Columbus and Cornelius Delano of Ohio and other Delano Family…

Before I post about the children of John and Mary Delano Keller, I thought I would mention other Delano’s who lived in Ohio about the same time that Mary did.  These are cousins of hers and you cannot do research in Ohio without running into them for they were very active, busy and ambitious men.

I will share about two men who were there about the time of the Kellers, they are Columbus Delano who was a lawyer and politician who lived in Knox County, Ohio.  The other was Cornelius Delano who lived in Washington Co., Ohio.  I was rather interested in their lineage.

Columbus Delano 1809 to 1896

I was curious about Columbus Delano because he was in Knox County and close to Mary Ann Delano Keller.  Did they interact, did they know each other?  I studied his family, visited his grave site and looked at deeds to see if he did any business with the Kellers but did not really find any good links.

Wikipedia has an article on Columbus Delano which is pretty good and also a picture.  He lived from June 4, 1809 to October 23, 1896.  He was born in Shoreham, Vermont.  His parents were James Delano and his mother was Lucinda Bateman.  His family moved to, Mount Vernon, Knox Co., Ohio about 1817.  His father died in 1815 and his mother in 1839.

James Delano page 311, was the son of Abisha Delano and Joanna/Hannah Hovey page 301-302.  Abisha was the son of Nathan Delano and Ruth____ pg. 298. Nathan was a son of Jonathan Delano and he was a son of Philip Delano.  You can double-check me using the link below to the Delano Book at Internet Archive.

Columbus or Columbus Delano married an Elizabeth Leavenworth 1812-1897 and they had Antoinette Delano 1837 to unknown, Elizabeth Delano 1839-1901, and John Sherman Delano 1841-1896.

Columbus and Elizabeth's marriage record.

Columbus and Elizabeth’s marriage record.

These two sources below give you information about his political and business career but not much about his family.

Biographical Directory of the United States Congress 1774 – this link has a Biography, Research Collections locations, bibliography and more.

The Internet Archive copy of the Genealogical History and Alliances of the American House of Delano 1621-1899 via open library has an article about Columbus written by a Col. Charles Baldwin.  Starting on page 311 you will find the Hon. Columbus Delano information going about page 323.  If you want to study Columbus’ lineage to Philip Delano you can trace it back in these pages.  It is my understanding from the information found in this book that the Delano descendants provided information to the author.

Lakeholm is where Columbus Delano resided in Knox Co., Ohio.  It has survived.  The Ohio Historical Society has Remarkable Ohio and the house is featured there.  Try Google Images for more pictures and links.

Lakeholm Knox Co., Ohio about 1870

Lakeholm Knox Co., Ohio about 1870

Columbus and his family are buried in Mound Cemetery in the heart of Mount Vernon. This cemetery is just up the street from the public library in Mount Vernon.

At the Knox County Annex where the Register of Deeds is located you will find big books with pages of deeds involving Delano C. or Delano C. etal… mostly as a grantor.  Unfortunately, no Keller surnames or anything familiar to me appear as grantees.  It would take a really long time to pull all these deeds and review them if you are researching this man.  I decided to take pictures of the indexes and not pull the deeds.  I am grateful to Columbus because while searching deeds in the index I did find some Lake and Goss deeds which I have posted about on this blog.

In this atlas map of Wayne Twp., Knox Co., Ohio 1847 we will see C. Delano listed for 200 acres.  His land is situated between the two branches of Owl Creek about the middle of the township.

1847 Atlas of Knox County, Wayne Twp.

1847 Atlas of Knox County, Wayne Twp.

If you run a search on Columbus Delano at newspaper sites you will get a lot of hits about his political career and you will get articles from those who didn’t like his politics.

Find A Grave also has his tombstone and information.  It is a very big cemetery with 17,780 burials.  It is about 80% photographed.  Do your homework before you try to find people in this cemetery because of its size.

The office of Mound Cemetery is located at the Wooster St. entrance.  The Cemetery office can be of great help so check their hours.

Mound Cemetery is not to hard to find just go up N. Main St. in Mount Vernon and when the road splits you can either go onto Wooster or Mansfield Streets.

Mound Cemetery Office, Mt. Vernon, Ohio

Mound Cemetery Office, Mt. Vernon, Ohio

A view of the monument for the Delano Family.

Delano Family Monument, Mound Cemetery, Mt. Vernon, Ohio

Delano Family Monument, Mound Cemetery, Mt. Vernon, Ohio

The Columbus Delano Monument.

Delano Monument, Mound Cemetery, Knox Co., Ohio

Delano Monument, Mound Cemetery, Knox Co., Ohio

A little closer..

