The Stephen Delano Sr. Family…

This post has been delayed because I was waiting for some books I ordered.  I wanted to check my information before posting but it is taking a very long time for the books to come.  So I have decided to go ahead and publish this post but want to state that it does need checking and more work to make sure it is correct or as correct as it can be based on the lack of information in Ohio at that time.  So when the books do arrive I will compare the information and make corrections and updates so check back.

So what I have is this, Stephen’s parents were Stephen Delano (Sr.) born 12 May 1748 in Dartmouth, Massachusetts. He died at 1 January 1821, Worthington, Ohio (Franklin Co.).

Mary Shaw was born on 14 September, 1745 in Dartmouth, Massachusetts and she died at Worthington, Ohio on the 15 September, 1821. Mary’s parents are stated to be William Shaw and Sarah Brownell?

Dartmouth, Massachusetts is in Bristol County at this time.  Here is a little about this town and area.,_Massachusetts

New Bedford is just north of Dartmouth and it is also in Bristol County:,_Massachusetts

Stephen married Mary Shaw 6 January, 1769 in New Bedford, Massachusetts, some say Dartmouth, Massachusetts.  These two towns are not that far from each other.

Source:  Massachusetts Vital Records, database. Massachusetts Marriages 1695-1910, Indexing Project #100794 – FHL #574885. 

Grooms Name: Stephen Delano
Bride’s Name: Mary Shaw
Marriage date: 06 Jan 1769
Marriage Place: New Bedford, Bristol, Massachusetts

Here are a couple of sources for the death of Stephen Delano and Mary Shaw, please note that some are secondary sources such as indexes and abstracts.  Original documents will need to be consulted to verify these events.

Source:  Abstract Deaths from Franklin County, Ohio Newspapers 1811-1832, 1977, pages 1 and 7, FHL Book US/C 977.156V49(S?) 

pg. 1 – Stephen Delano from Vt. d. 1821 Fr. Co.
pg. 7 – Delano, Judith, consort of Doctor Amasa Delano, Chillicothe, d. Dec. 24, 1828 leaving a very large family. #9, 1-17-1829.
Delano, Cornelius, see Sarah
Delano, Sarah, dau. Cornelius Delano, Belpre, Ohio, d. Columbus, May 21, 1818 ae 25 y. #1, 5-25-1816.
Delano, Stephen “late from state of Vermont,” d. Clinton Twp. Aug. 4, 1821 age about 70. He left a “partner and several children and grandchildren.” #7, 8-18-1821.
Delano, Mrs., relict of late Stephen Delano, d. Clinton Twp., no date #7, 9-15-1821.

Source: NEHGS – Early American Newspapers, Series I 1690-1876 (

Newspaper Article: Woodstock Observer; Date: 01-22-1822; Volume: III; Issue: 3; Page: [3]; Location: Woodstock, Vermont

Died – Clinton Township, near Columbus, Ohio, Mr Stephen Delano, aged 75, formerly from Woodstock VT. He was possessed of a strong mind and brilliant genius. His pen was like that of “a ready writer;” many a fragment both in prose and verse may be found in the several Journals and Newspapers of the day in which he wrote. In the Ohio Monitor, printed at Columbus, nearly one hundred pieces of prose emanated from his pen since he was seventy years of age. He lived and died a zealous advocate for the principles of the revolution and coequal rights of men. Soon after, Mary, his consort followed him to that “narrow house,” destined for mortals. Both died with a malignant fever, which has prevailed in many parts of the Western Country.

The above was also in the Spooner’s Vermont Jrl., (Windsor, VT), Monday, October 29, 1821 pg. 3, Vol. XXXIX,  pg. 3 Issue 1995 (Not the year) at 

Another book:  Ohio Source Records Book from the Ohio Gen. Quarterly, 1986, pg. 91 Had this information:

“Clinton Twp. Widow Delano, relict of Stephen Delano whose death was announced a few weeks ago. (*Sept. 15, 1821).

Another Source:  Notices from the Western Intelligencer, Est. Worthington, Ohio 1811. Date following asterisk denotes date of publication. pg. 91.  Under other Ohio Records, Blanche Collins. FHL# Book 977.1 D28. 

Here is a link to Ms. Collins book at Google Books.

I tried the Franklin County Probate Index to Estates 1789-1996 and I also checked the guardianship and wards 1806-1919, FHL# 903763.   These files are now available for viewing at, so I did a double-check and Oliver and Esther Delano appear in the index.  I will discuss this couple in a future post.

On my trip to Ohio in 2011, I studied several volumes of books of cemeteries indexes for Franklin county. I was not successful in finding Stephen and Mary’s burial location.  I did take a photocopy of information about Clinton Twp., cemeteries.  It describes the cemeteries in that township as in a general state of disrepair.  It gives information on where to look for records on these cemeteries.  See link below for online Franklin County, Ohio cemetery information.

