Solomon and Olive (Scott) Goss an overview…

This page will cover the posts written about Solomon Goss and Olive (Scott) Goss. I have made a separate page for their children’s posts but be advised that I do mention the father Solomon Goss as I post about the children regarding deeds, the will and taxes. So you might want to review the children’s stories as well.

I have a lot more to share about Solomon and Olive (Scott) Goss. I will add them in time.

As this blog gets bigger and bigger it will become harder to find things.  Therefore for each family group there will be a page listing the blog posts written about that individual and/or their family.

This will make it easier to find the posts and study them and I highly recommend that you do that and not just jump around.  Please read the posts carefully it is important.  Always feel free to ask me questions and request copies of original documents.

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 GOSS – Solomon Goss and Olive Scott Goss

This page will be devoted to Solomon Goss and Olive (Scott) Goss and lives.

  • Welcome, dated July 2, 2011. This is an overview of how Solomon Goss ties into the Goss, Delano, Spracklin and Keller families.
  • Previous Travels in Search of Family History, July 2, 2011
  • Remembering Ohio 2007, July 13, 2011
  • Ohio Bound: The Goss Family Story Continues, August 13, 2011, Solomon Goss is mentioned as I traveled in Ohio in 2011 at various points on the trip. It reviews Solomon’s background.
  • Marietta and Washington County – A Dream Come True, September 13, 2011
  • Ancestor Outline by Armindo Spracklin, August 5, 2011
  • There is a page devoted to my travels and the posts I have written about them. That page is under the Home tab at the top. Solomon Goss is mentioned in those travel posts regarding the research I was doing at the time.

Solomon Goss and Olive (Scott) Goss:

Solomon and Olive Goss’s Family, October 14, 2011

U.S. Military Lands: Land Deeded to his Children! November 15, 2011

Solomon Goss, a restless son Ohio to Iowa, January 19, 2012. This is about the son Solomon Goss and Polly (Devol) Goss who migrated to Hardin Co., Ohio after selling Solomon’s land in Washington Co., Ohio. They eventually headed to Iowa.

Revolution: Canada and the new United States, June 12, 2012, My obsession with Capt. John Butler.

Brock University Visit, Goss and McDonald’s in the Revolution, November 9, 2014 – Again my obsession with Capt. John Butler.

Lydia Goss, youngest daughter, given land in Knox Co. Ohio, November 18, 2012

The Will of Solomon Goss 1810! December 2, 2012

In Search of the Final Resting Place of Solomon Goss and Olive Scott Goss, December 23, 2012

Cemeteries visited in the Washington Co. area looking for Goss, Scott family and more.

Mound Cemetery, Marietta, Washington Co., Ohio, January 8, 2013. The publication has history of the cemeteries and the condition of them.

Oak Grove Cemetery, Washington Co., Ohio, January 13, 2013

Harmar Cemetery, west Marietta, Ohio, January 20, 2013. One of the oldest cemeteries in the area.

Berg Cemetery in Fearing Twp. Wash Co., Ohio, January 26, 2013

Waterford Cemetery, Washington Co., Ohio, February 2, 2013. Seeking Obadiah Scott, Olive’s brothers grave.

The Lakes: Rainbow Cemetery, Washingotn Co., Ohio! October 31, 2011

Lydia Goss marries an Englishman from Somerset, February 9, 2013

John & Lydia (Goss) Spracklin Migrate to Knox Co., Ohio, March 17, 2013

This post covers Tax records and census for Washington Co., Ohio.

John and Lydia Spracklin settle on land Solomon Goss Land in Knox Co., Ohio, March 25, 2013.


Returning to Solomon Goss, a review of what has already been posted on this blog. October 2, 2016.

A Review of Solomon Goss and Oliver (Scott) Goss’s children, October 23, 2016

Solomon Goss and an Overview of Washington County, Ohio, November 13, 2016

Solomon Goss: The Census and Tax Records of Washington and Knox Co., Ohio – A Review, November 20, 2016.

Solomon Goss in 1820... November 27, 2016

Solomon Goss and his ministry…December 6, 2016

Solomon Goss and his involvement with the community, December 12, 2016

Finding the land in Fearing Twp. for Solomon Goss 1802 to 1832, December 29, 2016

Finding Land in Fearing Twp. 1803 to 1832: Still on the trail of Solomon Goss, January 8, 2017.

A Summary of Solomon Goss’s Death, Burial and Estate – 1825, January 15, 2017.

Olive Scott Goss – What Happened to her? January 22, 2017

Solomon Goss’s role in the settlement of Dayton, Ohio – 1796, January 29, 2017.

The Settlers of Dayton File a Petition Regarding their land Titles: February 5, 2017

Ebenezer Goss and Letters to Rufus Putnam about land in Marietta, February 12, 2017

Solomon Goss of Fearing Twp. In Ohio: Who were his Ancestors? March 5, 2017

Philip Goss and Mary (Kendall) Goss’s Children: An Overview, March 15, 2017

The life of Solomon Goss revisited:

Philip Goss and Mary move to Granville, MA and the family grows by three (3) more children…September 24, 2017 – Covers more on the birth of Solomon and also his siblings.