Columbus Delano Monument, Mound Cemetery, Knox Co., Ohio

Columbus Delano Monument, Mound Cemetery, Knox Co., Ohio

It reads:  The Honorable Columbus Delano Born June 5, 1809, Died Oct. 23, 1896. Elizabeth Delano Born Aug 7, 1812 and died Aug. 5, 1897.

According to newspaper articles Elizabeth fell and broke her hip and eventually it took its toll.

Me at Columbus and Elizabeth's tombstone, Mount Vernon, Ohio 2011

Me at Columbus and Elizabeth’s tombstone, Mount Vernon, Ohio 2011

I told you it was a BIG cemetery:

Mound Cemetery in Mount Vernon, Ohio

Mound Cemetery in Mount Vernon, Ohio

Cornelius Delano

Cornelius Delano lived in Washington Co., Ohio he died there on June 9, 1824.  He is in the 1820 U.S. Federal Census living in Belpre, Washington Co., Ohio.  A Thomas Delano is in Warren, Washington Co., Ohio. Cornelius married a Sarah Goodale daughter of Major Nathan & Elizabeth (Phelps) Goodale. She was born in 1766 in Rutland, Massachusetts and died in Belpre Twp., Washington Co., Ohio 14 Sept. 1823.  He was there about the same time as Solomon Goss so I can bet they knew each other.  I am a little jealous that Cornelius has a tombstone and Solomon Goss’ burial is unknown being that they died about the same time. Sigh!

Cornelius is also in the Delano book I referenced above for Columbus.  He is found on page 497. He is the son of Abisha Delano who married Hannah Jenney, Abisha’s parents were Thomas Delano and Jean Peckham. Thomas Delano was a son of Jonathan and Mercy (Warren) Delano.  Jonathan was the son of Philip Delano and Hester Dewsbury.

Find a Grave has a photo of his tombstone at the Rockland Cemetery in Belpre, Ohio.  I actually visited this cemetery looking for Daniel Goss and missed this opportunity to view this burial site.  Cornelius shares this stone with his wife.

Several sources for Cornelius Delano are

1.  William’s History of Washington County, Ohio pages 57-58, 504, 510

2.  Washington Co. Ohio Marriages 1789-1840 page 36.

3.  Abstract of Probate Records, Washington Co., 1789-1855, page 33

Delano, Cornelius, E-1824, pr. 3 – p. 223, 462, Belpre Twp. Heirs: Henry Delano, Elizabeth Broderick, Jane Armstrong, Clarinda Delano, not found in Washington Co., Ohio.  Adm. Asa Morey (or Mory). 

4.  1820 U.S. Federal Washington Co., Ohio Census Males over 45 – 1, Females 10 to 15 -1, 16 to 25 – 1 total 3

5.  A History of Belpre, Washington Co., Ohio page 40-41, 24.5 – Ancestry has a copy of this book.

Page 41 – The men who served Belpre, but not at all at the same time, two or three being a proportion for each garrison where Cornelius Delano, Joel Oaks, Benjamin Patterson, Joshua Fleehart, George Kerr, John Shepherd, and James Caldwall.  The first two were New England men; the other five had been brought up on the frontiers. 

6.  Our Ellenwood Clan compiled by Nellie Ataline Gard, pages 48, 254

7.  My addition:  Rockland Cemetery Records, Belpre Township, Washington Co., Ohio, by the Washington Co. Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society, 1985, pg 70:  Delano, Sarah 29 May 1766 – 14 Sep 1823, Delano, Cornelius 10 Aug 1784-9 Jun 1824. 

These titles are available at the Washington County Public Library Annex in Marietta where the Washington County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society houses their collection.

Family Search has probate/estate files online for Ohio counties Cornelius is on image 24 of the Probate Record Index 1789-1855 Vol. A. for Washington County. There are only two items listed for him, an appraisement and a petition by administrator to sell land Vol. 3, page 223 and vol. 3, page 462. The records are at FamilySearch under Ohio Probate Records 1789 to 1996 or by the location.  They are browse only at this time.  I would go for the index which means you need to scroll till you find one.

There is a Delano file at the Columbus Metropolitan Library:  Here is a chart of the descendants of Cornelius and Sarah:

img290 - Copy


Other Delano’s in Ohio

The 1830 U.S. Federal Census lists:

Amaja (Aaga) Delano in Chillichothe, Ross Co., Ohio with a total of 8 family members.  This is probably Amasa Delano who was also very active and present in not only Ross County but Fairfield and Franklin.  I will share a little about him below.

Esther Delano in Clinton, Franklin, Ohio with 4 family members.  She is Oliver’s widow.

N.W. Delano in Peru (3) and Norwalk (7) Huron, Ohio.

Philip Delano in Berlin, Delaware Co., Ohio with 6 family members. A son of Stephen and Mary Delano?

Richard Delano in Millcreek, Hamilton, Ohio with 6 family members.

