The Kendall Family – Mary (Kendall) Goss’s ancestry…PART I

The question now is: who are the grandparents of Mary (Kendall) Goss?  We know that her father is John Kendall who died in 1740 in Lancaster and was married to Mary __________(surname unknown).

Well, there is no easy answer.

I have attempted to make sense out of all the confusion in the Kendall lines and this is so complicated that I have divided into two parts. This means that you must read both posts. This one you are reading now PART I and the next one PART II, otherwise, it will not make sense. They will be published on the same day.

Let us review.  I refer you to my post, on this blog, dated June 6, 2017 titled Mary (Kendall) Goss’s parents John and Mary _____Kendall of Lancaster.

Here is a review of that post:

In my post, I wrote about the family of John Kendall and his wife Mary whose maiden name is unknown. These are the real parents of our Mary (Kendall) Goss.  Please go back and review what I wrote.  You will learn that this John died in 1740 in Lancaster. His estate consisted of only a Distribution/Settlement record of his Real Estate. There were also two guardianship records for his daughters Mary and Experience in 1740. His son John, of the same name, signed the guardianship papers of his sisters, along with the mother Mary who got custody of the two girls. These sources are all listed in the Worcester Co., Probate files and are online at FamilySearch. Mary and her siblings were all born in Lancaster: John in 1719, Mary in 1721 and Experience in 1723.

Please note I misread the baptismal record of Mary and it should read 24 September, 1721 Lancaster, MA, not April.  I have since made the correction. Mary’s tombstone in Pennsylvania has a birthdate of April 18, 1721 because of the 100 years of her age. It is possible that she was born in April and baptized in September, a bit of a gap but then Philip was very busy at the time and he lived in Brookfield 57 miles from Lancaster. I believe Mary was born in Lancaster because her brother was born there in 1719 so this means the family was in Lancaster by that time. Woburn is 40 miles from Lancaster and by horseback it would take 10 hours. If you walked it that would take a whole day and going back and forth from Brookfield to Lancaster would also take a lot of time. 

I also featured several deeds from the Worcester Co., Registrar for Massachusetts that featured a Mary Kendall/Kindall widow of John, John Kendall, Experience Kendall and Mary Goss and Philip Goss of Brookfield, either all together or in different groupings, in the deeds. Those deeds are also featured in the post.

I believe that the above is the correct family for our Mary (Kendall) Goss who married in 1744 in Lancaster to Philip Goss b. 1724 in Brookfield. The question now is who are John Kendall’s parents. How does he fit into the Kendall family. 

I have been studying the records online and ones I have collected in my travels, and I am finding a great deal of confusion with the lineages of the various Kendall lines that come down from Francis Kendall and Mary Tidd, especially John Kendall b. 1646 and younger brother Jacob Kendall born 1660/1.

The Kendalls:

Francis and Mary (Tidd) Kendall had the  following children, I am assuming the information is correct for these children.

  • John b. 1646 married 3xs;
  • Thomas b. 1648;
  • Mary 1650, m. Isaac Reed;
  • Elizabeth b 1652 m. James Pierce;
  • Hannah b. 1654, m. Wm. Green;
  • Rebecca, b. 1657 m. Joshua Eaton;
  • Samuel b. 1660,
  • Jacob b. 1661 married 2x,
  • Abigail born 1666 m. Wm. Reed.  All born in Woburn, MA.

Samuel Kendall was the father of Ebenezer Kendall who witnessed a deed of the John Kendall heirs in Lancaster.  I wrote about him in my post titled: Ebenezer Kendall: A Witness to a deed of the heirs of John Kendall late of Lancaster d. 1740, published 6/19, 2017.  This implies some sort of relationship that is close to the above families. These two men died in Lancaster and left wills in the records.

The Theories: The John Kendall Confusion

Below are presented SEVEN (7) theories about JOHN KENDALL. These are taken from my survey of books, family histories, websites, and town/county histories. These are what have been proposed by current and past researchers of the Kendall lines of John Kendall b. 1646 and Jacob Kendall b. 1660/1. I am going to try to make sense out of all this confusion, but in the end we may yet need to do a lot more research to figure it all out.

