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My research on the Spracklin, Goss, Delano and Keller families has been going on now since 1998.

I have retired from doing genealogy professionally as of September 30, 2015. You will no longer find me at the Association of Professional Genealogists website and also at the Puget Sound Chapter of APG. I am now the past Washington State Genealogical Society Newsletter editor.  http://wasgs.org/mo_newsletter.php  Here is there blog:  http://washgensoc.blogspot.com/

This does not mean that I am done with genealogy.  I recently attended the 2015 Delano Kindred Reunion in San Diego, California and have been contributing to Find A Grave this past year.

After much discussion in my head, I decided to blog my family history rather than create a website.  It gave me flexibility as to what I would write about or not write about.  My ultimate goal will be to turn the posts into books.   In the books, I can add more information that is not really a good idea for sharing on a blog.

I started first in 2008 when I went to Pennsylvania with Pennsylvania Wanderings:  http://pawanderings.wordpress.com/ This blog is a bit old now, with some broken links but it still has value for the Goss research.  It was on blogger but I moved it to consolidate my efforts.  In the next months it will be incorporated into this blog and will be going away. So if you would like to make copies of anything I suggest you go there now and do so. There is a print tab at the bottom of each post or page.

Later I did this blog about my travels in Massachusetts and Connecticut: Massachusetts Meanderings and more… http://massmeanderings.wordpress.com/

This was to document my trip in April 2011 in search of Goss family historical sites.  I was also digging into my Barclay family.  Mostly it was to follow in the footsteps of my cousin Paul H. Goss who did a lot on our family history in the 1930’s, 1940’s and 1950’s.

These first two blogs were more like travelogues of the family history.  They concentrate on the towns, cemeteries and historical sites of the family history. I do touch on sources in some of the posts but more on the actual sites and locations. This blog will also be incorporated into this current blog and hopefully will make more sense out of the history of the Goss family.  It will go away as well so if you want copies of anything I suggest you get them now.

The next two blogs that I have written are about specific areas of the family history and tie into each other.   The Man Who Lived Airplanes:  The Life of Keith B. MacDonald  http://macdonellfamily.wordpress.com/  It focuses on my Dad’s McDonald/MacDonald side.

On my Dad, Keith’s maternal side are the Goss, Spracklin, Delano, and Keller families which are part of his heritage through his grandmother Amarilla Spracklin Barclay. Amarilla is featured in another blog:  The Barclay’s of Pine River:  The Lives of George and Amarilla Barclay ties in very well to this blog about the Goss, Spracklin, Keller and Delano families: http://barclayspineriver.wordpress.com/

I chose to write the family history using the blog form for many reasons.  So if you are looking for a scholarly work you will not find it.  Another reason is because it keeps me focused.  It is actually helping me to get organized. You can also go to the right side of this blog and find a list of my other blogs and ones I think are very good.

John, Mary, and their son Peter Keller and me 2007!

Here are some thoughts about the research: I have done a lot of research on my own, however, a lot of other researchers have contributed to my knowledge by giving me clues.  I believe in giving them credit for their efforts.  Therefore, those that have given me permission to share will be honored on this blog and I will be happy to refer you to them for more information on their lines. On the other hand, there are those who have expressly asked me to seek their permission about publishing their findings.  I will honor my promises to them as well and seek out that permission or direct others to them for more information.

This will be a big undertaking, so I ask you to be patient!

Here are some suggestions to contribute to this blog:

1.  If you wish to follow along you can subscribe by clicking on the sidebar widget.  It will send  you an email copy of the most recent newly published post. You will have to fill in your email in the subscription box but it is private and I am the only one who knows who has subscribed.  I promise I will protect it.  WordPress does not have the Follower section with the faces and little icons like Blogger.  The subscription box is how they do it.

2.  The other option is to click the Follow button.

3.  You can make a comment. You will find the “Leave a Comment” or “Leave a Reply,” at the bottom of the post after the categories or somewhere on the post.  Keep your comments less personal but friendly. This is not like email.  I can see your email address and can contact you off line to continue the discussion.

4.  You can contact me at this email, just cut and paste it into your email:  bjmcdonell@gmail.com  I try to check Gmail but be patient it is not my main email.

If you want to contribute a post or family history and research to me, I am very open to receiving information.  Again if you give me your permission to publish on this blog, I will give you credit for the information.

If I discover an error in the research or you discover one please know that I will make updates and corrections, it is the nature of genealogy for it is always evolving.  Also if you don’t agree with me, that is okay too, just be kind in your comments.

Scott/Waterton Cemetery – Nathaniel Goss and Mary Goss Tombstone 2008

Contact me at this email:  bjmcdonell@gmail.com

6 Responses to About the Author

  1. Constance says:

    Your blog is great! I did a double take when I saw the picture of you and John and Mary Keller (our ggg grandparents). My son and I visiting them in June of 2011!!! So sad to see the condition of the the cemetery, though. Thank you for all the great posts.

    • bonmac says:

      Hedding is in better shape than some and the stone of John, Mary and Peter is much better. It was covered with black slime the first time I was there. This time it was much better and easier to read although it is made of strange stone. I cut away as much of the rose as I could. The bush that was there before was gone so hopefully it won’t fall over now? Hedding is a little hard to find but you can view it from Google Earth and see where it is located. It is a little hard to park there so make sure you are safely off the highway and lock your car doors because you cannot see your car from the tombstones on the little hill. FindAGrave has a listing for Hedding Methodist Episcopal Cemetery and photographs and directions. Thank you Constance. I love to hear from my cousins!

  2. Are there any online records for the United Brethren Church in Morrow,Co or a contact you could provide? My family was one of the founding families of the church and held several positions there and I would LOVE to research it more. Thanks!

    • bonmac says:

      Christin: I also want to do more research on the United Brethren Church in Ohio. I was disappointed in what was available at the Family History Library in Salt Lake in October 2014. In about a month I will be addressing this subject in a post. There is the United Brethren Archives at Huntington University but it seems to be down at the moment or they have changed their website and well it is not working. Try Googling United Brethren Archives and/or Huntington University. I hope this gets better.

  3. Jan Otto says:

    I am a Scott researcher. I just left Ohio and am heading for Pennsylvania now.

    • BJ MacDonald says:

      I am assuming you mean the family of “Scott.” Quite a few did go to the Wyoming Valley in Pennsylvania. Obadiah Scott went there and two of his daughters married into the Goss Family. I will write about them soon. Thanks for stopping by.

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