Thomas Delano in Warren, Washington, Ohio.

Frederick Delano (Delawe) in Norwalk, Huron, Ohio with 7 family members.

Amasa Delano

When I was in Ohio in 2011, I noticed that a lot of landowners owned and lived in one part of Ohio but had land in other areas of Ohio.  We have seen that to be true with Solomon Goss deeding land to his children in 1815 and that land was in Knox Co., Ohio, not in Washington Co., Ohio where he lived.  This land in Knox was handed down and back and forth within Lydia and John Spracklin’s family over the years.

Another individual that own land in many places was Amasa Delano. He lived in Lancaster, Fairfield Co.,  Ohio and settled in Chillicothe, Ross Co., Ohio.

He was the son of Amasa Delano Sr. and he died in Chillicothe, Ohio on August 26, 1830. He married 1st to a Mary Russell born 1778 and died in Lancaster, Ohio in March 1802. It looks like they had a child but it died?

Amasa then remarried 12 December 1805 in Paris, Kentucky to Judith a daughter of John and Anna (Rhodes) Garth.  She was born in Albemarle Co., VA and died in Chillicothe 24 December 1828.

Their first son only lived about 6 months followed by Sarah Ann who was born in Worthington, Ohio 20 Sept 1808, Amasa, Susan, Henry, Mary, Ira, William Harris.

Hopefully I have it correct but please double-check me by going to the Internet Archive copy of the Genealogical History and Alliances of the American House of Delano 1621-1899 via open library has Amasa’s information on pg. 422.

I am not confident about Amasa parentage so I won’t go there at this time.  If I do figure it out I will come back and make an update.  Some family trees have his father as a brother to our Stephen Delano and that this Amasa who lived in Chillicothe was a son that brother Amasa who married Sarah Shaw.  So I need to dig a little more.

This Amasa shows up in tax records, Franklin County tax delinquencies, Franklin County Court of Common Pleas Index books done by the Frank Co., Genealogical and Historical Society, starting in 1816 to his death and even after in 1831.  Amasa Delano appears in deed indexes for Franklin, Fairfield and probably Ross.  I need to do more research in these various counties to see if there is any connection between Amasa and our Delano family.  When I do newspaper searches in and and come across Amasa and his brother Ira a lot.

The History of Ross and Highland Counties, Ohio, 1880 gives a description of the Drug Store business in Chillicothe.

Dr. Amasa Delano started the first drug store in Chillicothe, about the year 1814. It was on the north side of Water street, a little east of the north end of Paint…A year or two afterwards, his younger brother, Ira, came to the city, and went into the store with him. Dr. Delano was a very energetic man. He came west from Windsor, Vermont, in 1802; practiced medicine awhile in Kentucky, and tried Worthington and Lancaster in Ohio, before coming to Chillicothe. A. D. Sproat came in the fall of 1818, also from Windsor. Dr. Delano had then built a brick house in Columbus, on the west side of High street, a little south of where the Neil house now is, which, he said, cost him fifteen thousand dollars. He was living in it up stairs, and was part owner of the dry goods store of Delano & Fay in the same building. He owned a store in Kenhawa Salines; had owned one in Bainbridge, and was part owner of the drug store of Ira Delano & Co., and of the hat store of Williams & Delano in Chillicothe. He had brought out from Philadelphia ten or twelve journeymen hatters, and established a large hat manufactory next door to the drug store… Dr. Delano owned a tract of more than a thousand acres on the west side of Scioto river, below Columbus; he owned a fine tract, which he called the Lawrenceville farm, near London, twenty miles west of Columbus; he had entered probably twenty quarter and half sections of land east and south of Columbus, at one dollar and twenty-five cents per acre, by paying one-fourth of the money down, which the law then allowed, to encourage immigration. If he could have completed payment for them, and kept them, they would have been, after a few years, immensely valuable. Yet, although he once owned all this property, Dr. Delano eventually went under. He, like most other merchants of Chillicothe, owed heavy debts in Philadelphia for goods bought dearly during the war with England, and, when peace was declared, the price of goods went down to half what they had been.  The article continues….

 There is no tombstone photo for Amasa and Judith Delano at this time on Find A Grave.  I am assuming they are buried somewhere in Ross County near Chillicothe.



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  1. jmaier says:

    Blake Delano, brother of Amasa Delano and son of Amasa Delano Sr., appears in the 1850 and 1860 census living with his brother-in-law Calvin Allen and sister Eunice Delano Allen in Darby, Madison County, Ohio (Pleasant Valley now Plain City).

    • BJ MacDonald says:

      Hello Jmaier: Thanks for stopping by my blog. I appreciate your comments about Amasa Delano. I was wondering if you think he was a very big land speculator in Ohio?

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