The town of Worthington is in Sharon Twp. which is north of Clinton Twp. and I did a search of those cemeteries in that township and found only one, Polly Delano, see below.

Townships of Franklin Co., Ohio

Townships of Franklin Co., Ohio

Check out this website for cemeteries in Franklin County, Ohio, I think the person who has created this website has done a great job.

Review pages  426 and 427 of the Genealogy of Delano book I have referenced in a past post because it gives some interesting information about this Stephen Delano.  He was quite the fascinating fellow.  His information is at the top under Jonathan Delano at the Internet Archive link below:

Here are two history books for you to review with information about about Stephen Delano (Sr).

History of Woodstock, Vermont, by Henry Swan Dana, Houghton,Mifflin & Co., 1889, All Delano listings: pg. 12, 28, 48, 56, 120, 141, 222. 253, 373, 375, 378 Society Clerk, 381 – 382, 2-582, Index 2-630.  This book is at in searchable format.

History of Windsor County, Vermont, edited by Lewis Cass Aldrich and Frank R. Holmes,  D. Mason & Co., 1891, Stephen and an Amasa Delano 233, Revolutionary Period 238-240 giving general information.

1790 U.S. Federal Census for Woodstock, Vermont, lists Delano, Amasa 2, 2, 7, Delano Jonathan 1, 1, 2,  and Delano, Stephen 1, __, __ total 9

Stephen Delano and Mary Shaw’s children are listed below.  Please double-check all information and when those books arrive that I ordered I will also compare what I have posted here and you will need to check back for updates and corrections.

1.  Stephen Delano born 1775 and died 1818. He was born 30 March 1775 in Woodstock, Windsor Co., Vermont and died 1818 in Marion Co., Ohio per my calculations see the previous post about his death.  He married Anna Markam in Essex Co., New York and then married (Corina O/Lavina) Lovina Smith in Knox Co., Ohio about 1810.  (I had no luck in finding a marriage for them in Knox County.)  She is stated to have been born in 1790 in New York. Others state that they married in Woodstock, Windsor, VT not in Knox Co., Ohio?

Vermont, Vital Records, 1720-1908 at has Stephen Delano, born 30 March, 1775.  Name of mother Molly and father Stephen Delano in Woodstock.  This is a picture of a card file with no other information.  Oliver, Molly twice, Elisha, Elizabeth, Ransom, Priscilla, Philip, Sally, Abigail all have cards listed with varying amounts of data on them and all with Molly and Stephen as father?

2.  Jonathan Delano 10 May 1777, Woodstock, Windsor Co., Vermont.

3.  Oliver Delano was born 26 May 1781 in Woodstock, Windsor Co., Vermont. (Birth month may be April per Vermont Births and Christenings, 1765-1908 FamilySearch.)  He died January 1820/22 in Clinton Twp., Ohio.  He married Esther Partridge born 12 Nov 1782 in Rochester, Windsor Co., Vermont and died about 3 Apr 1838 in Franklin Co., Ohio. Her parents were Stephen Partridge born 10 July 1746 Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts and died about 14 Jun 1818.  Her mother was Esther Emerson born 14 Jun 1751 Uxbridge, Worcester, Massachusetts and died 10 Feb 1835 in Marysville, Ohio.  Some descendants of Stephen Delano and Mary Shaw:

Oliver is buried in Kempton Cemetery in Franklin Co., Ohio.  I visited this cemetery in 2011 and will share my findings in the next post. Their children were Marvin Delano, Oliver Delano Jr. and Norman Delano.

4. Polly Delano was born 9 April, 1783 in Richmond, Cheshire, New Hampshire and died 10 Jan 1871 in Worthington, Franklin Co., Ohio.  She married John Soule Jr. who died about 1865 in Worthington, Clinton Twp., Ohio. She is in Walnut Grove Cemetery in Worthington.  Apparently Polly and Oliver are the only Delanos listed at Find A Grave to be buried in Franklin Co., Ohio.

There is a John Soule living in Woodstock, Windsor, VT in the U.S. Federal Census: Males under 10 – 1, 10-15 – 1, 45+ 1, Females 10-15 – 1, 16-25 – 1.

5. Elisha Delano was born 1 March 1785 in Woodstock, Windsor Co., Vermont and died probably in Kentucky.

6. Elizabeth Delano was born 25 Apr 1787 in Woodstock, Windsor Co., Vermont and died 28 Jun 1876 in Watkins, Union Co., Ohio.  She married twice 1st to Aaron Soule in 1807 in Woodstock, Windsor Co., Vermont and second to Aaron Tossey in 1814 in Jay, Essex Co., New York.  Elizabeth was the ancestor that is on file at the DAR library with an application under Stephen Delano.