The sources are provided because I am trying to show all the different theories given. This will hopefully encourage you to do your own research. Most of the sources are easy to find online.

THEORY 1.) The John Kendall born 1684, the son of John Kendall and Elizabeth Comey is said to be the man who married Deborah Richardson in 1718.

There is definitely a birth, listed in the vital records, of a John to John Kendall in Woburn, Vol. I. Births, pg. 138.

John s. of John, Oct. 7, 1684

The marriage of Deborah to John, appears in the Woburn Marriages Vol. III, pg. 152

Kendall, John and Deborah Richardson, Mar. 25, 1718.

The birth of Deborah was in 1695 in Births, Woburn, Vol. I, pg. 211

Deborah, d. of John and Deborah, March 8, 1695

A man born 1684 would be 18 in 1702 and 20 in 1704 in 1718 he would be 34 years old and still unmarried?  Deborah would be 18 in 1714 and 25 in 1718. Why would she marry a man 10 years older than her and why would he wait to marry her?

The John Kendall who married Deborah Richardson in 1718 also married again to a Susannah who appears in his will in 1759 in Dunstable.

He would be 55 years old in 1739 when Deborah passes, Woburn Deaths Vol. II, pg. 220.

Deborah, w. John, Mar. 3, 1739. N.R. [a. 45 y. GR 5]

Again, my Legacy age calculator has her birth 3 March, 1694 close to the birth record listed above.

Sources to check and study and decide if the information is correct?

Woburn Records of births, Deaths and marriages. Edward F. Johnson (Woburn, Massachusetts: Andrews, Cutler & Co., 1890-1919. There are three volumes Vol. I covers births pages 138 to 142, Vol. II is deaths page 1o4 to 105 and Vol. III is marriages pages 151 to 154. has all three volumes to search at once. Internet Archive also has the 3 volumes but you need to read the title page to know which one you are accessing.  I am focusing on the years 1620-1873. This is a published version of the vital records and therefore a secondary source (interpreted by someone else)  and at some point one would need to study the original records to be sure the information was correctly recorded.

Memorial of Samuel Reed and Matilda (Thomas) Kendall and of Some of Their Ancestors and of Their Descendants, by Ralph R. Kendall, Worcester, MA, 1936. Francis Kendall on page 10. John Kendall page 10. Elizabeth Comey and John Kendall page 11 at the top: 5. John b. October 7, 1684; died young.  You will have to use Worldcat to find a copy, Family History Library has one but now that they will be discontinuing the ordering of film you will have to seek out a copy elsewhere so try using Worldcat to do a search. This book is a secondary source.

Kendall Family of Woburn, Mass.” by William R. Cutter, Librarian of the Public Library, Woburn, MA. [Supplement to Sewall’s History of Woburn] NEHGR, Vol. 39 [1885] pg. 17 to 23.  Page 18 identified the John Kendall who married Deborah Richardson as the son of John Kendall and Elizabeth Comey b. 7 Oct. 1684.  Google Books has a copy for viewing. Again we are looking at a secondary source.

This birth date of 1684 does not agree with the inscription on John Kendall’s tombstone in Dunstable which said he was 63 years 6 mos and 8 days from 1759. That man was born 1696/7.

Find A Grave memorial with photo of tombstone and inscription of Lieut John Kendall, b. 1696/7 d. 1759 #30594918  (same as written in the History of the Town of Dunstable). Sources are Vital Records of Woburn and Dunstable and Nason, Elias’ History of Woburn.

This Find A Grave Memorial  #30594918 for John Kendall born Jan. 19, 1696/7 has John Kendall and Elizabeth Comey as his parents. Once again, the tombstone is a primary source but the other information is secondary and the interpretation of the author of the memorial.  Please be careful Find A Grave is not always correct.

Deborah Richardson Kendall, Find A Grave memorial #25829936 with photo of the tombstone and inscription, at the Old Dunstable Cemetery (Little’s Station).  This memorial is correct. The History of the Town of Dunstable by Elias Nason has the inscription on page 232.  Again this is a secondary source.

THEORY 2.) The John Kendall born 1684, son of John Kendall and Elizabeth Comey, died young.  I refer you to Theory 1 for more information and to really think carefully about this possibility. Does it work?

