Massachusetts Meanderings Trip April 2011 Overview…

In April of 2011, I decided to embark on a trip to Connecticut, Massachusetts and New Hampshire and follow the Philip Goss generations and migrations by visiting the areas that are discussed in the manuscripts of Paul H. Goss, my cousin.

Massachusetts Meanderings Front page

One of those trips was called Massachusetts Meanderings in search of Goss Family History, April 2011.

I wrote my travels in the form of a blog that I published first on Blogger and later I moved it to WordPress.

As I write about the Goss Family, I will be rewriting the information contained in Massachusetts Meanderings and incorporating it into new updated posts on this blog. I will present my travels in connection with the research on the Goss Family.

AT SOME POINT I WILL REMOVE Massachusetts Meanderings from the internet. When I do that I will place a PDF of the Table of Contents of the posts and PDF of the entire Blog on this PAGE for access.

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Cemeteries visited during this trip were many and chosen only after a great deal of research on my part to identify the most important cemeteries in the Goss History and my Barclay heritage.

Very Old Goss History: Surnames of Cooley, Wolcott and more.

  1. Ancient Burying Ground, Hartford, CT – In search of the surname Warren.
  2. Bridge Street Cemetery, Northampton, MA – In search of the surname of Stebbins
  3. Springfield Cemetery, Springfield, MA – In search of old Cooley family
  4. Longmeadow Cemetery, Longmeadow, MA – Just because it is an amazing cemetery
  5. Palisado Cemetery, Windsor, CT. 2011 and Palisado Cemetery photos from my 2007 trip, Windsor, CT. – In search of Wolcott family

Real important to Goss History:

  1. Granby Cemetery, Granby, CT – To see if any Goss family were buried there
  2. Norton’s Cemetery, East Otis (or Otis), MA – The burial of Keziah Goss Haskell Rose
  3. Brookfield Cemetery, Brookfield, MA – In search of Goss family
  4. Old South Cemetery, Bolton, MA – In search of Rev. Thomas Goss’ burial
  5. Center Cemetery, Peru, MA (Berkshires) – In search of Haskell Family
  6. Burnham Cemetery, Montague, MA. – In search of descendants of Philip & Hannah Goss, their son Philip Goss who married Esther Gale
  7. Simsbury Cemetery, (Maybe Hopmeadow for the older one?), Simsbury, CT. – To visit this old cemetery for Goss family and to learn more about the Viet’s family
  8. Main Street Cemetery, Granville, MA – In search of Goss family, Gibbons family.
  9. Middle Cemetery, Lancaster, MA – In search of Goss Family, descendants of John Goss and Mary Woods.
  10. Chocksett Burying Ground, Sterling, MA – In search of Kendall family.
  11. Old Indian Cemetery, West Brookfield, MA – To visit Capt. Philip and Judith Goss.
  12. Old Settlers Cemetery, Lancaster, MA behind the Middle Cemetery – To visit the grave of Philip Goss of Roxbury and Lancaster (Philip I).
  13. Hillside Cemetery and the Ancient Cemetery in Thomaston, CT  (This was Hillside not Hilltop.) To visit Blakeslee family.
  14. Evergreen Cemetery, Winchester, NH. To follow the migration of Philip and Hannah Goss to New Hampshire.
  15. Old Common Burial Ground, Common Rd., Lancaster, MA – Seeking more Goss Family, descendants of John and Mary Goss.
  16. Warwick Cemetery, Warwick, MA. A quick visit but there may be family there, per a cousins sharing.

Just because I was there:

  1. Walnut Grove Cemetery, North Brookfield, MA
  2. Becket Center and Cemetery, MA
  3. North Becket and North Becket Cemetery, MA
  4. Wethersfield Village Cemetery in Wethersfield, CT.

Barclay research:

  1. Forestville Cemetery, (Use to be East Cemetery) Bristol, CT. – The burial of Mary Barclay Ford and family
  2. Hazardville Cemetery, the larger and newer one in Hazardville which is part of Enfield, CT. In search of Margaret Barclay a great great grandmother.  Also the Old Hazardville Cemetery in Hazardville and part of Enfield, CT.
  3. There were a lot more cemeteries that I visited in search of Margaret Barclay a 2nd great grandmother in the Enfield and areas around it.

Videos of cemeteries visited are still at You Tube:

  1. Palisado Cemetery, Windsor CT
  2. Evergreen in Winchester, New Hampshire
  4. Burnham Cemetery, Montague, Franklin Co., MA
  6. Springfield Cemetery, Springfield, Hampden Co., Massachusetts
  8. Middle Cemetery, Lancaster, Worcester Co., MA
  10. Old Settlers Cemetery, Lancaster, Worcester Co., MA
  12. Old Common Burial Field, Lancaster, Worcester Co., MA
  14. Old Indian Cemetery, West Brookfield, Worcester Co., MA

Links to the archives, libraries, and other interesting things that I visited on this trip, will be updated on this blog appropriately.