Stanley William Pearl Family, a son of George and Jane Pearl.

George and Jane (Helt) Pearl’s son Stanley continued to live in the Morrow County, Ohio area and later he moved to Mount Vernon.

Pearl Family - Alice (Wintermute), Stanley, Irene, Les, and Anna

Pearl Family – Alice (Wintermute), Stanley, Irene, Les, and Anna

Stanley married Anna Sensel and had three children. This photo has been added as of 8/17/2018.

Irene, Stanley, Alice, Anna, and Les

1.  Irene born about 1903 died in 1929 in childbirth.  She married a Charles Higgins.  She is buried in the Saint John’s Cemetery in Mt. Vernon, Ohio.

2. Alice born about 1906 and died in 1986.  She married John R. Wintermute.

Here is the tombstone for John R. 1904-1968 and Alice J. 1906 to 1986, Wintermute, in Canton, Ohio at the Sunset Hill Masonic Garden Cemetery.  It is on Find A Grave and listed as Sunset Hills Burial Park.

John and Alice Wintermutes tombstone

John and Alice Wintermute’s tombstone, courtesy of R. Dana

3. Les born about 1909 and died 1990. Lester changed the spelling of his last name from Pearl back to the original Perril.

Here is a Memorial Record showing the death of Anna Eliza Pearl, followed by more information about William Stanley Pearl and Anna.

Memorial Record

Memorial Record

For Anna Eliza Pearl

For Anna Eliza Pearl death

Anna and Wm. Stanley Pearl vitals.

Anna and Wm. Stanley Pearl vitals.

Find A Grave has a picture of the tombstone of Anna and Wm. Stanley Pearl in the Saint John Cemetery in Mount Vernon, Knox Co., Ohio, their daughter Irene Higgins shares the stone click on her link:

I got curious as to where this cemetery was located and it is definitely south of Mount Vernon on Hwy 586 on Martinsburg Road. It is out by the Mt. Vernon Country Club.  I did not travel this road when visiting Mt. Vernon for a second time so that is why I missed it.  Of course, I was looking for Keller surnames not Pearl or Wintermute.


Wintermute-Pearl Families

Wintermute-Pearl Families

I will offer my theory of who is in this photo.  It is Jane and George Pearl on the left standing in the background.  Stanley is in the foreground on the ground and to his left are his son, Lester, and wife, Anna. Maybe the lady in the center and large man to right are Anna’s parents?  So I got only two people correct. HA!

UPDATE January 26, 2015:  Richard writes that it is Alice Pearl Wintermute with John Wintermute, their son, and John R. Wintermute sitting on the ground in front. Behind them is Anna (Sensel) Pearl in the middle and to her right is Stanley the large man standing on the right. Jane and George are on the left and standing.  The photo was taken sometime in the 1930’s when John Wintermute was born.

Richard has notes from his grandmother that Anna was a size 0 and weighed about 90 pounds when she married Stanley.  She was a pioneer for women’s rights and was trained as a teacher.  

We have three generations in this photo and that is very good.  I suddenly want to meet Anna and have a great chat about the women’s movement. 

Anna Pearl playing a mandelyn

Anna Pearl playing a mandelyn

Two houses of the family:

House were Grandma Alice and Irene were born in Mt. Gilead

House were Grandma Alice and Irene were born in Mt. Gilead

Pearl House in Chesterville...

Pearl House in Chesterville…

When you look at the photo above of the house in Chesterville it looks like the gable to the left is part of the house but I think it is a separate building.  Now look at the photo below and you can see that this is the same house.

The Pearl house in 2014

The Pearl house in 2014

Stanley Pearl's store in Chesterville before he moved to Mt. Vernon

Stanley Pearl’s store in Chesterville before he moved to Mt. Vernon…this looks familiar to me I think I drove by it…

The above photos and documents are courtesy of Richard Dana a descendant. He is a 4th cousin once removed to the writer of this post.

Richard would like to give credit to his grandmother Alice Jane (Pearl) Wintermute and to his mother Marilou (Wintermute) Dana for keeping and preserving these and many more treasures for the family.

There is more to come on the Helt/Pearl and Wintermute families.  If you know any of these people or are related please comment we would love to hear from you.

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6 Responses to Stanley William Pearl Family, a son of George and Jane Pearl.

  1. Constance says:

    I agree with your photo ID on the Wintermute/Pearl families. The person you tag as Jane Helt Pearl looks very similar to photos I have of Emma Amarilla Helt Williams, her sister.

  2. Kimberly Orsborn says:

    Thank you for such an interesting blog and photos, very well researched. I knew Alice Pearl Wintermute as (Great) Aunt Alice of Canton. We visited often. Her husband (Great) Uncle Johnny Wintermute is my family connection … he is my grandmother’s brother. My grandma was Catharine Wintermute Orsborn. Our family legend tells that Catharine’s and Johnny’s father, Richard Waters Wintermute, abandoned the family and went to California in the early 1900s. If you know anything about him, I would love to hear it. Fun to see Uncle Johnny and Aunt Alice in your photos!

    • BJ MacDonald says:

      Kimberly: Thanks for stopping by. The Wintermute Family information is all from cousin Richard Dana, I cannot take credit. Hopefully he is monitoring this blog and will make a comment, otherwise I will forward your questions to him and let’s see what happens. If he doesn’t know he will probably be very happy to meet you. I don’t have much on the Wintermutes except for Alice’s husband John R. Wintermute. I think Richard will be happy to share with you. Give it few days and I will get back to you. Bonnie

      • Kimberly Orsborn says:

        Hi Bonnie. Thanks much but I know Richard and we’ve discussed our family mystery of the disappearing great-grandfather. I will keep looking. Best wishes to you! Kim

      • BJ MacDonald says:

        Excellent. I am glad to hear that you have connected with Richard. Keep in touch. Bonnie

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