonia following Influenza according to this death certificate. In the 1910 US Census John Dean Goss moved to Oregon and he states he is widowed.

John married second to Elizabeth H. Howard Lawler born 12 March 1882 Trumball, Ohio and died 20 December 1976 in Wheeler, Tillamook, Oregon. She is also buried in Sunset Memorial Park. They married 30 June 1913 in Marshfield, Coos, Oregon. They adopted a daughter named Barbara Goss born 10 January 1919 in Seattle and died 24 April 2002.  Elizabeth was married before to a William M. Lawler about 1902 but by 1910 she was with her parents.


Picture of John Dean Goss, Senator of Oregon

Senator Goss of Coos Dies when Hit by Auto-Bus – Marshfield Legislator Probably Victim of Heart Failure Brought on by Shock; driver of Greyhound Buss Exonerated; Was Leader in Senate and in Southwestern, Oregon. State Senator John D. Goss of Marshfield, one of the most accomplished and influential members of the state legislature, died instantly…was struck by a bus…Senator Goss is survived by his widow and a daughter Barbara. A son was killed in action in the World war…He was an attorney in Marshfield for more than 28 years…wide interests newspaper work, banking. stock raising, dairy farming, mining, lumbering, manufacturing and politics claimed his attention. Goss was born in Hudson, Wisconsin on October 3, 1869 the son of a banker. He attended University of Wisconsin, receiving his A.B. when he was only 19 years old. He received his Master of Arts degree at Columbia, and his degree of law at University of Minnesota, where he later spent a year studying medicine.  He was admitted to the bar in New York City in 1891 and following Midwest newspaper work, he practiced law in New York for several years. At various times he was interested in iron deposits in Minnesota, gold in Colorado, and mica in North Carolina. In 1900 he became associated with gold mining interests in eastern Oregon where, in 1902, he and a brother established the first bank in Grant Co., in Canyon City. In 1906 Major L.D. Kinney, one of the pioneer builders of North Bend, asked Goss to come to Oregon as his attorney. After several visits here he became interested in copper mining in Curry County, and came to the bay to make his home…Funeral services for the late Senator John D. Goss…will be held from the Thuerwachter funeral home in Marshfield at 2 o’clock Tuesday afternoon. The articles go on and on about him and the circumstances of his death. Source: The Capital Journal (Salem, Oregon) 4 Nov. 1935 Mon Page 8. Marshfield is now Coos Bay, Oregon.

I have come to a stopping place for Alfred Jesse Goss and his family. 

Three Brothers and a deed: 

A very curious thing happened between three brothers in about 1851, Alfred, Chester and Austin J.. This had to do with the cemetery or burying grounds in Madrid, St. Lawrence Co., New York.

DEED 22 March 1851 – Bk 44 A. pg 69 – All 3 Chester, Alfred & Austin the burying grounds.

Know all Men by these presents that we Alfred Goss, Chester Goss and Austin J. Goss (heirs at law of Jesse Goss deceased) all of the town of Madrid, County of St. Lawrence and State of New York, do on this 22d day of March A.D. 1851 in conformity with and act of the State of New York passed April 18, 1847 entitled “An Act to Exempt Certain Burying Grounds from sale or legal process” hereby set apart the following described premises for the purpose of a family Burying ground to the aforesaid Alfred Goss, Chester Goss, and Austin J. Goss their heirs and descendants forever. All that certain piece or parcel of land situate in the aforesaid town and county on the eastside of Grass river in the village of New Brooklyn. beginning on….described in detail. In Witness whereof, The above parties have hereunto set their hands and seals. Signed by Alfred Goss, Chester Goss and Austin J. Goss. Witnessed by H.B. Richardson JP. On 28 March 1851 Alfred, Chester and Austin appeared before H.B. Richardson acknowledging their execution of the same.

Summary:  Alfred Goss seems to have been a very amazing person. He was interested in business, politics, banking, real estate and more. What made him decide to leave New York and head west is unknown but I suspect it was land. In one history book it states he went West and became a millionaire. Well I don’t know exactly how much he was worth at the end of his life but he was doing very well from the census information and other articles about his life. I am a bit frustrated because I cannot access deeds, court records, some newspapers and other sources to really get a full picture of him. That missing obituary about him also is a puzzle. I took a look at the records for Dickinson Counties, Iowa and they are listed but you cannot access online. You have to be at the Family History Library or one of their family centers. As for Wisconsin there were no deeds or court records listed so you would have to dig deeper by going to the courthouse unless they have been transferred to another archive.

His son Alfred Jesse Goss was also quite the businessman with his interests in banking and lumbering. It would be interesting to see his probate/estate file. It looks like his wife Carrie Martin Goss was also quite the lady. I encourage you to look up the Distinguished Men and Women of Hudson Booklet by Mr. W. H. Miller mentioned above and seek out her photo. She looks nice.

As usual, I have many questions and more research I would like to do for Alfred and his family but, it means going to St. Croix and St. Lawrence Counties and that means time and money. I have also given alot of tidbits and have some theories of my own about the two men. It is time to move on. If you have any questions please contact me. 

I would like to thank the Hudson Public Library. They put me in touch with a Mr. Wopat of the St. Croix Historical Society and he helped me a lot with basic research and tracking down more on Alfred and his family, thank you. 

In the next post, I will write about the remaining two brothers Austin J. Goss and Clark S. Goss, sons of Jesse Goss and Olive Underwood.

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2 Responses to The children of Jesse Goss, a son of Thomas and Sarah Goss: Part 1b-b: Alfred Goss 1808 to 1871

  1. Tina Pfeiffer says:

    The Goss family you researched are my husband’s maternal ancestors. His grandfather was John Dean Goss of Portland, Oregon, named after John D. Goss, the state senator of Marshfield (now Coos Bay), Oregon. My husband is Chris Pfeiffer, his mother is of the Goss lineage, the first girl born into the family in several generations. We are currently working on genealogy about the Goss family and plan to visit Hudson, Wisconsin for more research. We have many, many documents, letters, photos and other ephemera from the family. If you’re interested in discussing any of this, please contact us.

    • BJ MacDonald says:

      Tina: Thanks for stopping by. I will study your information and get back to you. I will contact you by email so we can share information. Bonnie

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