DNA Can it help with my Genealogical Research?

If you are a cousin and have not taken a DNA test please consider doing so.  You can start with autosomal atDNA and/or take a yDNA test if you are male.

I am very interested in the Keller surname and anyone who is a male descendant of John Keller.  http://www.worldfamilies.net/surnames/keller/

As of 3/8/2018 I have been given information for a Keller descendant of Wm. Franklin Keller and Ida Riblet.  I am currently updating his information and will let you know. He is Haplogroup R-M269.  Which I believe is now under a different designation.  More later.

A couple of months ago a visitor to this blog asked me if I had taken any DNA Tests, well I have. I have taken an autosomal and mtDNA test. A sibling of mine has taken a Family Finder autosomal test and a yDNA 67 and now a Y-DNA111 marker test at FamilyTree DNA.

DNA Chart - yDNA, mtDNA with autosomal in the middle

DNA Chart – yDNA, mtDNA with autosomal in the middle

If you have knowledge of a DNA projects that are for any of the lines for the Goss Family (Spracklin, Goss, Keller, Delano) and I know they are out there.  Please leave a comment so that others can benefit from your knowledge. Most projects are yDNA which follows the male line.

Here is what has been happening.


I have taken an autosomal test through 23&Me


They have updated my ancestry chart to read the following:

My Ethnicity is 99.6% European, 0.1 Middle Eastern & North African and 0.3 unassigned.  Northwestern Euorpean 96.5%,

  • British & Irish, 75.1,
  • French & German 8.9,
  • Scandinavian 0.9%,
  • Finnish <0.1%,
  • Broadly Northwestern European 11.5%,
  • Southern European 2.4%,
  • Iberian 0.4%,
  • Broadly Southern European 2.1% –
  • Broadly European 0.6%

23&Me has family trees but after a time they moved them to My Heritage  https://www.myheritage.com/   The tree at My Heritage is basic and mostly an outline of my family tree.  My tree is very complicated I have been working on it since 1999.  I do the blogging and am creating a tree at Ancestry.com which is currently private.


I transferred the test at 23 & Me to Family Tree DNA per the suggestion of a friend who does a lot of lecturing on DNA and genealogy.

I then took the mtDNA test (on sale) at Family Tree DNA and those results are also there. https://www.familytreedna.com/

My mtDNA Haplogroup is H3k1a. I did their full mtDNA sequence in March 2014.  I also did their Family Finder (autosomal) in November of 2013.  They give my Ancestry as 73% British Isles, 17% Western and Central Europe and 10% South Europe.

My brother and a cousin on the McDonald Side have also taken tests. My brother has a mtDNA test there and he is also H3k1a so we are definitely related, HA! He also has Family Finder and yDNA at Family Tree DNA. My cousin is Family Finder and yDNA at Family Tree as well.


I also have a DNA test at Ancestry.com.  dna.ancestry.com  I have a tree but at the moment it is private.  I am working on expanding that tree and will let you know when I open it to the public.  You can ask me at Ancestry to give you permission if you like.


As of 8/13/2017 I jumped on the bandwagon for My Heritage and decided to order their DNA Kit rather than upload my data to them. I am curious about their process. I have learned since then that they are using Family Tree DNA’s lab.

This is what they report: Irish, Scottish and Welsh 50.8%, Scandinavian 16.6%, English 14.7%, Eat Europe 11.7%, South Europe 6.2%, Italian 4.5%, Iberian 1.7%

To try and make sense of all this I am reading the following:

Beginners Guide to Genetic Genealogy by Kelly Wheatonhttps://sites.google.com/site/wheatonsurname/beginners-guide-to-genetic-genealogy  This is a free site and you can click and enjoy at your leisure. This might now be a little out of date because 23&Me has done a lot of revamping in the last year.

I am also reading: The Family Tree Guide to DNA Testing and Genetic Genealogy, by Blaine T. Bettinger. It is very good but not cheap $29.99 so try various websites to see if you can’t get a discounted price.  I have upgraded this to the 2nd Edition which should come soon.

In the last months I have pulled my DNA reports and files and put them into a binder so I would have it all it one place and could keep track of the ones I administer for others.

Andrews DNA Project: 

Here is a link to the Andrews project for DNA, we are linked to them through the Spracklins.  Elizabeth Andrews Spracklin is our link.

 Andrews DNA project for males at Family Tree DNA


Please feel free to share and contact me, Bonnie:  bjmcdonell@gmail.com

Added June 14, 2019 – An overview article has appeared at CHECKBOOK (much liks Consumer Reports) about DNA Testing. It pays to understand what you are getting into if you do take a DNA test and what to expect.  It is not written by genealogists but my other people. It is very good https://www.checkbook.org/puget-sound-area/dna-ancestry-services/

As of August 19, 2019

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