I have not found a death for this John in the Woburn records. A death of a baby is not always recorded.

I checked the Dunstable deaths, I found two references for a John Kendall’s death.

  • Kendall, Lt., July 27, 1759 a. 63 y. 6 m. 8 d. GR1, Dunstable Deaths, pg. 221
  • Kendall, John, Feb. 13, 1809, [85 y. 9 m. 8 d. GR2] Dunstable Deaths, pg. 221

If I put this information into my Legacy Family History Software date calculator I get the following:

  • Kendall John 1759 was born 19 January 1696.  This man has promise.
  • Kendall John 1809 was born 5 May 1723. This man is too young for our study here.

Sources to consider, study for clues:

Woburn Records of births, Deaths and marriages. Edward F. Johnson (Woburn, Massachusetts: Andrews, Cutler & Co., 1890-1919. There are three volumes Vol. I covers births pages 138 to 142, Vol. II is deaths page 1o4 to 105 and Vol. III is marriages pages 151 to 154. See Theory one for more information on this source.

The History of Woburn, Middlesex County, Mass. from the grant of its territory to Charlestown, in 1640, to the year 1860, By Samuel Sewall, M.A. pg. 619-623 and pg. 621, for John Kendall, Samuel, Boston, Wiggin and Lunt, 620 lists the 4 sons of Francis Kendall and their descendants – John, Thomas, Samuel and Jacob. Regarding John it reads: John born 7 Oct. 1684 died young, page 620.  This again is a secondary source written by Mr. Sewall who was considered a historian.

History of the Town of Dunstable, Massachusetts: from its Earliest Settlement to the year of our Lord, 1873, Elias Nason, pages 228 to 268 Inscriptions from the cemeteries of Dunstable. Lt. John Kendall page 228 Meeting House Hill Cemetery. and Deborah on page 323. This book is online at Internet Archive for searching and downloading.

John, Lt, July 27, 1759, a. 63 y. 6 m. 8. d. G.R.1

THEORY 3.) That John Kendall born 1696/7 and who died in 1759 in Dunstable, married Deborah Richardson in 1718 and he was the son of John Kendall and Elizabeth Comey.

The age of this man born in 1696 would make him 22 in 1718. She would be a little older at 23/24 years of age at her marriage.  This John Kendall would be more of a contemporary for Deborah.  So I can see why others would think he was a son of John Kendall, but maybe not! Some believe he was too young to marry?

There is no record in Woburn or Dunstable for the birth of this child born 1696/7 to John Kendall born 1646.  That John Kendall married to Elizabeth Comey m. 1681. If she was born about 1661 she would be 35 years old so she can still have children.

Let’s study John Kendall and Deborah Richardson’s children for clues:

Their children were. I have  not studied all of these children at this time to make sure the information is accurate and I have found differences so keep that in mind.

  1. Deborah Kendall born 9 February, 1719 in Woburn, died 1799
  2. Mary Kendall was born 4th of March 1721 in Woburn, MA and married 19 March 1747 in Westford, MA to John Wright b. 7 September, 1723, a son of Jacob Wright and Abigail Adams. This is the Mary that has been very confused with our Mary (Kendall) Goss baptized 24 Sept, 1721 in Lancaster and probably born 24 April 1721. 

There are Find A Grave memorials with pictures of the tombstones #50498403 for Mary Kendall Wright and her husband John Wright #50498499 and his lineage is very well documented.  They are in the Old Dunstable Cemetery, Nashua, Hillsborough Co., New Hampshire. So it seems that this Mary took a very different path going east and did not come west to Lancaster, MA.

