Solomon and Olive (Scott) Goss’s Children – an overview

This page is about the posts written on this blog that cover the lives of the children of Solomon Goss and Olive Scott.  It is like a Table of Contents for the posts published.

As this blog gets bigger and bigger it will become harder to find things.  Therefore for each family group there will be a page listing the blog posts written about that individual and/or their family. As time goes on I will be adding more genealogy reports.

This will make it easier to find the posts and study them and I highly recommend that you do that and not just jump around.  Please read the posts carefully it is important.  Always feel free to ask me questions and request copies of original documents.

There are three ways to search this blog:
  1.  Use the Archive Box on the right side of the blog and find the month and year and click and it will give you a listing of posts written during that time.  So if you use the dates below you can find the post you are looking for and see it in sequence.  Blogs go from past dates to present so they are backwards from a book.
  2. Use the Search box on the right of this blog to search using key words like a person’s name, the location, topics like Mayflower etc.
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  4. Blogs are backwards from a book, so the oldest posts are the first. So you could technically go back to the beginning and go forward through the blog.  I strive to do the genealogy in a chronological manner but not always for this is also a story about their lives and family connections make it very complicated. When I start writing about a family, I do a summary post of the family of a specific couple listing their children and then try to follow it with more detailed posts about the children and their families if it works within the concept of the blog.  If you see revisiting in the title it means I have found new information or am going back to that person or couple and adding more detail.


The Children of Solomon and Olive (Scott) Goss

Elizabeth Goss and Andrew Lake Family:

Elizabeth Goss Marries into the Lake Family, October 30, 2011

Andrew Lake’s Family:

Archibald and Mary (Bird) Lake, Andrew’s Parents! October 31, 2011

The Lakes: Rainbow Cemetery, Washington Co., Ohio, October 31, 2011

Noah Goss:

Noah Goss, A Mystery! November 15, 2011

Mary Goss:

Mary Goss, School Teacher! December 5, 2011

Mary Goss Follows Her Brother to Iowa! December 8, 2011

A Wish Fulfilled: Solomon & Polly Goss’s Graves and Sister Mary! February 26, 2012

Solomon Goss (Jr.) and Polly Coburn Devol:

The Family of Solomon and Polly Goss! January 5, 2012

Solomon Goss, a restless son: From Ohio to Iowa! January 19, 2012

The End Comes: Solomon & Polly Rest Peacefully! February 14, 2012

A Wish Fulfilled: Solomon & Polly Goss’s Graves and Sister Mary! February 26, 2012

Polly’s Family:

A Little about Mary “Polly” Coburn Devol Goss!, January 29, 2012

Wesley Goss a son of Solomon and Polly:

Wesley Goss:  Even More Restless! March 11, 2012

Daniel Goss and Lydia Ackley and family:

Daniel Goss a Man of Conviction, Belpre, Ohio, March 26, 2012

The Family of Daniel Goss and Lydia (Ackley) Goss, April 9, 2012

Levi Goss and Sophia (Rummerfield) family:

Levi Goss, Soldier in the War of 1812, July 16, 2012

Levi, Sure Gotta Round! July 31, 2012

Levi Goss, youngest son, received land from his father. August 12, 2012

Levi Goss and Sophia (Rummerfield) Goss’ Family, September 9, 2012

Levi Goss:  The road leads to Lenawee County! September 24, 2012

1872:  Levi Goss of Lenawee Co., Michigan, October 6, 2012

The Goss Cemetery, Medina Twp., Lenawee Co., Michigan, October 21, 2012

Rice Cemetery, Monroe Co., Michigan, Nov. 4, 2012

Revisiting Levi Goss, Son of Solomon & Olive Goss, November 17, 2014 – He had a tavern in Ontario. Before heading to Michigan on my trip to Canada in 2014, I did a little research on Levi’s ownership in Chatham and while at the Archives of Ontario I pulled some really amazing documents.

PAGE top of Blog: Flora Montanye Osborn 1869 to 1951, stationary page no date. Flora is a descendant of Levi Goss and did a lot of research on our family working with Paul H. Goss.

Lydia Goss, youngest daughter and the line of the compiler and author. See the PAGE above about John A. Spracklin and Lydia Goss for a complete listing of the posts written about them and their children.

Lydia Goss, youngest daughter, given land in Knox Co., Ohio! November 18, 2012.

Lydia Goss marries an Englishman from Somerset, February 9, 2013. See Page on John and Lydia (Goss) Spracklin and the posts written about them.

David Goss:

What Happened to David Goss? July 1, 2012

The posts on the children of Solomon and Olive Goss are done. Of course research is never done. For more information about their parents Solomon Goss and Olive Scott go to their PAGE at the top of this blog for a table of contents of the posts written about them.

Happy Hunting, Bonnie