Ebenezer Goss – Portage County, Ohio

Ebenezer Goss was the younger brother of Solomon Goss.  They both migrated and settled in Ohio.  Solomon actually arrived about a good 10 years before Ebenezer.  Ebenezer headed for the Western Reserve and Solomon Goss ended up in Washington County, Ohio.

Paul H. Goss, my cousin, wrote many articles and manuscripts back in the 1930’s, 1940’s and 1950’s about the Goss family.  He was born in Portage County in 1890.  I have collected Paul’s manuscripts and articles over the years and visiting Portage County was another part of my walking in his footsteps.  I also wanted to see Ebenezer and Bede’s graves.

After visiting the Dunkirk Cemetery in Hardin County, I headed East.  I took Hwy 30 to Interstate 71 and then took Interstate 76/224 and made my way to Randolph Township, Portage County, Ohio.  It took me about 2.5 hours to get across the state.  As I drove along I watched the land change from flat to more hills and thicker with trees about Akron.  Portage County reminds me of home although we have more fir and pine trees.  It is very green. 

First stop was the Hillside Cemetery which contains the Sand Hill Cemetery at the south end.  It is on the Hartsville Road just above Waterloo north of 224.  The newer part is on the left to the west and the older part is on the east side of the road.  If you get to 44 north you have gone too far.   I will describe and talk about this cemetery in another post.  Ebenezer Goss, Bede, Beder and other Goss family are buried in this cemetery so it is of great importance to descendants of this family.  Unfortunately there are several dogs on the other side of the chain link fence that were challenging me if I came to close and I needed to do that because the stones are almost to the fence.  Another dog was trying to move the chain link. I did find the graves for Ebenezer and Bede and others.

Sign to Hillside Cemetery

On my way up 44 to Ravenna I passed through the towns and townships of Randolph, Rootstown and on into Ravenna.  I found the Rocking Horse Bed and Breakfast on Riddle Street.  Again watch out for one way streets.  The B&B is located within walking distance of Main Street and I set out to explore.  I found Guidos for dinner and had some ravioli.  It was okay, I liked the ravioli but the sauce was odd.  Guidos’ is right across from the Portage County Courthouse on Main St.  Finding a really good restaurant in Ravenna is a challenge most of them are fast food.  There is a Giant Eagle east on Main Street but they only had an olive bar, no salad bar?   Now I do like olives. 

Portage County Historical Society & Museum

The following day I had an appointment with the Portage County Historical Society.  The genealogical chapter is also located there.  You will find them by going to Main Street and turning north onto Chestnut Street.  They are located before you get to the cemetery and the Ravenna High School.  They have plenty of free parking on the north side. At first I was only going to get 2.5 hours of research but it turned into 4 hours.  I had made an appointment.  Barbara gave me a quick tour and I was busy with studying the scrapbook collection that they have filled with newspaper articles like marriages, obituaries and more.  They have a list of names with a number of the scrapbook and page.  Now there are many many shelves of these scrapbooks and not everything is on the website.  I found several interesting articles.  They have family surname files, Portage County atlases, township records, church records and some of the probate packets, not all.  They have much more.  The Portage County Historical Society is a must stop for anyone with Portage County roots.  I really enjoyed my visit. 

Portage County Historical Society Interior

Ebenezer and Bede had the following children: Mary, David, Carver and Beder. 

The last three children David, Carver and Beder are buried with or near their parents in Sand Hill in Randolph.  Mary she is in West Lawn west of  Brimfield.  David married Hannah Ryder and they are buried in Sand Hill although their tombstones are missing.  Carver, a son of David, is back several rows next to Lucretia his wife.   The older Carver, son of Ebenezer and Bede is also there and apparently noted on the backside of the Joel Pegg stone but I didn’t see any inscription.  More in another future post.

David and Hannah Goss had the following children:  Cyrus, Weathy, Carver, Emeline, Sidney and Lucius Beder Goss.   Weathly Goss Gorby is buried in Sand Hill with her family near the Goss family toward the chain link fence with a big monument (same row to the south).  Lucius is buried in Fairview Cemetery in Hiram which is north of Ravenna.  He was a Civil War soldier.  I stopped and paid my respects to Lucius in Fairview.  He is located behind the large stone building several rows back.  The others left and went to Indiana and Michigan.

Lucius and Lovincy had ten children of which David Ephraim Goss was their third child.  David married Virginia Fowler first and had Paul H. Goss and other children.  David and Virginia are buried in Park Cemetery in Garrettsville.  So I was trying to identify burials of Ebenezer’s children and then go down the descent to Paul H. Goss’s parents.  Paul is buried in San Diego with his wife Gail in the Fort Rosecrans Cemetery.  I visited there several years back.    I will share these cemeteries that I visited in Portage County and more in a future posts.

So while in Portage County, I made a tour through Randolph and Ravenna up to Hiram and over to Garrettsville and back into Ravenna in order to get an idea of what the area was like.  There are other towns that are part of the Goss history but these were my targets on this trip. 

Randolph Township Office

That was pretty much the end of my day in Portage County. 

Rocking Horse Bed and Breakfast, Ravenna, Ohio

The Rocking Horse Bed and Breakfast  is located on Riddle Street just past Meridian.  You have to take the side street (Cherry) by coming in from the back for it is one way next to the B&B.  At first glimpse of the Rocking Horse I thought maybe I had made a mistake.  The outside of the house is in need of a paint job and I wonder how much that would cost?  However, upon further examination I found the garden is beautiful and well maintained.  I was jealous of the full bed of hostas that lined the side street.  I love old houses and this was no exception.  Everyone has its own personallity and charm. You enter the foyer and the living room is to the right and the dining room is to the left.  The kitchen is in the back area and there is the old stove that looks like something out of the 1930’s.  The rooms are on the second floor and they are lovely.  My room had a pink theme.  I have a TV, a place to put my luggage, a chair, a separate bathroom and comfy bed.  Breakfast is more Continental than a full breakfast like the 50 Lincoln B&B.  Lots of coffee is available and can be ready very early.  They also have WiFi but no desk.  I was doing fine sitting in bed computing.  Yes, there are stairs but they are wide and easy to negotiate and not as steep as other B&B’s.  You can hear the train toot its horn in the distance.  The dog next door was chasing his ball in the backyard yesterday but I don’t see him today.  They have the biggest cats in this same neighbor’s window.  My host is a young man and he made the banana nut bread that he served which was very tasty and apparently he runs this B&B himself and also works a day job.  My bed was made and everything was cleaned up by the time I returned so he must come home for lunch!  I sort of feel like the “Princess and the Pea.”  It was a lovely stay and I recommend you visit. 

They had a very interesting storm with strobe lighting and several strong and loud cracks of thunder and it went on for a good hour or more late at night!  It made the B&B very mysterious!

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