  1. John Kendall b. 1723 and d. 13 February, 1809 m. 16 Apr, 1747 to Hannah Whitman in Pepperell. He has a probate file in Middlesex Probate Court, #13085.
  2. Zebedee b. 30 March 1725 in Woburn d. 14 April 1749. See Thorton Graveyard in Merrimack NH Find A Grave.
  3. Sarah Kendall b. 23 May, 1727 Dunstable, died 20 Oct. 1794 in Hebron, NH. Married about 1746 to Daniel Pike. 
  4. Temple Kendall b. 10 August, 1731 ir August 21, 1732 in Dunstable and d. 6 March, 1822 in Dunstable. He married to Abigail Cummings on 23 March, 1746. They had 10 children.
  5. Esther Kendall b. 17 March, 1732/33 in Dunstable, d. 28 June, 1767 in Amherst, NH. Married to Ebenezer Weston/Wesson 16 Nov. 1758.
  6. Edward Kendall b. 15 February, 1735 in Dunstable and d. 26 May 1813 in Dunstable. Married Sarah Thompson on 28 Jan. 1762.
  7. Lucy Kendall b. 13 February, 1737 in Dunstable, d. 1 July 1814 in New Ipswich, NH. Married Reuben Taylor, 20 January, 1761 in Dunstable.
  8. Jacob Kendall b. 9 August, 1729 Dunstable, d. 25 Feb. 1809 in Dunstable. Married 7 Apr 1761 to Elizabeth Cutler in Lexington, MA.

John remarried to Susanna after the death of Deborah in 1729. Here is her death information: Susanna, wid. Lt. John, June 17, 1766, in her 66th y. GR1, Dunstable Deaths pg. 221. This means she was born in 1700 and she would have been 39 years old in 1739 when Deborah died.  She is getting a little old to have children?

Let’s take a look at a summary of John Kendall’s (d. 1759) will in the Dunstable, Middlesex Co., Probate Records:


  •  Will of “John Kendall of Dunstable … Gentleman”, dated 2 Feb 1759, proved 27 Aug 1759, names wife Susanah; son John and his son Zebedee; son Pelatiah Whitemore & his wife and their children; son John Wright & Wife; son Daniel Pike & his wife; son Ebenezer Wesson & his wife; daughter Lucy; sons John Jacob, Temple & Edward; Grand Daughter Susanna Whitemore “provided she Lives with Her Grandmother my Wife Susanah untill She is eighteen Years of Age”; brother Abram Kendall and son Jacob executors.
  • 14 Aug 1759: Petition of heirs consenting to will: Susanna Kendall, John Kendall, John Wright, Daniel Pike, Edward Kendall, Temple Kendall, Deborah Whittemore, Lucy Kendall, Ebenez’r Weston, Pelatiah Whittemor.
  • 27 Aug 1759: Bond of Abraham Kendall Husbandman and Jacob Kendall Husbandman all of Dunstable as executors of John Kendall late of Dunstable.

Take the names of the children in the will summary and compare them to the children I listed above for John and Deborah Kendall. The names make sense for the John Kendall born 1696/7 and died 1759. Also, do you see any signs of the surname Goss in this will? I don’t think so.

Sources to consider, ponder and study:

Woburn Records of births, Deaths and marriages. Edward F. Johnson (Woburn, Massachusetts: Andrews, Cutler & Co., 1890-1919. There are three volumes Vol. I cover births pages 138 to 142, Vol. II is deaths page 1o4 to 105 and Vol. III is marriages pages 151 to 154.

Dunstable, Middlesex, Massachusetts, Vital Records of Dunstable, Massachusetts to the End of the Year 1849 (Salem, MA.: Essex Institute, 1913). Here is an online version of this source:

History of the Town of Dunstable, Massachusetts: from its Earliest Settlement to the year of our Lord, Rev. Elias Nason, 1873, p. 77, identifies John as the son of John Kendall of Woburn, b. 19 Jan. 1696.

Will of John Kendall of Dunstable, Middlesex Probate Records, Massachusetts, File #13082, John Kendall 1759. Or the FHL Film 416783 Files 13005-13100 in Massachusetts Probate Court (Middlesex County) Probate Records 1648-1924, Salt Lake City, Utah. Middlesex probate records are all online at FamilySearch for viewing and downloading.

THEORY 4.) John Kendall born 1696/97 to Jacob and Abigail (Hassell) Temple did not die. Some believe that the clerk made a mistake and put John’s name rather than his older brother Ebenezer as the one that died.  This means that John, son of Jacob, lived and is the man who married Deborah Richardson in 1718.

Here is the death information for John in the Woburn Deaths Vol. II, pg. 104.

John s. of Jacob and Alice, Oct. 17, 1697

I cannot find a death date for Ebenezer in either the Woburn or Dunstable records. So this means that a lot of people believe that the John born 1697 died.

