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The Goss Family buys and sells land in Westmoreland County…Huntington 1777 to 1778

The Goss Family proceeded to buy and sell land in the Plymouth District from 1775 to 1778.  Huntington was part of that district. These deeds are also Westmoreland County Deeds.  Some family members were acting as witnesses to these deeds. … Continue reading

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Westmoreland Town and County are created: The Connecticut Assembly annexes the Wyoming Valley to Litchfield County in Connecticut — January 1774

In order to understand the history of the Wyoming Valley you have to understand that it was carved up and settled by settlers from mostly Connecticut under the Susquehannah Company.  The settlers themselves petitioned the government for county government on … Continue reading

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Connecticut’s Pennyslvania Colony – Untangling the Land Records of the Susquehannah Co..

In a past post, I shared about the Susquehannah Company Papers series of books because they are rather important in the genealogy of families who went to the Wyoming Valley in northeast Pennsylvania in 1762. We are most interest in … Continue reading

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