Granville, Massachusetts – An Overview of the area...October 1, 2017 – My trip to Granville, actually my 3 visits trying to learn about the area and the history.

Returning to Solomon Goss and Olive Scott’s story and life in Luzerne Co., Pennsylvania and their migration to Ohio:

Philip Goss IV and Mary Kendall’s children: Returning to Solomon Goss and his wife Olive Scott, December 15, 2019

Solomon Goss and his marriage to Olive Scott 1776, December 17, 2019

Solomon Goss and his land dealings in Westmoreland Co. and later Luzerne County 1777 to 1795, December 19, 2019

The Revolutionary War: Solomon Goss a prisoner in Forty Fort in 1778, January 5, 2020

Solomon Goss and the Bounty Land Warrants 1790 and later 1800...January 12, 2020

Solomon Goss leaves Luzerne County for Ohio 1790 to 1795. January 20, 2020

I have come to the end of my posting for Solomon Goss and Olive Scott.  If I do find out anything more about them, I will let you know.  To find the posts written about their children check out the page of the Table of Contents in the drop down menu.

4 Responses to Solomon and Olive (Scott) Goss an overview…

  1. Jenny Griffin says:

    My 3rd great grandfather Lemuel Goss b. abt. 1798 NY went to N. Gwillumbury, York Co., Ontario, Canada in 1829.Married Grace Fenton in Canada. came back to Erie County, NY 1840 census, last found in 1860 census Lewiston, Niagara, New York. He maybe the Lemuel Goss in 1855 Sheboygan, Sheboygan, Wisconsin census. 3 son Thomas Randall Goss b. 18 Dec. 1830 in N. Gwillumbury, York Co., Ontario, Canada d. 14 Mar 1901 in Muskegon, Muskegon Co., MI. John Fenton Goss b.Sept. 1835 in NY d. 5 Oct 1917 in Alma, Gratiot Co., Michigan, USA buried Kaukauna ,Outagamie, Wisconsin, USA, & 1 unknown 1 daughter unknown.

    • BJ MacDonald says:

      Jenny: Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I have no Lemuel Goss on my Legacy database but then the Goss families were large and very restless. I looks like you have done a lot of research on this man Lemuel Goss. It makes it really hard to do research on someone that moves back and forth from the US to Canada etc. I have not yet started to really post on my Goss line. I started with Solomon Goss and I am just finishing up with the Ohio connections of this family and will return to Solomon and start sharing about his time in Ohio and how he got there from Pennsylvania where some of his family stayed and lived out their lives. Then I will go in time to his father and up the Philip Goss line. At this time I cannot help you connect him to my family of Goss. I do know of Goss that were in Vermont and New Hampshire. I have not studied Goss in Canada except for the time that Levi Goss a brother of Solomon’s was living there in the Chatham area of Ontario. Take care Bonnie

  2. Jane Mott says:

    Have you researched the family of Mary Coburn Devol Goss back to the Mayflower? There is a line registered with the Mayflower Society but it only goes 5 generations and ends before the marriage of Mary Coburn Devol to Solomon Goss. This line starts with Peregrin White (father of the first European baby boy born on the North American continent?) I am hoping to be able to document the line but have few resources to devote to the search. Male family names of this line are: Peregrin White, Peregrin White Jr., John Brown, Gilbert Devol Sr and Gilbert Devol Jr.

    • BJ MacDonald says:

      Jane: No I have not researched back to the Mayflower on Mary Coburn Devol Goss’s line. I am only familiar with the Goss line to Mayflower which is Solomon Goss Jr. who married Mary Coburn Devol to his father Solomon Goss (subject of this blog) to his father Philip Goss IV (whom I am posting about at this time), to Philip Goss III to Capt. Philip Goss II who married Judith Hayward a daughter of Anne White and John Hayward. Anne was a daughter of Resolved White who married Judith Vassall. Resolved was William White and Susanna’s son. So he would be Peregrine’s brother. I have only gone one generation down on Peregrine. When I was in Marietta, Washington Co., Ohio I went to the Public Library Annex and they had all of Jerry Devol’s research in their files. Jerry was a very productive genealogist in the area till his death about 1999. They have all his papers and books about the Devol family. I found one book titled DEVOL: Early Settlers of Rhode Island (1639) and in Ohio (1788). I do not know if that chronicles the family to Mayflower or not. I did get some of Mary’s ancestors from it her father Gilbert Devol. Jr. and wife Mary Coburn. Up to Capt. Gilbert Devol Sr. and Anne and on the Coburn side Asa Coburn & Rhoda Baker. The book was big so I didn’t have time to really go way back into the history of this family. There were other documents and sources at that annex that were available for research. I am speaking of the Local History & Genealogy Archives which is at another address from the main library in Marietta all part of the Washington County Public Library system. I am not sure just what book you are referring to regarding the Mary’s line, if it is a Silver Book which are Mayflower books you correct they only go 5 generations. I wrote a post about Mary Polly Coburn Devol Goss – “A Little about Mary “Polly” Coburn Devol Goss! January 29, 2012 (you can search for it on this blog) and outlined what I had found about her ancestors briefly. Bonnie

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