Aaron Soule is living in Jay, Essex, New York in the 1810 U.S. Federal Census.  Males: under 10 – 1, 26 to 44 – 1, Females: 16-25 – 1. Total 3.

There is an Elizabeth Tossey age 85 living in Millcreek, Union, Ohio with an Aaron Tossey age 77.  It states that her birth was about 1785 in Vermont. This is from the 1870 U.S. Federal Census.

UPDATE 8/19/2017 – A Tossey cousin has found me and has shared bible pages and her descendancy charts for the Aaron Tossey and Elizabeth Delano family. If you are a descendant of the Aaron Tossey and Elizabeth Delano family contact me at and I can get you in took with J. McCready.

If Mary Shaw was born in 1745, then in 1789 she would 44 years old.  I am not sure about the following children because she is getting too old?  So I again state that I need to do some more investigating.

7.  Ransom Delano was born 10 March, 1789 in Woodstock, Windsor Co., Vermont and died 1826 in Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio. He married Mahala Welch probably in Woodstock, Champaign Co., Ohio.  He and Mahala had: Amasa 1815, Ransom Delano 22 Sept 1817, Mary Delano 25 July 1820, John Delano 18 Sep 1824.

8.  Priscilla Delano was born about 1791 in Woodstock, Windsor Co., Vermont and died about 1853.  She married three times: 1) Vinal Soule in Wilmington, Essex Co., New York. She married second 2) Solomon Malbone on 30 Apr 1818 in Worthington, Franklin Co., Ohio. Solomon was born about 1794 and died 9 Sep 1819 in Clinton Twp., Franklin Co., Ohio.  He is buried in the Kempton Cemetery.  She next married a 3) Tracy Wilcox in Worthington.

Try this for Priscilla – Revised Michelotti Database:

or go here and explore: Priscilla Delano’s lineage at Rootsweb

9.  Philip Delano was born about 1794 in Woodstock, Windsor Co., Vermont and died 1855 in Delaware, Delaware Co., Ohio.  He married an Esther Tinkham.

There is a 1850 U.S. Federal Census with a Philip 55 and Esther Delano 53 living in Genoa, Delaware Co., Ohio with a Arrilla S. Delano, F, age 7.  Phillip was born in Vermont.

10. Sally Delano was born about 1796 in Woodstock, Windsor Co., Vermont.  She married an Alvin Randall.  She may have married a 2nd time.

There is an Alvin Randle living in Concord, Delaware, Ohio in the 1830 U.S. Census. Males under 5 – 1, 5 to 9 – 3, 10 to 14 – 1, 40 to 49 – 1, Females: under 5 – 3, 5 to 9 – 1, 10-14 – 1, 30 to 39 -1.

11. Abigail Delano was born about 1798 in Woodstock, Windsor Co., Vermont.  She married a Moses Sampson.  She may have remarried.

In the 1820 U.S. Census there is a Moses Sampson living in Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio with 5 people living with him.  Males: 26 to 44 – 1,  Females: under 10 – 3, 16-25 – 1.

12. Molly Delano born 1800 in Woodstock, Windsor Co., Vermont another Molloy was born 9 Apr 1783 per Vermont Births, Christenings 1765-1908 at FamilySearch.

The above needs more work, as usual.  I use family trees to get started and usually go to Rootsweb which is the same as Ancestry but free.  I go for the ones that have descendants, hopefully sources and see what I find.  These trees are only beginnings of the research and after studying them I am a little concerned that the above information is not quite right; therefore, more census work, probate, deeds and other sources need to be consulted.  I did do some searches in the census and I used the U.S. Federal census for Ohio.  It is possible that some of these children didn’t come to Ohio with the family, staying in Vermont or migrating elsewhere.  My calculations have the Delano family migrating to Ohio about 1812-1814 based on information from Oliver Delano a son and I will share about Oliver in the next post.

UPDATE:  November 22, 2014 – The book I was waiting for arrived before my trip to Canada in September 2014.  I did not have time to study it but I am pleased to say that I didn’t do to badly on the above family of Stephen Delano Sr. and Mary Shaw.  The book is more indepth. 

Source:  Philip Delano of the “Fortune” 1621 and his Descendants in the Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Generations, compiled by Muriel C. Cushing, Part Three Families 500 to 516, published by the General Society of Mayflower Descendants, 2012. 

This book goes further and shares about each of the children listed.  Molly my number 12 is the only one not listed in this book.  Polly, Elizabeth, and Priscilla all married men with the surname of Soule and they descend from John Soule and Priscilla Simmons.  This is Mayflower lineage. 

I recommend this book it is really cool!

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