Let’s take a look at Jacob Kendall’s family:

Jacob Kendall was born 25 Jan, 1660/1 in Woburn.  He married his 1st wife Persis Haywood on 2 January, 1683 in Woburn. Persis was born 1664 and died 19 October, 1694 in Woburn. Jacob Kendall then remarried to Alice (Hassell) Temple. Remember, I mentioned that he was 14 years younger than his older brother John.  So what you see if you study Jacob’s children versus John’s children.  Jacob continues to have children into the 1700’s while John stops because of his age and his wife’s ages. Remember there is a 14 year difference in their ages.

Jacob and Persis Kendall 1664-1691 had these children:

  • Persis b. 24 August 1685 died 1748 Woburn,
  • Jacob b. 12 January 1686/7 may have died 20 Jan, 1686 or lived to 22 April, 1714.
  • Joseph b. 17 Dec. 1688 d. 3 October 1743 in Woburn,
  • Jonathan born 2 November and died 11 November 1690 in Woburn,
  • Daniel b. 23 October 1691 in Woburn.

Jacob Kendall and his 2nd wife Alice (Hassell) Temple had the following children.

  • Ebenezer b. 9 November 1695, died October 1697 or sometime before 1710.
  • John b. 16 January 1696/7 and died 27 July 1759 in Dunstable and he married Deborah Richardson and migrated to Dunstable. His death was a mistake by the clerk.  His age at death works with the birth date. 
  • Sarah Kendall b. 18 July 1698, m. Benjamin Whitmore of Boston 10 Dec. 1723 in Woburn.
  • Esther b. 20 November, 1699,
  • Hezekiah b. 26 May 1701,
  • Nathan b. 12 December 1702,
  • Susanna b. 27 October 1704,
  • Phebe b. 19 Dec. 1705/6,
  • David 28 September 1708,
  • 2nd son named Ebenezer b. 5 April 1710, m. Hannah Hasey about 1734 and had 10 children, the youngest Abraham b. April 12, 1756.
  • Alice b. 31 January 1711/2,
  • Abraham b. 26 April 1712/3, all born in Woburn.
  • Jacob Kendall 22 April 1714
  • Persis Kendall 23 August 1715

Sources to consider and ponder:

Memorial of Samuel Reed and Matilda (Thomas) Kendall and of Some of Their Ancestors and of Their Descendants, by Ralph R. Kendall, Worcester, MA, 1936. Francis Kendall on page 10. John Kendall page 10. page 13 Jacob Kendall and 2nd wife Alice Temple – 6. Ebenezer b. Nov. 9, 1695; died October, 1697. 7. John b. January 19, 1696-7; died October 17, 1697.  Based on this source the dates are very close.  This is a secondary source.

Colonial Families of the United State of America in which is given the History, Genealogy and Armorial Bearing, etc. Jamestown to 19 April 1775, edited by George Norbury MacKenzie, LL.B., 1912, Genealogical Pub. Co., 1966, 1995. Jacob Kendall b. 25 Jan 1660-1661 pages 328 through 329.  This is a series of seven volumes with an index of each volume in the back of the books. Ancestry has all the volumes. Kendall Family starts on page 326-332. It is also at Internet Archive and HathiTrust has copies. This is a secondary source.

Jacob Kendall, 2nd marriage: Issue by 2nd marriage: II John b. 9th January 1696-1697; d. 1759…m. Deborah Richardson 1718. page 329. 

THEORY 5.) John Kendall, son of John Kendall and Elizabeth Comey, b. 1697 in Woburn.  Married Susannah in 1722 and had six children with her: John 1723, Zebedee, 1725, Sarah 1727, Jacob 1729, Temple 1731 and Edward 1736.  Susanna was born 1700 and died June 17, 1766.

I cannot find any children in Dunstable or Woburn born to this Susannah and John Kendall. I checked all the children’s births and I refer you the list of John and Deborah’s children listed above.  Above I figure out that she was born about 1700 and that would make her 39 in 1739 at the death of Deborah a little old for having children.  Also I cannot find any evidence that she did have children with John. I also did not find a marriage for the two.

Sources to consider and ponder.

