Berg Cemetery (Fearing Twp.)

When I visited Marietta in 2011 one of the side trips was to the Berg Cemetery.  This church was established November 30, 1846 so it is too late for my purposes.  The time frame I am interested in is 1800 to 1828.

Most of the published cemeteries in Fearing Twp. were established much later than our time frame so that is why I am digging so deep into just what was going on regarding burial at the time of Solomon’s death.  There are several possible scenarios like: was he moved to Marietta and buried there in one of the old cemeteries;  was he buried on his land in Fearing Twp. or in that area; or was he buried someplace else like in the Rainbow area where his daughter Elizabeth Goss Lake lived and died?

I believe it is much easier to go up Hwy 821 from Marietta and turn on the Nicholas Road till it comes to the Berg Church Road and then turning north to the Berg Church and Cemetery.  The way we came was from Whipple Run Road and we turned up Nichols Road which was very steep and rutted terribly.  This area is very hilly, with gravel roads that twist and turn a lot.

Looking back

Looking back, not too bad the worst was before this area that you are seeing.

Find A Grave has pictures of the church from a distance and it makes it look like it is on flat land.  Well it is, but it is also on a hill.  Their listing has about 430 tombstones.

Berg Cemetery Plaque

Berg Cemetery Plaque

There is an area off to the right with a ranch fence around it that houses some of the older stones.  There is also a section behind the church with a large grouping of tombstones.  It is very well-kept.

Older part of Berg Cemetery

Older part of Berg Cemetery


Maria Fuch’s tombstone:

Maria Fuch's Tombstone

Maria Fuch’s Tombstone

Caroline F. Accus or maybe it is Flaccus and her broken stone. I hope I read that right.

Caroline Accus Tombstone

Caroline Accus Tombstone

More stones in the older area:

Berg Cemetery more stones

Berg Cemetery more stones

The rows behind and on the side of the church and before the corn field:

Back of the Berg Church more stones

Back of the Berg Church more stones

The Berg Church and more tombstones on the side off in the distance:

Berg Cemetery - more stones

Berg Cemetery – more stones

The Berg Church:  and more interesting information:

The Berg Church & cemetery behind

The Berg Church & cemetery behind

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