Researchers of the Past!

Over the years, as I have been researching the Goss, Spracklin, Keller, Delano, MacDonald, Barclay and other surnames, I have come across researchers who did the work before me. Because of these past researchers I have learned a lot about our family history. I am very appreciative of their work and have written PAGES (on this blog) or what I call mini-biographies.  It is my way of saying thank you.

Here is a table of contents of those featured on this blog. Each has their own PAGE at the top of this blog which is a drop down menu, below this PAGE, so hover your mouse and make your selection:

The DAR Library in Washington D.C.

The DAR Library in Washington D.C.

1. Flora Montanye Osborn 1869-1951 – Goss Family History. She is a descendant of Levi Goss a son of Solomon and Olive (Scott) Goss.

2. Helen Cox Tregillis 1944 – 2004: ABC Family Chronicles – George Spracklin Family History. She is a descendant of George Spracklin and Arloa Turner Spracklin, a son of Peter and Elizabeth Spracklin and brother to John Andrews Spracklin, my ancestor.

3. Paul H. Goss (Paul Henry Goss) 1890-1963 – The Goss Family History and more. He is a descendant of Ebenezer Goss and Bede Blakeslee a son of Philip Goss IV and Mary Kendall

DAR Museum in Plymouth, MA

DAR Museum in Plymouth, MA

More PAGES to come…

4.  Jerry Devol, the late, a researcher in Washington County, Ohio whose work is housed in the Washington County Library Annex in Marietta. He research on many families in the area that included family histories, cemetery readings and more.  I have featured some of his research on the Devol family on this blog.  I also consulted his cemetery readings in my search for Goss family.

5. Miriam McDonald, Aunt to the compiler, sister to compiler’s father, Keith B. MacDonald.  See The Man Who Lived Airplanes blog for more on this side of the family.  Miriam was responsible for sending me family documents, family pedigrees, charts, photographs and pages of her notes.  She was the one that pointed the way to the connections to the Goss family through the Spracklins.

Still more PAGES to come…