Elbert Garrett Goss – Descendants of Philip Goss of Lancaster, Massachusetts 1650…

In about 1995, Elbert Garrett Goss published his book and gave a copy to the Family History Library.


This book is titled: Descendants of Philip Goss of Lancaster, MA 1650

This book covers Philip Goss I and his marriage to Mary Prescott and then it talks about his son John Goss who married Mary Woods. John and Mary had another son name John Goss born in 1717 in Lancaster and who married Abigail Ball.  John and Abigail had a son named Joseph.

Joseph married Sarah Wilder in 1768 in Lancaster and they had John, Lucy and Asa b. 1776.

Asa married twice once to Hepzibah Fyfe of Berlin 28 May, 1803 in Sterling (intention of marriage). He married second to Mary Frizzeli about 1808 in Vermont.

Asa and Mary Goss’ son Darius married Sophia Blackstone. Darius and Sophia had Percy Darius Goss. Their son was Elbert Garrett Goss Sr.  Elbert married Florence Fry and they had Elbert Garrett Goss the man who wrote this 1995 publication. So we go from Lancaster, Massachusetts all the way to Colorado.

This manuscript also available at the Family History website to download. Elbert did a great job finding original sources.  I have not yet checked everything he has written so please beware.