Woburn Records of births, Deaths and marriages. Edward F. Johnson (Woburn, Massachusetts: Andrews, Cutler & Co., 1890-1919. There are three volumes Vol. I are births pages 138 to 142, Vol. II is deaths page 1o4 to 105 and Vol. III is marriages pages 151 to 154.

Dunstable, Middlesex, Massachusetts, Vital Records of Dunstable, Massachusetts to the End of the Year 1849 (Salem, MA.: Essex Institute, 1913). Here is an online version of this source:

Kendall Family in America, by Charles E. Kendall, 1937 Vancouver, B.C. page 3.  You may find this PDF online and I want to warn you that it makes interesting claims about what happened to various Kendall lines. It is especially interesting his version of John Kendall who married Susannah on page 3. This man thought they had the children and doesn’t even mention Deborah Richardson. So please be very careful.

The next two theories I will discuss in the PART II post. 

THEORY 6.) John Kendall, born 8 July 1699 was the one that married Deborah Richardson in 1718 and was a son of John Kendall and Elizabeth Comey.

THEORY 7.) John Kendall born 8 July 1699, son of John Kendall and Elizabeth Comey and a twin of sister Hannah Kendall born 8 July 1699 who married T. Lippenwell, was the one who married Mary __________maiden name unknown and migrated to Lancaster and settled there dying in 1740. He and Mary had three children – John, Mary and Experience.


Additional Information:

A great many of the sources that have been used are secondary so it is really important to seek out primary sources in order to make sure we have the correct facts.

PRIMARY SOURCES: provides direct or firsthand evidence about an event, or person. These can be vital records, like birth, death, marriage; however, you do have to seek original documents.  There are lots of published vital records and they are a good place to start but at some point the original town journal or documents should be obtained if possible.

SECONDARY SOURCES:  A record created later by someone who did not experience the time period or events. Most histories are secondary sources. This means that the quality of the source is also of importance.  Like this blog is a secondary source and a compilation.  The following are secondary sources.

Possible sources but not yet studied or found.

Kendall Papers are mentioned in various sources but no description of where this source is housed is given.  So I do not know where these are kept or if they are referring to specific Kendall papers of a certain person. Does anyone know what is being referred to.

Eliphalet Barker Genealogy (Kendall Appendix) page 11, burial of John and Deborah – great-granddaughter of Ezekiel Richardson 7 commissioners who founded Woburn – I have not found a copy of this genealogy.

Early Generations of the Kendall Family of Massachusetts: Especially in the Line of Lt. Samuel Kendall, Gentlemen, 1682-1764 of Woburn, Lancaster, and Athol, 1939, pg. 57. Frederick Lewis Weiss, p. 58, points out the fact that John named a son “Temple” strongly suggest these are the correct parents.  The explanation for the misleading death record may be that the town clerk recorded his brother Ebenezer’s death under John’s name in error. When I was in Lancaster my focus was on the Prescotts not the Kendalls, perhaps I need to go back and find this information. I am assuming it is in the Lancaster library but do not know for sure.

Secondary Sources – WEBSITES of interest. These are free so you can take a look but please be careful and do you own research. Below are various pages on Kendall Family that are of importance to this discussion.  This site does give sources and quotations of the sources and I think it is close to a good example of what the controversy is about with the John Kendalls. Again be careful.

Jacob Kendall and Alice (Hassell) Temple parents of John Kendall born 1696/7, died 1759. He married Deborah Richardson. On the pages for John Kendall number 3 below you will find a discussion about the Controversy over Parents.  Study them carefully and cautiously.

WikiTree, Where genealogists collaborate. This site gives some sources. I am using the link to Deborah and from there you can follow out the tree.  This is based on the idea that Jacob Kendall is the father of John Kendall born 1696/97 and died 1759.  This site is not necessarily complete but it will come up so you need to know about it.

PLEASE NOTE:  If you have any information about any of the theories above, please leave a comment so everyone can learn of the information but if that is not what you want to do contact me at Please realize that I will query you and ask you to be clear about what you are referring to and also ask for specific sources and copies so that I can seek them out and verify their information. Most importantly, please be kind, I am sure we are all passionate about the Kendall Family connections.  Part II will be published shortly.

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