Pennsylvania Wanderings: The Goss Family History Sites, September 2008: Overview…

Pennsylvania Wanderings: The Goss Family History Sites was a trip I took back in September of 2008 to Pennsylvania.  I was attending the Federation of Genealogical Society Conference in Philadelphia and decided to take a drive around the state of Pennsylvania in search of Goss Family history and to visit the sites that my cousin Paul H. Goss wrote about in his quest for the history of his and the Goss family.

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Cemeteries visited on this trip:

  1.  Forty-Fort Cemetery
  2.  Mossville Cemetery
  3.  Old Goss Cemetery near Harveyville, formerly Trescott Cemetery had burials of the Goss Family.
  4.  Pine Grove Cemetery – Goss Family
  5.  Rosemount Cemetery for a cousin
  6.  Scott Cemetery – also known as Waterton, Goss Family burials

Paul H. Goss taught me that the trips were as important as the actual research. He didn’t consider his trips a source but he did meet family, researchers, archives, searched cemeteries and attended reunions.  This was all part of the process of learning about the genealogy of a family and it was a very important source of information. So I try to document my trips as best I can.