Solomon Goss leaves Luzerne County for Ohio 1790 to 1795

Solomon Goss decided to leave the Huntington Valley for the west. We don’t know exactly what he had in mind, but he did find his way to Ohio by 1795. What possesses a man to decide to pack up and … Continue reading

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Solomon Goss and Bounty Land Warrants 1790 and later 1800…

When I was touring in Pennsylvania back in 2008, I visited the David Library of the American Revolution. It was located north of Philadelphia near Washington’s Crossing. They will be moving to Philadelphia in 2020.  This is good news for … Continue reading

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The Revolutionary War: Solomon Goss a prisoner in Forty Fort in 1778

It took awhile, for me to learn that there were levels in the Revolutionary Army.  There is the local militia, the state militia and the Continental Army or Washington’s Army if you like.  There might be another level, but I … Continue reading

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