DAR and SAR Membership for Goss Family.

If you are a descendant of Philip Goss IV and his wife Mary (Kendall) Goss you can apply for membership in the DAR or Daughters of the American Revolution for females and the SAR or Sons of the American Revolution.

To apply, you must have an ancestor who either fought in the American Revolution, or made some kind of contribution to the cause of the revolution such as providing food, clothing, arms and was a prisoner of war. They call that Patriotic Service.

It is pronounced by the letters D A R without periods.

Here is the main website for the National DAR. https://www.dar.org/

You can go to the national website and conduct an Ancestor Search. I put in “Goss” only and got a nice long list that included these names. You can click on the A number and it will take you to Associated Applications and Supplements:


  1. Ebenezer Goss, #A046361 – Connecticut, Artificer, born 9/8/1760 Becket, Berkshire Co., MA and died 8/15/1832 Portage Co., Ohio Pension #S16129 service: Capt. Wiley’s Co., Col. Flower’s Regt of Artillery. Ebenezer has 14 applications to his name.
  2. Nathaniel Goss, #A046397 – Connecticut, Ensign, born 1/26/1748 Simsbury, Hartford Co., Connecticut, died 9/27/1812 in Huntington Twp., Luzerne Co., PA – 10th Co. Trainband Capt. John Franklin, 24th Reg.  Nathaniel has 12 applications associated with his name.
  3. Philip Goss, #A046408 – Connecticut, Patriotic Service, born 11/18/1724 Brookfield, Hampshire Co., MA and died 11/9/1778 Westmoreland Co., Connecticut. Philip has 12 applications associated with his name.  This man is known as Philip Goss IV and he married Mary Kendall.
  4. Solomon Goss, #A046414 – Connecticut, Patriotic Service, born 6/16/1754 Granville, MA, died 7/1/1825 Fearing Twp., Washington Co., Ohio, Prisoner of War.  Solomon had about 4 applications to his name among them Flora Montanye Osborn and her daughter Etta May Osborn Bebout. Flora did a lot of research on the Goss family and worked with Paul H. Goss.

Most individuals that join DAR find a Chapter near them and contact the chapter Registrar and begin the process of filling out the application.  You can also sign up At-Large which means you are not connected to a chapter but you do lose voting rights. So make sure you understand what At Large means.

On September 14, 2017, I attended a DAR Chapter meeting here in the Pacific Northwest near my home. I have been attending this chapter’s meetings on a regular basis, except for May when I was in Scotland. One year later as of September 14, 2018 I have signed my application for DAR Membership and wrote them a check. It should take about 2 months to process. On January 7, 2019 I was awarded my DAR Number and then on January 12, 2019, I was sworn into DAR at the local chapter meeting.  They gave me the rose.

DAR New Member Packet

I wanted to try to get into DAR on my Delano line but that didn’t work. The problem was Mary Delano Keller’s mother Lovina/Corina Smith. There is no documentation on her that I know of other than a marriage to Jonathan Askins in 1819. I have studied birth records and there is some confusion on them, marriage, death, deeds with her husband Stephen Delano but I have not been successful.  So DAR could not prove she was Mary’s mother. Sigh!  Others have come in under Stephen Delano and Mary Shaw mostly through Elizabeth the sister under the Torrey name.

So my application was changed and I went in under Solomon Goss through his daughter Lydia Goss Spracklin and her son Daniel D. Spracklin father of Amarilla and my 2nd great-grandfather.  This process delayed my becoming a member but I am okay with it because I now know why my great-grandmother Amarilla didn’t make it into DAR according to her granddaughter Miriam, my aunt and sister to my father. She could not prove her grandmother Lovina Smith Delano. So Keller descendants we need to get with it and figure her out.

I have visited the DAR Library in Washington D.C. three times and it has been a wonderful experience. My first visit was in 2000 when I discovered the DAR and Mayflower connection thanks to Paul H. Goss and Flora M. Osborne. The second was in 2008 when I did a great deal of research on the family since I knew a lot more.

Me & the DAR 2008

The third time was in 2011 and this time I went into the computer lab room and was able to obtain applications of others who had gone before me and became members.

DAR Library in 2011 Entrance

Inside the DAR Library 2011

You are probably wondering why I waited so long to join the DAR since I knew about it back in 2000. Well, I really was busy with researching my family, taking trips and seeing if I couldn’t find more information, being President of PS-APG Chapter of APG, Washington State Genealogy Society and their newsletter, I was also working full-time but left that job at the end of 2000 and opened my own genealogical business and helped over 50 individual’s with their research for about 11 years. I retired in stages and by 2015 I was out of all that and had the time to start working on hereditary memberships.  I am not done yet.

If you want to chat with me about this experience just try this email:  bjmcdonell@gmail.com


SAR – Sons of the American Revolution

If you are male you can apply with the Sons of the American Revolution.  You can conduct a search for an ancestor with the Patriot Search Results. I found the following for Goss. http://sarpatriots.sar.org/  

  1. Ebenezer Goss, PA, Artificer P-168380

Be careful I have found applications involving Philip Goss IV and his ancestors with the lineage being totally incorrect. The correct lineage is in the published Mayflower Silver books for William White. You can find these at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, any major large library, and genealogical societies. They may not have all of them so be aware. Also they have been published and republished so make sure you check the different years for one may have the information and the other not.

You will have to do your own research on how to join the Sons of the American Revolution, I do not know them as well as I do the DAR but suspect it is similar.